TGI Friday'ssteak undercooked and chewy the second time.


I have been to alot of TGIFridays in Houston Texas as well as your fridays in Panama in albrook mall needless to say its my favorite place. I moved here to Syracuse New York and have been to fridays twice at Destiny mall. The first time food was ok but this second time i got burned potato skins over cooked pasta and a steak that was rare for my wife. My wife being pregnant can't eat raw under cooked meat. They took it back and this time the meat was so chewy my wife couldn't eat it. Again this is my favorite place to eat but this experience was an utter disappointment. I been eating at fridays for more then 20 years and never had to complain till now. I paid my bill and even tipped my waitress who was horrible but because i know they need to feed there families i always tip no matter what. With this I don't think i will eat at Fridays here in syracuse any more.

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