Texas Roadhouseboth product and service

E Nov 15, 2017

I had a 15 person group scheduled to attend Texas Roadhouse on 11/10/17. I called to see if I could make a reservation, as it is not standard and customary for them to reserve tables. So, on 11/4/17, I called and they were able to accommodate me based on the party size. They provided me with reservation #4601. It was a 7:30PM reservation. They told me that they would push three hi-tops together and our wait would be 5 minutes at the most.

Upon arriving, I gave them my reservation #, the hostess looked confused. She went to get a manager and she says that she now sees the note and reservation, but it went under the radar. They forgot. So, now I have 15 people, two elderly and three children who are being squished by the doorway. Over an hour goes by, I have the two elderly guests feeling dizzy and the rest of the party upset at me as if I made a mistake. It was embarrassing and humiliating! So, they seat us after an hour and at this point, the place is empty and my son's birthday is ruined. We decided to make the best of it.

It gets worse. Two of the tables are in one waitresses section and one is in another's. They start arguing in front of us as to who will serve and who will get the tip! The manager had to come out and scomd one of them right next to our table

It gets even worse. Three people in our party order prime rib. The waitress tells us that we're out of luck. We should have showed up an hour ago. At this point, I am furious.

I sent a complaint to the restaurant through their website. Not one email or phone call regarding the issue and how they will make this right! That's almost as bad as the event itself!

I need them to contact me immediately to address this. I spent over $455 dollars on 11/10/17. I feel that we were lured in based on a false promise, knowing that once we were there, on a Friday at 7:30, we'd have no other choice based on our party size and they were right! We had no options but to stay and give them our business or cancel our evening I can give you the receipt #, waitress name and scan code, if needed. Please provide a response immediately, as these practices are wrong and totally unfair to the consumer. I am a reasonable person, but to not respond to my concern is crossing the line

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