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I just had an issue on my business account having to do with excessive over drafts. The same issue in which Twin City Federal is currently being sued for in a class action lawsuit. When I asked the banker (Ryan Tucker) (assistant manager) about it he blatantly lied and said it was a competitor who was being sued. TCF cannot be trusted and frequently engage in dishonest and corrupt business practices! I am moving my accounts to another bank. I am sticking to a smaller local bank where I am still considered a person with individual banking needs.

fees and scams

This bank is terrible. I set up a simple student checking account back when I go my first job. They convienently leave out all of their ridiculous charges and fees when you sign up. They told me that if I set up direct deposit that I wouldn't be charged any fees and yet every month I am charged at least two fees. They also will save transactions and then when you are getting low on the money you are keeping with them, a three week old transaction appears out of nowhere, saying it just went through. Today is Dec. 11 and I have been trying to close out my account for three weeks now bc I put my money in a Chase account (great bank so far) and a transaction from Nov 26 just went through and I have numerous 2 week old transactions still pending. It's a scam to try to get you to overdraft. This bank is terrible and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Stay away from the stress and scams of TCF bank.

  • Ni
    nicklenak Dec 30, 2011

    f***kk tcf bank. My girlfriend banks with tcf bank and they pretty much screwed her the f*** over. Okay she had five dollars in her account and because of a recent non-tcf atm withdrawal she was charged 2.50 at the atm (of course that is expected) but then they charged an extra atm fee through the bank itself which put her negative by a few bucks and every single day she was negative which happend to be 3 days they charged her 28 dollars every single day that she was negative on her account.

    You know what okay charge the extra atm fee but there has to be some legalities here they are f***in treading on because how can the bank itself make you go negative and then impose extra fees because they made you went negative. I had a furious conversation with them on the phone and mind you i had to hold back just a bit but the guy on the phone could only remove 14 dollars of 3 overdraft fees.

    Tcf bank will burn in hell and as i type my girlfriend is getting ready to goto the bank and take all her money to go to a different bank ( wells fargo :) )

    This bank feeds on the poor and is making a wealthy living off of it. Please people do not bank with this bank!

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tcf stole my money!

TCF is the has the most unethical practices I have ever heard of, and I wonder how they are aloud to get away with it?! I was charged over $400 in NSF fees when online it was clear that I had more than enough funds to cover all the transactions I had made! I transferred money from my savings (that contained over $400 in it) BEFORE I spent anything, they charged me NSF fees for PENDING charges? I called the regional manager, Todd, and was told that it was not considered a "bank error" and did me the "courtesy" of reversing $70. What kind of courtesy is that? YOU STOLE MY MONEY!!! I was charged NSF fees when I had money in the account! PLEASE do not bank with TFC, as a unemployed single mother and student I was aware of every dime that went in and out of that account, its 24 day until Christmas and TCF not only stole my money but took the money I had saved away for my sons Christmas gift, what a HORRIBLE company! Marry Christmas TCF, an Todd I hope somebody does you the same "courtesy". I am reporting TFC to the BBB!

  • Tu
    tusmc Feb 23, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    paid off a $340k loan +interest in less then 30 days. gave the payoff to loan officer Brad Willis. he told me it was paid off and wrote on the receipt (loan payed off) then he told me i would probably get a credit for quick payoff and i told him i would just put that in my checking acct. well! a month later i get a bill for $448.00. apparently he miss calculated TCFs billing dates and i owned more money. made no sense to me. i took the loan out on dec31st and paid it off by jan 31st. not my fault their billing starts on the 23rd. terrible bank and terrible loan officer. i paid the $448.00 reluctantly and then i closed all my accts. would never do business with this bank again and NEVER! NEVER! trust their loan officers!! worst experience ever. felt like i was cheated and conned!!

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direct deposit

I am set up for direct deposit with TCF BANK. Even though I have direct deposit, I still have to wait 2 day...

free checking

I signed up for their free checking account last year. Then I just received a letter from TCF that I owed them $25 for over drawn? I have not used the account in about 5 months. I thought maybe fraud? I called TCF right away and they told me after the first of the year they started charging fees for their checking accounts. I NEVER received a letter telling me this. They should have sent some kind of signed conformation so the customer is fully aware and agrees. Not stealing money from their account and surprising the customer 8 months later. That is VERY UNETHICAL of TCF and I would highly recommend that everybody closes their accounts with them. They can't be trusted. They stolen the money I had in they.

