Texas Roadhouse 290 at hwy 6 Houston/Cypress TXtx roadhouse steak sauce quality control violation

D Sep 13, 2018

Tonight, dining in, I observed a waitress at the next table, combining the contents of one house brand steak sauce bottle to another. Checked the bottle at my table and discovered that it has an expiration date, on the label. Summoned manager, who was the food manager in the kitchen. Showed him the expiration date, described the waitress. who he spotted behind me at a waitress station, and asked me to confirm if that was she: yes, dark hair, pony tail, light colored skin, and ball cap. I explained that the act made his job of quality control impossible, as now, he has no idea what the expiration date of any of his steak sauce bottles might be... Suggested he address it at a staff meeting. He went straight to the waitress station, and followed her into the kitchen. Fortunately, as I told him, had a city inspector seen the act? or a liquor control board officer- and had a bartender done that with liquor bottles? Then, he would have a HUGE problem. Kudos to manager for prompt action. Corporate? FIX this, please

tx roadhouse steak sauce quality control violation

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