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I became unemployed in June of 2008 due to upcoming surgery. I've had two surgeries in six months. Lost my job due to medical conditions and received no compensation making it difficult to make ends meet. I've been a customer of TECO for 22+ years and maintained an excellent standing. I've had family and friends use me as a referral when getting service and not having to leave a deposit.
After my surgery I contacted TECO on a few occasions asking them to extend my due date for payment. This was approved and I made my payment by the date agreed upon. I had no idea doing this was going to open the door for TECO to demand a $540.00 deposit or else. I contacted them and asked for some consideration due to my medical hardship and was treated worse than dirt with rudeness and disrespect.
I find it very unfair that we have no choice as to whom to use for our services. We can be treated any way as there is nowhere to turn. Talk about monopolizing and controlling the people. I never thought anyone could be subjected to such strong hold here in America. Where are the peoples rights to choice?
I am 53 years old, worked since I'm 16, my wife had to get a second job to help maintain what we have and work on catching up on things and because of an unforeseen medical problem I can be treated worse than an animal because TECO knows they can.
This is really unfair and I need a little help. I cannot afford $540.00 and my regular monthly bill and I have nowhere to turn for help. How many more people are out there not looking to avoid paying what they owe, but are being put over the coals, no pun intended, because TECO can.
I am going to research this further to see if legal action can be taken against TECO for discrimination or something and something really needs to be done to allow the people to have choice so as to not be stepped on.
Verizon was another for a long time that was able to have it all their way. Unfortunately for them this is not the case anymore where people now can choose their provider for service.
I know I'm one person but I'm sure there are lot's of folks out there not satisfied with TECO but can't do anything about it but move to where another provider is available.
If there is an answer to this please pass it along. I've even asked for help from supervisors at TECO and was told they would have to call me back, I'm still waiting now two weeks for that call. You know why, because they can.
Yours Truly,
Steve B.


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    steph569 Jan 24, 2009

    They did the same to me as well, I am on the 62 plus plan because I am on social security disability and I often have to pay late as I get paid once per month a very small amount, my rent is 690.00 teco is usually 140.00 due to an old fashioned air cond, I have no way of setting the temp. so this leaves little left for food, medical co pays, etc. and they forced me to pay another 55.00 deposit saying because my bill is higher than my deposit, I said if I already have a problem paying my bill how do you think this will help me!! they also were rude nasty and just did not care, i swear if I did not need my AC I would use candles etc, I hate TECO. So I paid it or they were going to shut off a disabled persons power and because I had to pay the extra, I had only a box of saltines, a little milk and cereal and coffee to last me 3 weeks oh and some peanut butter, I hope it is not poison!!
    so I will now be further behind and will never catch up and I guess they will ask for more deposit now because I will be late again, they treat us like something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe, if anyone reads this and would like to start some kind of protest please do and i will be the first to sign!

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    Irvin Feb 04, 2009

    have the same complaint. in my searching, found out that the state of FL hs a web site that you can aregister a complaint to: WWW.floridaapcs.com this is for consumer complaints for untility providers. you can pass it on. MY.florida

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    Cinnabana Mar 04, 2009

    Steve B.

    I agree with you wholehardly. TECO is becoming like crime "mob" organization. They are becoming the unfriendly "utility company." Anyway to respond back to your request, I would first file an online complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission (http://www.floridapsc.com/consumers/complaints). This should get the ball rolling then move on from there after you get a response. Too bad, we don't have a public advocate. That would be nice if we did then we can also file a complaint with them or with a public watchgroup. Anyway good luck.

    Tampa, Florida

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    Winter Have, fl Aug 10, 2009

    Teco is terrible. I also recently received a pay a deposit of $390.00 or we will cut off your power. Just because I paid a bill a week or two late. Power has never been cut off in my years of service. How is anyone already having troubles making payments going to have deposit money. At times like these, this should be against the law for anyone that has never even had their power cutoff from lack of payment. They are the only electric company we can use so they have the power to do whatever they want to us.

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  • Do
    DownwithMonopoly Mar 02, 2010

    I would like to deal with this TECO deposit situation I am having the same problem with them and I think there maybe power in numbers please email me at [email protected]

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    myxavier222 Jul 29, 2010

    I am a new resident of TECO! The apartment complex I am moving to put in an apartment in which I have to move into the end of July.

    Then I was told they changed it and had to move into another apartment.

    The deposit for the first apartment was $100, based on the usuage of electric from that apartment. FYI ...one bedroom apt.

    The second apartment I'll be moving into based the deposit on the electricity usuage from the previous tenant..and now wants $180 for same apartment, but in a different area of the complex.

    What's up with that?

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    Teco sucks Nov 24, 2011

    The list goes on. They have done the same Tom
    Many many consumers. I am a recent victim of this extremely apathetic company.
    They are a monopoly and therefore can abuse and mistreat their "clients"
    They recently asked me for a 400$ deposits after I already have them a deposit when I hooked up service and I've lived in this same home for over 10 years!
    They are a joke.
    I guess their behavior is another example of our elected officials looking out for their constituents? Wow. Please everyone it all leads to politics on this country please pleas vote independent and get all these ### out of office.
    Teco is a nightmare and they know it.
    Complain to your congressman? Nah don't even waste your time.
    Maybe the fed trade commission ? I do t know what to do?
    And some of Reese other posts are correct, they simply do not consider anything . Such as young chdren, lack of income .
    Wow. It's a miracle no one has bombed them .

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