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Wrongful charges

My Teco bill has increased by almost $300 in the past 4 months, I now have electric bills for $455 a month...


I have been a customer of this company for three years and it is the WORST utility company I have ever seen...


Deoposit of $125.00 dollars required due to credit report. At risk for not paying bill. Due to be returned to customer in 2years. Yes 2 years. Called on Jan 27, 2011 and told due to bill payment a few days after due date 2-3 times. Note not late enough for a charge they are keeping the deposit for 9 more months. Never missed a payment and do not feel that merits being at risk for not paying. How many times has Teco kept deposits of other people not even remembering they even made a deposit[after 2 years].


Aug. 18, 2009 this statement was sent to Teco. The high electric bills received for services Feb. 2009 to...

Digital meter

Our electricity meter was recently changed. The following bill after the meter changed was double the amount that we usually pay. After calling the Teco, we were told that our usage doubled. It is just a coincidence that it happened when the meter was changed. Perhaps we needed an energy auditor to inspect our house. We live in a townhouse that is sandwiched between two other units. Only our meter has been changed and our bill was the only one that increased significantly last month. I have read of other instanced around the country where there was a significant increase in the monthly bill of homes that have recently had the new "digital smart meters" installed. I am wondering how many homes in Tampa Bay have been affected by this change and if their bill also doubled.

  • 8t
    8thumper Jan 05, 2011

    We received a new meter the last week of September 2010. Teco had given us a warning that if we didn't change our meter they would disconnect our electricity. Our bill went up almost double in October. It went up more in November. Just received my December bill and it was three times what it has been in the past year. I contacted TECO and gave them a current meter reading and they bluntly stated that the digital meter was accurate. I questioned the person on the other end of the phone if it could possibly be a defective meter and she rudely repeated that the meter was giving an accurate reading. We have only energy saving appliances which are just a little over a year old. We have been remodeling our home so we have reinsulated exterior walls and installed 5/8" drywall upon the interior of said exterior walls. We have replaced the old air conditioning unit with a brand new 15 seer and had our home zoned (this all occurred in June 2010). The first person I spoke with at Teco stated that due to the colder weather that our pool's heat pump could be causing the rise in rates. We don't have a pool. I firmly believe that the meter are either defective or Teco has found a way to stick it to their customers.

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  • Sy
    SYB Oct 09, 2011

    I too recently received a digital meter. My bill is double what it normally is with no additional service used. The bill was "estimated" at double the rate I normally use. I have not used their estimated kilowatt hours in any month of the 17 years that I have lived in the house. It is not a conincidence. It is dishonest and TECO should be sued. Also, agree that their customer service people are extremely rude. Only a supervision will even began to consider listening to your issue.

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  • Sy
    SYB Oct 09, 2011

    I too recently received a digital meter. My bill is double what it normally is with no additional service used. The bill was estimated at double the rate I normally use. I have not used their estimated kilowatt hours in any month of the 17 years that I have lived in the house. It is not a conincidence. It is dishonest and TECO should be sued. Also, agree that their customer service people are extremely rude. Only a supervisior will even began to consider listening to your issue

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  • Ca
    Candy Baron Nov 11, 2013

    I am so sorry to hear how the bills seem to be so high for us! I just received the highest bill I have ever seen in my life since this new meter. My bill is about triple what it should be and I am not even taking a shower everyday. There is something wrong at this place and when I am fairly certain it is this new meter I will definitely be letting everyone know. For now I am asking for help and an energy audit and I am paying up what I can and I guess I will be throwing away the computer the range and the clothes dryer I hardly use anyway if I have to. My A/C is brand new and the thermostat is set to be off so much and comes on and goes to a warm 78 so I do not have the slightest what could be costing much. Could someone tell me if someone could tap into my meter somehow and I end with their bill and my own?

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Ojha Jul 24, 2014

    I moved to a new Condo 3 days back and TECO cycle ended. I am getting charged for 900kwh for 3 days and i have not even used 100kwh. What can be done? TECO is really unprofessional and Very BAD Service.

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I've been through it with TECO!! My father was going to guarantee my deposit and I've made several phone calls to just get the run around!! My father has great credit and has paid his bill on time for over 30yrs with TECO. I was just informed that his credit isn't good enough to help us with the extra required deposit. We've been unemployed for over 7mos. and yes we've paid late but never had our elcetric cut off!! How can they hold over $550.oo for a deposit (just in case) we leave our house!! They are the only elcectric company, what a monopoly!!! Is this legal?