  • Li
    LiberalTeller Feb 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with several of the posts here about TCF, but I'm sick and tired of this one. TCF SENT YOU FIVE NOTICES. One a month, for 5 months before they charged the first fee. If you don't choose to read the info included in your statement, the e-mails you receive, or other notices sent to you by the bank you are probably going to lose money. Hopefully you've learned from your mistake. BANKS WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! Not just TCF, ALL BANKS! Don't be a sucker! They count on you not reading your mail.

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  • Ka
    kamala777 Dec 20, 2012

    How do you know they sent 5 notices? You must be a TCF employee and your job is to monitor these complaints and rebuff them. Well, monitor this- Jay Calhoun of TCF Robbinsdale blew me off when I came to give him a "heads up" on how tellers do not verify deposit items, lost $183 from one of my deposits, deducted it from my acct, forcing me to spend 20 days & 3 phone calls to untrained cust serv reps to finally get documentation that it was, indeed TCF's error, then get blown off by Jay Calhoun, telling me that I wasted time, gathering the documentation & that I should just get the check issuer to re-issue the check. (But, I could not get the check issuer to re-issue my check without spending 20 days & 3 phone calls to stupid cust serv reps to get documentation, so that I could trace the check or checks totalling $183 back to stubs, first.) Jay Calhoun was aloof, rude, did not make eye-contact, did not get my name, account info, look at the documentation that I spent 20 days gathering, nor get the teller # which I had. And, said he did not care that I will take it higher up, due to his insensitivity. He thought I was asking for the money that they lost. I was just making him aware. Now, I will make others aware (my patients, adult students, professional colleagues, FaceBook, etc.) And, will move my three accounts from TCF.

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unethical practices

In January of 2010 I reached my boiling point with TCF bank, and changed my accounts to Harris Bank. I left the checkingaccount open with about $70 in it to cover any uncleared or outstanding items. I checked my balance for the first time and found that they had instituted a monthly fee of 9.95 for not having a $500 balance. I called the 800 number, and they said I had to go to the branch. I went to the branch, and they said if they reversed the charges, they would get written up. They told me to call the 800 number. The 800 number said they would have to check into the original customer service rep and call me back. Long story short, I closed the account, and left with only $5. I had mistakenly signed up for paperless estatements, which I never checked, since I had changed my checking account. TCF stole $50 from me. I feel sorry for their employees that work in such a predatory and unethical environmnet.

  • To
    TotallySneakyChecking Aug 06, 2010

    We had the same problem: TCF hiding behind its "policy." We talked to TCF reps for hours, all the way up to the top of the customer service chain, and was told they could do nothing. We closed our account, and, on principle, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. To our surprise, a few weeks later, we received a check, from TCF, for the heisted amount. LOVE the BBB, thank you! Will NEVER do business with TCF again. Customers should not have to work that hard on reversing sneaky charges like that.

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  • Cr
    criticalthinker Jun 03, 2011

    TCF practices should be investigated. Twice I have started an account with TCF (2007, 2010) after they offered a promotion. I always deposit enough to avoid any fees ($500 minimum). I use the initial account as a test to see if I like the bank. I do nothing with the account except leave the money there. Twice I have had to fight with them about fees that were not disclosed or the accidently charged (I do not believe them any more). This time they changed their fee structure without notice. All of a sudden they raised their minimum account balance to avoid fees, and started monthly fees of $9.95 (an account with $645). Until you see the first fee, there had been no notice. I have a US Bank account also. They raised the minimum but sent out a notice so I could adjust or close my account. I didn't like what US Bank did, but at least they gave notice which is fair. TCF is NOT. I have banked with M&I, Harris, NFCU, BMO, E*Trade, TD Ameritrade, and several others. None have been as deceptive at trying to steal fees from a simple small deposit account. I worked in banking for 9 years and am still a finance professional. I consider myself smart enough to be aware of what is right and wrong with banking. TCF is as wrong as there is. I feel bad for everyone that just trusts their bank and does not have an advocate watching their account statements. TCF is counting on your ignorance and apathy so they can take the little bit of money you set aside. I'm on my way to close my account AGAIN and deride the manager that enables these policies, and begin communications to help others be aware. TCF on-line banking is also the worst bank for contacting directly for services or complaints. I think it is in their culture to avoid contact with anyone who has caught them and is angry about their business practices.

