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TechSkills / Complaints & Reviews

MyComputerCareer / Schooling

Feb 28, 2017

I was quoted something like 23k for the tuition equipment and software. After a month or 2 of classes I discovered this was a rip off. I immediately withdrew from the classes and still owe 7400 plus to this company in a personal loan. The company shows you fake hired reviews of success and... / It training / certification

Jan 23, 2017

I have gone there several years ago. I have been paying down my $25000 student loan from them which I received nothing!! They are a certification mill. You do get certified, however they promise you job and resume help which I did not get. They promise you hands on training which I never... / Computer Training

Jul 18, 2016 is a certification mill; however, they 'sell' you on providing 7 certifications within 7 months with most leaving with 1 or 2 at best. $20k is high price to pay for 1 or 2 beginner certifications which are outdated... You would be better served to go to...

MyComputerCareer / Information Technology higher education

May 13, 2016

BEWARE! I too am a former Instructor of This company is a Certification Mill and not a good one! They say they provide 15 certifications within their program; however, most leave with 3 or less. ($19997 for 3 certs is insane) Unless you already have extensive IT... / For-Profit designed to take your money

Dec 22, 2015

I am a current student at the Irving (Dallas), TX campus of MyComputerCareer and I have been enrolled since July of 2015. After a lot of careful consideration and searching, I feel as if I am doing prospective students a disservice by NOT making this extremely detailed complaint about thi... / Student Help and guidance

Sep 16, 2014

I have probably waited too long to do this, but on behalf of my son I feel as though I must. He went to this place at the behest of his father to get a "better" chance at a career in computers. He got into the 6-month preparation school that promised career placement assistance. They...

[Resolved] / Training is a joke

Apr 20, 2014

Why did I use the username, "Abetterlife"? Because that is the key my uses for the wireless access to their network. A network that has a hard time to handle all the network traffic and sometimes it crashes due to a broadcast storm. To avoid an unreliable network, now...

TechSkills / Scam

Nov 03, 2011

I signed up with TechSkills for their medical coding associate course of study. I knew I was in trouble after I'd signed up and some of what my mentor was saying didn't seem to make sense with regard to the subject and the market / what I was hearing from those outside of...

Techskills Cleveland, Ohio campus / Scam on tuition and classroom instrustion agreement

Aug 28, 2011

Beware of this school if they even still have the campus open in Independence ( was in existence as of 4-2011). I entered the MCSA program at the Independence (Cleveland, OH) campus and successfully completed my A+, Network+ and Microsoft MCP 270 (XP) certifications but was booted out...

TechSkills / Took my education for granted and scammed me!

Jun 08, 2011

I started at techskills 6-10. They promissed me on the job training on all office equipment: Multiline phone, copier, mail machine, how to do all medical forms in the office, work at your own pace, resume, cover letter help. Well that was a joke!! Your pretty much teaching yourself at...

TechSkills / liars

May 03, 2011

Techskills has over charged me for a class i have taken. They are taking money from the government on classes students do not take. They made a student come to school after he had passed his exams due to they would get more money this way. Few people has got jobs from this school after wa...

TechSkills of Sacramento / INFURIATED


I started my course 03/09/2009 my graduation date was to be 05/21/2010; I actually graduated on 12/14/2009. When I first went through the interview process I asked what was their success rate for job placement after completion of the course I was told 98%. I was told that they have a great...

TechSkills / / Cost-Lies about Product


I am a former Instructor of This company is a Certification Mill! I believe that the PROPER QUALIFIED person WITH EXPERIENCE, can go through a program like this and succeed. I've watched them do it. What they don't tell you is that out the 20+ persons who...

TechSkills ITSA program / Students beware.


I am currently attending TechSkills, Indianapolis campus. Director Treg. Let me tell you about my personal experience. I live paycheck to paycheck. When our paycheck comes in we dish out so much just to live, we end up with about $65 for gas, food etc. for the next 2 weeks. the rent i...

TechSkills / Lack of Professionalism

Certainly did NOT receive the professional interaction appropriate for a school which professes to prepare the student for the professional world, particularly from my instructor. In this economy, I am grateful that I have a job right now that I get as many hours as I can to work in order to...

TechSkills / Money scam


7 years ago I signed up for a (membership) to Techskills(Kansas City) and was unable to follow through because of legal problems. I took the course for approximately 1 hour and was unable to finish. I had people get a hold of them to let them know that I was unable to finish and all they...

TechSkills / Fraudelant practices


I signed up for a so-called membership over 7 years ago and was unable to follow through with it because of a legal issue. I too approximately 1 hour of classes from them before i was unable to continue. I had a friend try to get a hold of them to let them know what had happened, to get my...

TechSkills / misrepresentation


My husband was scammed by this school. He is a veteran and was told by the "enrollment counselor" (a.k.a. salesperson) that he could use his GI Bill to pay for his tuition. My husband had no reason to doubt this because we had always been told by the Army and the VA that GI Bill will pay...

