TeleCheck located in HoustonUnable to pay with check anywhere


This company is saying they need a notarized letter about me from my bank. Also want my bank account information plus a voided check???? Before they can take the release off my name. They will not give me a reason why I cannot suddenly cash a check anywhere and I do not have any outstanding checks...Who are these people and how do they get away with this?...I think I should get a lawyer. They could not tell me why my checks are being declined. Asked me alot of questions like if I was married and who lived in my home...asked me who was on my bank account. But could not tell me why they were asking me these questions.

It started 3 weeks ago when I got declined at Walmart...they said it was my bank...then the bank verified it was not them...after hours of going through their lousy automation I finally got a person who would not tell me anything really except I need to provide THEM with a lot of personal information before I could get a release and cash checks again. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

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