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  • Do
    Don't bank @ TCF Dec 07, 2013

    I have advised my husband a couple of times to close his account. Today I believe he finally understood why I am so not a TCF bank fan. He had enough money in his account to cover his purchases but apparently their policy is to deduct the amount of pending transactions from the account at close of business each day even they have not sent the payment out. Well, let me tell you he made another purchase that came in before his pending transactions did on 12/2/13. and today 12/7/13 his account is overdrawn even though he has enough money to cover his purchases. And was told by a rep over the phone that he would be charged another nsf fee when the pending transaction come through probably on the 9th. Is this not crazy.

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bait & switch + thievery

Being a former Minnesotan I don't think the executives have any idea what kind of hot water mess they have got into. Another Minnesota Company, Best Buy, was a big looser in Bait & Switch Charges. Shame On TCF - REMOVE ALL YOUR MONEY NOW. Notify the state attorney general & insist to your branch manager you be notified of a class action suit civil suit. Don't forget to cite CRIMINAL code leagalse - "to defraud, swindle, or steal, or take from another by trickery." These folks have unfettered access to your money. Frankly, if you complain & they don't reverse, you will loose your money or your credit. This is only one of several consumer fraudulent practices going on at that bank - keep an eye on how and when they calculate balances, run, or hold off on running deposits received, etc, to maximize fees. Its a complex algorithm with one purpose - trick you into letting them steal right out of your account with ZERO redress.

  • Tc
    tcfoff Apr 30, 2012

    so true. i am closing my account now. tcf bank recently stole money from me with "mail handling fee". Really?

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  • Tc
    tcfoff Apr 30, 2012

    Also the people TCF hires are from the Carribean. Does pirates of the Carribean ring a bell?

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ripping off custmers and mangers are worthless #s

tcf bank over charges for overdrafts they charged me 175.00 on fees for being 17 dollars short because there policy is ### every one that banks there for example i had the money to cover all but one trans but instead they worked it so that they could make the most out of every transaction so if you like getting robbed by your bank than bank with tcf bank today

  • Cz
    czwalk01 Aug 24, 2010

    How sad is it, when the best bank I had EVER delt with, was in fact in CANADA. Royal Bank of Canada or (RBC) had everything posted IMMEDIANTLY when it hit my account. Checks, debits, bills, mortgage payments. If I touched it, it would out, posted and processed the second I did it. There was no delays, no waiting periods, no next business day b.s. And as for direct deposits - if it was sent - IT WAS THERE...

    When I moved back home to the states, I figured open an account... I seen the "$50 free checking" signs posted and when I signed up for the account, I SPECIFICALLY asked questions pertaining to the information I posted in the above paragraph. They kept saying "yes yes yes". When in reality it was "no no no." I dropped them like a bad habit when "gas station" fund holds started.. but before that I had direct deposit. On friday at 12am it was in the account. I did my normal friday and saturday shopping and come to find out that Monday would roll around and I was hit with 300+ NSF. I had NEVER had that happen to me in my life and it won't happen again. I tried to close the account after everything was paid and they said "Oh we're still waiting on one gas station charge to come in" HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! When I was younger, I worked for a gas station. They processed and posted those accounts EVERY MORNING! SO IT'S NOT THEM WAITING AROUND ON THEIR ### TO DO IT. TRUST ME, THEY WANT THEIR MONEY JUST AS MUCH. But TCF makes their money if the account is messed up a bit and will continue to attempt to make you feel like its YOUR fault. I don't think so... So since they wouldn't close the account.. and stole over 300 from me easily in two weeks - I let it sit... OH then they called saying "How come you haven't used your account - I noticed that its in NSF for $16" Well... I could have went and paid the petty $16 but now its about proving a point. I don't need extra "credit" and I don't care so they can shove it up their ###..

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deceptive and unfair business practices

They charge NSF fees on transactions that haven't even posted to your account since pending transactions take away from your available balance. This is unfair simply because many merchants use credit card numbers such as car rental places for reservations before the card is charge. However, in order for the merchant to make sure your card is valid, they have to run it. This in turn ties up usually $1.00 of your money but drops off when the authorization runs out. Therefore, how can TCF charge 35.00 NSF fees on pending transactions that have not even posted? I ended up with 3 35.00 NSF fees because of pending transactions that had not even posted yet.

  • Ha
    HAPPY_32 Aug 04, 2010


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  • Ka
    Karma's a B**** Jun 04, 2011

    How about me. I deposited $100, my account was $0.31 in the hole (while pending) so I made a deposit that morning. My deposit slip clearly states $99.69, obviously the correct number. I look at my account today and the things that were posted a few days ago were all negative, saying that my account on the day I deposited it was $70.00. I have a print out of my account for every day and the things that were posted weren't negative two days before the deposit, but after I make my deposit they are?? From the looks of the two online account activity statements I have, they completely disagree with eachother and everything was posted wrong. I'm pulling out my funds and opening an account with Wells Fargo. Did I mention this is the 4th time...this MONTH that this has happened. I keep a ledger religiously, and they have never been off. I have receipts for every purchase. They would never give me a print out showing were my account went negative when I asked. Basically...not making rent this month. Thanks, TCF! Really appreciate your crooked business.