TechSkills / Bad instructors


The girls work there are useless.they don't know anything . What they do all day is eating and chat on msn.! / Provide outdated text book


I've signed up for a CWNA class at the campus in San Jose, California. The tution was quoted with the textbook provided by the school. When I started the class, an outdated paper text was LOANED to me and the instructor gave me an even older pdf version that he...

TechSkills / Deceptive selling practices


Well after a very hard sell to my general requst for information, I was sold thinking that this was going to help my career. I of course was sold on the all you can take in 12 months being told that at any time if for any reason I cannot continue then I would get a refund for what I did...

TechSkills / None


This isn't even a complaint at all. For all of you that went to techskills...Techskills itself is NOT a scam completely.It depends on which one you went to.I know that sounds pretty bad but I was a student there and i became A+ certified(IT Technican) and am nearly N+ certified. How could i...

Tech Skills / school is terrible


I wish I had read the complaints on this site or any site about this school. It's a waste of money and time. I wish I was warned. I have to pay a loan and no education, because everything is online or coursework no instructors or hands on training. The admissions was like a used-car...

TechSkills / Enrollment Practices


I am writing to inform others about Techskills' deceptive enrollment practices that ended up costing me a $4000.00 refund. In 03/2008, on the day of my initial visit and tour of TechSkills, I was offered two months of free enrollment as an incentive for enrolling that day. On...

TechSkills IT program / Thieves


Add my name to the list of unhappy consumers who was dumb enought to try TechSkills. I went to school exactly one day and had to withdraw due to a death in the family. I was repeatedly assured that the refunds were being made to Sallie Mae and the disbursements were cancelled. LIARS!! They...

TechSkills / taken advantage of


I took on the course and was sold a $8000. package this was a career change opportunity i took on. i was sold the oracle 9i program and was not told that the 10g is due for release I was misdirected and spent not just $8000.00 but for the exams as well. i put in as much time as i could but...

Techskills/NHA / false certifications


I received a CMT certification after completing the medical transcription course through Techskills and passing the CMT exam administered by The National Healthcareer Association. I later discovered through failed employment attempts that the CMT credential I THOUGHT I earned is FALSE. The only...

TechSkills / Misrepresentation of services


I was given a one-time opportunity by the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance (TBWA) to re-train for an in-demand career after being laid off from my job of over 6 years. I selected database administration as the course of study, and TechSkills as the institution to learn based on their...

TechSkills / Bad, bad, school


DO not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Techskills. This is a mickey mouse training center that does not support its students. It is supposed to be medical training (highly inadequate - very little hands-on, no internships or externships, instructors who resent their students for taking up their...

Techskills LLC / Predators of a Modern Consumer Society


I should begin with this disclaimer, I made the decision to sign the contracts under my own discretion and free will. Now I will make the most important statement regarding this post, I made a very substantial financial mistake attending Techskills LLC. The reason for my decision to attend...

TechSkills / No help at all!


In my first initial meeting with the one of the schools "sales" people, he told me that medical coding was the "hot thing". That if I took their course I would be working and making lots of "money" before long. I was showed paper clippings, him trying to convince me that I would be in high...

TechSkills / Poor computer support!


I needed computer help and they just blew me off. TechSkills is really an IT school that is trying to cash in on the medical market. They offer the IT students great computer support, but the medical students get next to nothing. If you have a question you will be given a four-word answer...

TechSkills / Course setup and over selling


Techskils is a cram course that is not setup well at all. They use many different computer based training tools and text books to teach you your subject of interest. The problem is the way it all jumps around between the text books, CBT and if you are lucky you can get the attention of one...

TechSkills - Cincinnati, OH / Very poorly run company PERIOD!


I attended TechSkills in Cincinnati, Oh. for the Pharmacy Technician Program. I should have known but, I wanted a different career. They told me when I arrived to speak with them some of the same stories they told everyone else ...I have read other complaints online as well ..they said I...

TechSkills / Breach of Contract - Technical and Vocational School

On 1/07/2005, I enrolled at Techskills in Nashville, Tn. to take a medical billing/coding course, total amount was $6995. I decided 17 days later that I did not care or need the type of teaching in which they operated. I needed a more classroom teaching and less online learning. Under the...

TechSkills / Stay away from TechSkills!

Unfortunately, I tried one of their courses that cost $6500, and it was horrible. First off, anything and just about everything your "Enrollment Specialist," tells you is pretty much a lie to get you in the door. They are going to tell you how special their program is because it...

TechSkills / Very poorly run department and course - medical coding


I signed up with TechSkills for their medical coding associate course of study. I knew I was in trouble after I'd signed up and some of what my mentor was saying didn't seem to make sense with regard to the subject and the market / what I was hearing from those outside of...

TechSkills / Breach of Contract


I wanted to touch base with you due to the fact that I believe that I have been taken advantage of greatly by a local company called Tech Skills ( Last August I enrolled in Tech Skills due to the fact that I had lost my job at that time and I was in search of some computer...