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TeleCheck Complaints & Reviews

Telecheck / wont give me any details why i was denied and no wrong history

i called about a recent problems with checks being denied but at their company they dont have any reasons why we were denied at telecheck so i asked for their supervisor. at that time we got the run around from we were scored and didnt make their "own risk prevention". i dont know why i am...

Telecheck / Still no resolution

I was at Walmart and my check was denied. I have never written a bad check and had available funds in my account. The manager took the toy out of my daughters hand while I was trying to take care of the problem. When I called telecheck they stated I did not have a negative history but...

Telecheck / everything

Telecheck denied my check. Debit card worked. Called them and they said an Bank of America account and additional DL number linked to my name. That info is from ID theft and forged checks on an account I don't have. All notices followed up with Police reports and Affidavits of Forgery. None...

Telecheck / Unfair Business Practices

I had a check that was returned for NSF by a local merchant. I called the merchant the day after it didn't clear my account to try to clear up the matter (I had forgotten to transfer funds to the right checking account to cover it). I was told that I should wait and they would...

Telecheck / Check denied

Had 2 checks denied at 2 different places. Have never had a bad check or a check denied. I still write checks because that is my preference. Called the phone # and got a rep in Manilla that was absolutely no help at all and was not willing to explain anything about why my checks were not...

Telecheck / Declined Business Check

Went to a Denist office to have my teeth fixed, they would not take my mothers check which had nothing to do with her, I was the one with bill. These people Telecheck go to far., Just because My Mom and I have the same last name they do something like this. Naturally, I went and paid for...

Telecheck / Terrible experience

My personal checks have been declined more than once in stores in my small community! I have called the toll free numbers given to me and they confirm the fact there is really no reason to reject my personal checks that can be found in their files...seems now the ONLY reason is that my...

Telecheck / how to get even

For anyone here in Michigan that gets denied arbitrarily by Telecheck, I was successful in going after then for a vilolation of the Consumers Protection Statute 445.903 which calls for $250.00 in damages. In my case, they denied my checks 12 times and admitted that they should not have...

Telecheck / Unauthorized charges

Telecheck, TRS, Inc., is harassing me for money I do not owe them. They have made a huge mistake that is costing me $100. I went shopping at Wal-Mart and presented my check. For whatever reason, the check machine would not work right. I got my check handed back to me with a slip that said...

Telecheck / First a victim of theft and then a victim of TeleCheck

My car was broken into and my check book was stolen. My wife and I were put through the ringer by the Credit Union in trying to secure our hard earned money. In the end, we had to close our checking account in order to protect our funds. We simultaneously opened another checking account so...

Telecheck / Beware

I recently wrote a check from my business account at a Telecheck merchant. The cashier scanned the check, it was accepted, and I left the store with my merchandise. Within one week I was receiving hostile collections calls from Telecheck claiming that I had written a check on a closed...

Telecheck / Refusing our checks

In March my wife's purse among other things were stolen out of our Truck. Immediately they began using credit cards then once we got those stopped they proceeded to checks. They went to the casinos and began writing checks for 500.00. We called the casino's everyone of them...

Telecheck / I am still burned about it!

Attempted to pay for my $104 purchase at Wal-Mart with my personal check which was declined. This account had a several thousand dollar balance. I ended up using my debit card tied to the same account and of course it was accepted. I called Telecheck and after providing all the info she...

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