One week to turn lights on


My name is Juliana, and I'm an international student at UT. Last month I suffered with TECO weird policies and unorganized team.

It almost unbelievable what happened.

On May 22th I'd moved to my new apartment. In order to get my lights on I called TECO on Monday, 18th. I was told I had to make a deposit and fax my documents to a specif number. On Tuesday, I went to TECO building downtown to try to pay my deposit and give my documents. For my surprise, TECO has no customer service place; which means if I want to get something resolved or done, I have to trust today's technology. So on Wednesday I paid my deposit online and I faxed my documents. For my surprise, I moved on Friday 22th, and my lights, and TECO didn't turn my lights on. I called them, I was told that I didn't fax my documents, so they could turn it on. I asked one more time if there was a real place that I could go and show/give my documents; but once again I was told I could only fax it. So I faxed it again on Friday. However, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday (which was a holiday) in the dark. Again on Tuesday, I called them to make sure they got my documents and that my lights were being turned on. Someone confirmed they received my documents, and said that I had to wait 1 to 2 business day(which i think is absurd already). Anyway, I called again on Wednesday because i wanted to see how the process was going, and for my surprise, someone tells me that it wasn't in process because I didn't fax my documents. WOW!!! That was crazy, and the girl on the phone insisted that I faxed my documents for the third time for the same number that never gets my faxes. So I was transfered to the manager, because I wasn't going to fax my documents again to a place that never receives it.Joselyn, the manager, told me to fax the documents to her machine. And so I did. But still my lights weren't turn on Wednesday. I had been living in the dark for almost a week, and I was tired of TECO, so I went to the human rights department of Florida, and they called TECO for me on Thursday, and they promised that on Thursday my lights would be turn on. 6pm and my lights weren't turned on. SO I called them one more time, and I was told that my residence was in the schedule for that day and I didn't need to worry because my lights would be turn on; which didn't happen. My lights were only turned on Friday, a week later of what expected.

My question is, how come a company so unorganized don't have a personal customer service? A place that we can go phisically and solve problems? I come from a third world country, and I can probably do that in my country. I will probably wait in line for 3 hours, but is better than waiting a week at home.

Isn't there some law about customer service that prohibits this kind of abuse?

How come a service that is so essential for people be so regardless taken care of?

No explanations were given to me.

Additional Deposit

I have $175 in deposit currently and just received a "Deposit Final Notice" for $365. I never received any ither notice or any explaination of why I am being forced to put an additional deposit down. My bill only runs $150-$200 per month. If I am more than 15 days late they will shut me off so why do they need to have nearly 3 months worth of deposit on hand. In this economy they are holding people hostage because if I don't give it to them they will turn off my electric! THAT'S JUST WRONG!

  • My
    mydawgz421 Sep 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They don't care. My husband has cancer-it is 95 degrees and they want a random deposit of $405.00 which needs to be paid or they will disconnect my service. They wont take payments and a supervisor offered no help. My power has never been turned off and I have had service with them for 15 years. Yes I have been late a few times, but obviously times are tough for me and everyone else. Why are they hitting us for more money now when everyone is struggling?? We will need to sit here in the dark and in the heat until it can be paid. My guess is that will take a few weeks to scrape that extra money together. What do I do about my refrigerator and freezer etc?? I hope it makes them a bigger and better company at the end of the day to know the effect that they are having on the community.

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deposits for elecric bill

I have been averaging about 10 days late on my electric bill for the past few months and recently received a...

Broken Gate

My gate was damaged by a Teco employee. I have a 6 foot privacy gate surrounding my home. It has lock on the door of the gate and the only way to gain entry inside my gate is to either cut this lock to open the gate, use the key to remove the lock to open the gate or to just jump the fence entirely. Well needless to say they chose to jump the fence I am assuming as now mt gas is turned on the the gate is now broken. How else would they have been able to turn on the service without getting inside the fence to do this. This would have been much simpler to just knock on the door and have someone let you in or just dono't turn it on at all because there is no way for you to get in... What type of criminals aroe they hiring to work for their company with not a care or regard for damaging other people's property then leaving and going on about their business.


