Texas Roadhousemeal was not too warm and they did not put extra sour cream in the bag.

S Sep 18, 2018

I place the order for carry out over the phone. Asked for Extra sour cream for potato which was not warm and was burnt on the outside, stiff on the inside. They gave me 1/2 a small cup of sour cream. Very disappointed. However they gave me 3 butters. They went through the order with me. Said the extras were in the paper bag but did not take them out. I was more interested in the salmon being norweigan. Which the manager looked into and said yes it is norweigan in which he was right. When I got home I could see it in the light. After he pointed it out to me he kind of ignored me. I had asked him another question or two but he did not answer. I had asked for extra ceasar dressing and extra croutons in which they had to go back to the kitchen for more croutons. They had only given me about 7. I would rate this type of service to be about a 7. Due to the potato 1/2 very small cup of sour cream and lousy management.

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