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  • He
    hellcatcher Jun 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This isn't the case for all complaints. I had a positive balance. I put in over $900 to my account. I paid four bills totalling $473. I had a paypal transaction of $212.75. How in the world did I get overdrafted since everything else I needed I paid for in cash? By the way they did tell me they did a right to offset to my account for $617 with three overdraft fees for $35 each for a person I don't know because she has the same last name as I do and stole my information. I have NO ONE on my account nor is ANYONE on mine. I am seeking legal help because of this. Meanwhile I can't use my account until they get this straightened out which could take months and in the meantime they are trying to hold me to this "chick's" debt which I don't know and never met but she has my information. By the way, signed and notarized affadavits from people you know and receipts for all transactions and notarized copies of your statements and account information don't count as acceptable proof. Neither did the fraud forms and police form. What would you do?

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  • He
    hellcatcher Jun 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have done all of that. That is why right now I am seeking legal help for it. The Wells Fargo in my state is going through legal prosecution in a class action lawsuit because of their deceptive practices. They did the same thing to my mother before she died because someone had a "similar" name they refused to accomodate her and she died while going through the legal processes. Which meant they got away with a substantial amount of money because her lawyers needed her as a witness for it. Written documents and notarized testimony don't count as verifiable testimony in my state. The class action lawsuit is forthcoming in the next year or so and if I did it on my own I could be looking at 2 or 3 years before I even get a court date for it.

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  • He
    hellcatcher Jun 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here We Go Again: Number 1. State is up 500% for identity theft. Number 2. Mail was being stolen from area. Number 3. Class action suit for unfair practices and possible fraud. Number 4. Be glad it hasn't happened to you but God willing you will get screwed soon. Number 5. The fact that I even responded to you is a blessing and I for one hope when it happens to you that you get taken for every rupee you have. Don't like the truth, don't listen. As far as you and your wonderful advise.. You and the devil must have a wonderful love life.

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deceptive practices

I would like to inform everyone that TCF uses deceptive practices to increase their fee revenue. We have had a "totally free" checking account with TCF for years. In Jan TCF put a notice in our statement (written in very small font) in a section they normally reserve for advertising informing us they would start charging fees for accounts that do not maintain a min balance. We normally do not check our statements often as we have low activity in that account and were surprised to find they had charged us fees (of course our luck we were keeping a low balance at the time).
It was clear to us that TCF Bank's intent was to deceive consumers by posting the notice in a way that customers would miss the notification in an effort to increase their fee revenue. This borderlines on fraud. If a company plans to materially change the terms of an agreement, it's normal practice to inform the other party in a seperate written letter to clearly explain the change. In some industries this is the law and I'm surprised it's not in the banking industry. Customer service didn't seem to care and quoted "we receive complaints about everything all the time". That doesn't surprise me in the least bit. I'm glad they are open 7 days a week so I can close my accounts there as soon as possible.

  • De
    DeanASmith Oct 29, 2009

    TCF Bank - fraudulent practices

    Here's are my problems with TCF Bank:

    No Running Balance -- The online TCF accounts do not show a running balance or total. It only shows transaction amts (nothing to indicate a balance, positive or negative). The only way to determine if your paper register is accurate is to contact the TCF 1-800 number and try to reconcile/double check info from there. The 1-800 service will give you the balance minus pending transactions (debit or credit only, not checks); last five transactions/deposits and, can tell you if a check has cleared by check #.

    Overdraft Fees are Not Included in Pending Items -- The 1-800 service will give you a balance, but does not include pending overdraft fees" -- so you do not have the opportunity to make a deposit to correct a problem and avoid add'l fees (see my personal example below). You are falsely led to believe your account is in the positive thru receipt of a positive balance statement, a positive balance amount via TCF 1-800 or via the ATM balance. Reality is that you could have pending overdraft fees for transactions (leading to domino effect). If you are slightly off, you wouldn't know until the next day and after other items post, leading to exorbirant fees (@ $35 each, 4 or 5 small transactions can cost you $175 in fees). The TCF practices/policies are not transparent and fair to customers.