  • Ab
    abdel Jun 19, 2009

    Yeah it's theme . I don't know what kind of employee they have but i called to turn on my gas, and i told her that i'm going to buy the house, but i don't have the key yet, so she have to give me exact time or call me before so that the real estate agent can open the door for them.and boy that women who answer the phone was soooooo rude, and stupid in the same time.her name is Nancy and code # 7383. she told me that i have to be there from 8 am to 8pm, and if i'm late the're going to charge me !!

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Been in the same house for 6 years, electric bill for a 1600 sqft home, early 30s, working 12 hr days couple...


This is an outrage!!! I too have unsuccessfully just gotten off the phone with a representative who told me there is nothing they can do about the $280 deposit Teco has arbitrarily decided I need to pay or they will disconnect! There has to be a law! It can't be legal to force people already struggeling to make ends meet through no fault of their own to pay these obscene charges or they have no ELECTRICITY. Some one out there please help us.

  • Gr
    Grafixpeg Jul 28, 2009

    This is exactly what they are doing, EXTORTION from the consumers who can't change eletric companies!! There is a monopoly going on!! How can they hold over $550.00 in deposit just in case you leave your home!!! Sounds like a ggod scam to me!!

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  • Cr
    Craven Apr 05, 2011

    TECO had me arrested because I allegedly "stole" electricity from them by running an extension cord from a house that had "an illegal hook-up".
    There was a lengthy 'investigation' that led to my arrest. I cannot find a lawyer in Tampa, Florida that has balls enough to sue these rodents. TECO MUST be stopped before ALL residents in Tampa suffer the losses that I have. Send me a lawyer with balls PLEASE before it's too late for all of us! Extortion is one thing. Monopoly is another, but being FALSELY charged with theft is OUTRAGEOUS. This is the END for TECO. I will spend the rest of my life suing these cockroaches and making them suffer just like they did to me..

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Utility Over charging

My electric bill increased by more than $100 from $167 to $273 in one billing cycle while my electricity use remained the same, or less, during the period. I actually spent $8, 500.00 to update and replace my entire HVAC system in my home in order to save on electricity and to lower my utility bills. I don't understand how the utilities can simply overcharge customers without cause.

  • Mi
    mickey291 Mar 04, 2009

    That is because the first rate increase has already taken effect as of the beginning of the year. That is what I was told by a representative of Teco via phone.

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  • An
    Annonom Ryan Sep 14, 2009

    They could not get into by back yard and they back billed me over $1, 000. I live in a smal house and work over 40 hrs wk, am never home to use the amount of power they are billing me for. In the first place my bill is over $200 mo.

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  • An
    Annonom Ryan Sep 14, 2009

    I am facing the same problem. We (two people) live in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath cinderblock house. No pool, extra nothing. We move in a year ago with $145 bill mo. We lock our back yard up because we have a dog. So our bill goes up and up and I request a digital meter, now I am leaving my back yard unlocked for installment. 5 months go by unlocked. No installment. Bill keeps getting higher. I call to find out why this happening. The rap tells me ways to save energy (lower A/C, change bulbs etc.) Okay went to home depot, tried out a few things. Bill keeping coming in ^. I'm upset, we are a young couple, not too much extra money to support. I call again, speak to a rep and she tells me because my gate is locked they have to estimate (its not locked!) and to check the local weather. They estimate that we've turned up our A/C to accommodate. NO we keep it at a constant 78-90 degrees, remember our power saving tip? $436.56 for August 2009.
    Here's the kicker. We checked the mail today and guess what, current balance $1, 125.38 Sep 2009 334 kWh per day. They said they got in to the back yard and read the meter and they are back billing us for all the time they couldn’t get to the meter. So let’s do this. Say our regular bill was $225 monthly. They said they back billed us $900 since May. That would tack on an about $225 more each month. However you do the math it is not right. I've set up a payment plan for an additional $100 tacked to each bill for the next 9 months. What the F! I am just putting in my two cents. This is criminal!

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I am having the same problem with TECO/TAMPA ELECTRIC.they are demanding a deposit and have sent us a letter...

Request for deposit

I became unemployed in June of 2008 due to upcoming surgery. I've had two surgeries in six months. Lost...

Unfairly discriminating against people!

Teco gas is the sole supplier of gas service to customer in South Florida. If you don't pay your bill a...