Texas RoadhouseI am complaining on the manager sabrina


I feel so disrespected by the servers and manager at the Cranston location I went there on Thursday 10-12-17 at around 6pm 730pm i spent 50 dollars there and tipped the server the food was delicious has usual and the server was pleasant what I thought was a great night turn into the worst I left out of there 5 mins didn’t even leave the parking lot I noticed I had left my wallet at the table I go back table already been clean I ask the staff about it everyone was saying no one found anything than one of the server came out and said yeah they found a pink wallet after 15 minutes them looking for my wallet on he said she said they bring me back my wallet with no money which it had money in it my pink lighter missing and other personal stuff I tell the manager and her reply was what upset me the most she replied there’s nothing we can do we are not responsible great job sabrina if it was a customer that robbed me I wouldn’t be this upset but for an employee to robbed a paying customer there and u tell me your not responsible for it it’s wrong at least u could have tryed and look at cameras and got to the button of this how a normal place would have done I never felt so disrespected it’s sad cause I loved going there but how do I go back to this place after this kind of experience

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