TCF Bankunnecessary bank check holdings, bank fraud, overdraft charges

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I have banked for more than 49 years at Midwest Federal/TCF Bank Branch in Edina & Edina Cub Foods TCF. I have paid back Equity lines and been a good bank customer.

However it is clear that the bank is creating scenarios to create EXCESSIVE OVERDRAFT fees,
and withholding funds from people. Herein lies a HUGE PROBLEM for our economy. THE BANKS. is that a surprise?

If they generate an 8 day holding time. 4:00 on Thursday one week, my funds aren't available until the following Friday - 8 days. (they like to call it 5 business days)...During that time I'm unable to pay vendors, hire people, pay my suppliers, or do other business as my hands are tied.

What a joke that Bank of America is spending big bucks on ads they are out to help small business. No one is. Anyone that succeeds with small business today, does it in spite of their banks, not with the support of the banks.

Any checks that I write are going to bounce. Even though they have $5, 000 of my money in their bank. Bank managers won't help you to get approval. They probably can, they won't. Or they play favorites, or discriminate based on race? Perhaps they help some and not others.

We have a major problem with the banks. We have all outgrown them. We need new systems
they provide no service to me. An anonymous machine is better than our banks. Please paypal, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, someone...please hear us. It's clear our Governors aren't listening.

When I tried to complain about the check holding, I was told to call the Federal Reserve. Try that exercise...some day if you have a day with nothing to do. No one is home. Or are they having a big lunch downtown? Not sure.

So other than holding checks so they can create overdraft fees, what's up?

I had $4.37 overdraft and they actually created 2 $35 overdraft fees and put an overdraft fee on my overdraft fee--to charge $70. That's just simply bank theft and fraud.

I vote for getting the cops to stop in their $300, 000 cop cars ticketing for seat belts. I'd rather assign someone to investigate white collar crimes going on in the banks.

Is there a better bank? I bet they are all getting away with screwing their customers.

Let's get some consumer protection laws in here. You've got people ready to commit suicide over it...this is a huge cry for help. out for their ad for their free checking. (right)


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      Jul 09, 2009

    Amen! I have been on unemployment and I don't think I have seen a full check yet! My son I and I are going without groceries because they keep stealing my money! I had to open a new account somewhere else because as soon as my unemployment check goes in they take 1/2 in overdrafts! I have never had this problem... Obviously this is a growing problem because Dateline had a report last night! The banks have made 38 BILLION dollars this year from over draft fees! WHO BAILED THEM OUT??? WE BAILED THEM OUT TO TURN AROUND AND SCREW US???

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      Jul 14, 2009

    Same problem with me. They basically charge TWICE: once when they "hold" the money and again when it clears. Outrageous! I plan to complain to EVERYONE until something is do. MY experience is with Wachovia that is now part of Wells Fargo.

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      Jul 15, 2009

    Wells Fargo has taken 2 thousand dollars from me in less than a year - creating situations so that they can charge me for overdraft. They put a cap on how much of my own money I can take out of an ATM per day and when I call to increase the limit per day they tell me that they wont do it for me because I have had insufficient funds in the past. They treat me like ### because of the insufficient funds and when I found that my card was used without my permission and thousands of dollars went missing. There was nothing they could do - they couldnt even lift the daily limit of withdraws so that I could get the rest of my money out of their bank. They still havent responded to my dispute and it has been 7 days.

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