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K Jul 23, 2019

yes other day on the 07/18/19 i was at meijers inc here in mt pleasant mi, i used a check for a payment it was accepted, i've also written a check at walgreens inc as well, other day i went to walgreens in the afternoon and used a check for a payment and it was accepted, but second time i went to the store i used a second payment it was declined because i was spending more then it shows in the system, then they told me that check number wasnt in the order i told them that ive written checks couple time already of course its not in a order, then i try to give check again at meijers inc same day it was declined for a same reason, then the specialist was trying to get more information from my bank like account balance ect, they also told me that they have verify my account balance and information, its like why did they declined my check if they where accepted last come time, didnt got a real answer

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