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TeleCheck Complaints & Reviews

Telecheck / Rip off

Melody on May 12, 2011
I wrote a check and it was declined. When I called telecheck, the recording told me I had two checks for $17.63 written on 12/16/02 (they were identical), that were returned. After they gave me two different numbers to call, they finally told me that I had one check on their record. I told...

Telecheck / Law suit

usabras on Apr 20, 2011
Are there anyone insterested in start a Class action law suit against Telecheck for unauthorized monitoring of personnal bank accounts, and unfair business pratices, etc... PLEASE CONTACT ME.

Telecheck / Stole my money

Manvel on Feb 21, 2011
Telecheck took the 251.00 payment for a Sears Appliance Warranty from my account twice, they are holding my money and will not credit it back to me until I PROVE to them that they took it, they can see it right on their computer and admit they made the mistake, Why do I have to pay for...

Telecheck / How to 'get back' at Telecheck

LeniceY on Feb 18, 2011
How do you "get back" at Telecheck merchants for refusing your check? Easy - write checks! Buy something small & returnable that their system can take a "risk" on. Wait a few days then return it. After you've got your money back, buy it back. Keep writing checks to buy and return the...

Telecheck / All merchants should quit using this company

Amanda Currin on Jan 19, 2011
The only thing I did wrong was run out of checks and had my bank print me a few checks until I could get my new checks in. I had 1 check left out of my check book and went to the store and presented one that the bank printed and telecheck denied it-gave them the one left out of my check...

Telecheck / Denied Check

On December 13, 2010, I attempted to pay for an eye exam and glasses at our local Walmart. My check was denied by Telecheck. It took me several minutes to understand why the associate kept telling me the check had been refused as I have never had this experience before. I kept asking what...

Telecheck / Denied

I was at the grocery store in my home town and my check was denied. When I called the company, all they could tell me was that my check was linked to another account. She couldn't explain why. She wanted me to fax or mail all kinds of personal information such as drivers license...

Telecheck / still have not cleared my check

Once again I fell for the telecheck bull. My bad, but I will never use another buisness that uses telecheck. They told me I would be able to get my checks through again on Aug 5' 2010, I went like a dummy to the grocery store and you know what happened. I take the declined check home...

Telecheck / Bad business practices

My husband and I wrote a check to an auto service center on June 24, 2010. The check was refused. We immediately called the 1-800 number provided us and gave the declination code that showed up on the refusal receipt. The owner of the repair shop very kindly agreed to take our check anyway...

Telecheck / check refusal for payment

I wrote a check for repairs to my auto for $361.60. Telecheck refused my check and the merchant would not take it, which I can understand the merchant's position. I called telecheck and the refusal was not due to account balance but because I was not registered with them and the check...

Telecheck / declined check

In 2008 I go to Walmart and write a check, the check was declined by telecheck, so I go to the parking lot and call their 800 number. I was informed that there was a problem with the system, but I could go back to Walmart and the check would be honored. I did not go to Walmart, but to...

Telecheck / Worst experience ever

I never heard of Telecheck until today. I don’t usually write checks, from the checkbook I was using, in stores. Today I wrote 2. The first one, presented at Wal-Mart in Manville, was accepted. The second, presented at K-Mart in Somerset was denied. I didn’t even know a check...

Telecheck / denied my check even though no negative history existed

I was denied a check at Office Depot When I called to find out why its because I wrote a check for over 700 and that seemed like a big amount to them. Never bounced a check since the account was opened the check was in the 14, 000.00. The explanation for the denial was factors that they...

Telecheck / Check denied for RIDICULOUS reason

I never heard of Telecheck until today. I don’t usually write checks, from the checkbook I was using, in stores. Today I wrote 2. The first one, presented at Wal-Mart in Manville, was accepted. The second, presented at K-Mart in Somerset was denied. I didn’t even know a check...

Telecheck / Declined Checks

I had the same checking account for years. Never had a problem writting a check. Would easily write a check at Bestbuy (who has used Telecheck for years), for amounts over $2000. A year ago, my checkbook was stolen. No checks were ever written, the account was closed and a new account wa...

Telecheck / refused check with sufficient funds

Telecheck refused to process my check for approximately $150, despite a balance in my account that was far in excess of that amount. The check was refused for lack of "history" or something of the like, despite the fact that I have had the same checking account for more than 10 year...

Telecheck / Check denial(s)

OK, You have heard all of the unethecal practices by these jerks so do you want to get their attention? Your opportunity lies in their clients, which is who you deal directly with. I suggest you "boycott" any merchants who use TeleCheck for their business associate. Before you do busine...

Telecheck / Scam

I have had the same bank account for 30 years. Recently when I shop at a store that uses Telecheck my checks are denied. When calling in to Telecheck they have no reason for denying the check only wanting additional information, such as verification of funds or telephone number. When asked...

Telecheck / Denied Check Due to No History

On Friday December 18th 2009, I attempted to pay one of my wholesale venders with a Company check as I have done every week for the last 5 years, nearly $500, 000 in checks written to this vendor in the time frame and never any issue EVER! On this morning I had the Check as I do every week...

Telecheck / Denied my F#$%2&* check !!!!

Oh what a mortifying time this is . I would like to know how Telecheck can for no reason deny our personal checks. I have not written any bad checks and considering I have direct deposit and payday is on Friday and today is Saturday theres plenty of money in the account. So there I 'am...

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