    People -- I'm not aware of ANY other bank that does this!! Most ethical banks show customers a running balance and whether or not you are in the negative. If you have a negative balance and have incurred overdraft fees, you know because items are in real time. No gaps or delays in getting information which makes it a guessing game, leading to minor errors and discrepancies that benefit TCF in a BIG way.

    Processing of items structured to benefit TCF in NSF fees: If you have 5 transactions and your acct balance would sufficiently cover 4 of those items, guess what. TCF puts your largest item thru first resulting in a negative balance, and then charges you multiple insufficient fund fees on all the little items that don't clear as a result -- racking up money. A service rep told me they did that at the request of customers who don't want items like their mortgage or car payment rejected. What??? Doesn't make sense because they seem to pay for all the items -- just structuring it so that it benefits the bank and costs the customer.

    TCF CAN hold local checks for up to one week for deposit. A rep told me that the written policies do not show deposits crediting automatically, so PLEASE be aware of that. (Wow, so get comfortable to deposits credited automatically -- and then BAM...a deposit doesn't clear and you are hit with fees).

    My experience has not been pleasant with TCF Bank.
    Recently, I called the 1-800 # and found out I would be -$20, after pending transactions, for the day. I made a cash deposit that afternoon to make my balance positive, cover a check that hadn't cleared, and to prevent overdraft fees. The teller gave me a receipt, showing a positive balance in my account. Nightmare averted, right?

    Wrong, two days later, I go online and see my deposit wasn't credited until the day AFTER I made it, and I had $175 in insufficient fund fees charged against my account. When I call the customer service #, she argues that I did not make the deposit on the day I said that I did. Impossible. She asks for the date on my deposit receipt -- to my shock it said the next day. Thankfully, I had a 2nd receipt because the 1st didn't show my balance and I wanted proof that my cash deposit was credited. The second one has my positive balance for the day. Now she's confused and must get her supervisor onboard ... I'm on hold for 15+ minutes while they try to figure out how this could happen.<br /><br /><br />
    <br /><br /><br />
    Finally a manager comes on to tell me that what the teller and the 1-800 and online systems didn't tell me, was that my balance for the day in question was not -$20, but actually -$195 because what didn't show online or by TCF 1-800 was that I had $175 in insufficient fund fees from the day before. Yep, you heard that right. The manager tells me there are things I should be aware of ... my balance was negative and despite my balance and receipt showing a positive balance, the "real" balance included multiple insufficient fund fees from the day before that hadn't posted I'm up the creek. There policy is to not communicate those fees to the customer in pending transactions or to reflect them in balances until next day. With no more than $20 in the hole, TCF banks almost $300 in fees.

    This does not make sense -- and the "online" list of transactions is now out of sorts with what is in my register (shows transactions posting a day earlier than what I had recorded in my register and from the 1-800 system.) CUSTOMERS BEWARE -- your money is easy money for TCF bank...

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  • Rm
    RMasse Nov 02, 2009

    I agree, just today realized the exact same thing, went in on friday did the "deposit to cover negative balance" on my son's account. Then checked it on sunday, bam...overdrawn by hidden nsf charges that showed up nowhere, not even at the tellers terminal, I deposited cash, and yes, did not notice the reciept was dated...what for today three days later???? So now they have charged him five nsf charges so far for overdrawing by a mere 75cents. thats it, the way they do it is incredible, and the branch manager tells me, oh they don't do it on purpose, it is an electronic thing and the people you use your debit card with...WHAT????Stay away from tcf bank, between mine and my son's account just in six months we have lost over $600.00(domino effect nsf fees, unreliable account balances even at the tellers terminal)

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  • Mn
    mnhawk Jun 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the above. Plus, it's even worse if you're e-statement only. I received no notice, e-mail or snail mail, that my account of 21 years was changed. Since you don't get statements even e-mailed, you have to log in, and find your statement, something I don't do every month. Well, lo and behold, -9.95, -9.95, -9.95 and for my convenience, a -39 charge to cover that final -9.95.

    Customer service is no help, as they'll just tell you how to avoid FUTURE charges.

    The sad thing is, I would have had no problem meeting their minimum conditions...if I was only notified.

    These are NOT the actions of a company on the up and up.

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  • To
    TotallySneakyChecking Aug 06, 2010

    We had several problems with TCF, the worst being them changing "Totally Free Checking" to $9.95 a month checking, giving us only small print notification in the space usually reserved for their annoying promotions and happy sales talk. We talked to TCF reps for hours to reverse the $130 fees, all the way up to the top of the customer service chain, and was told they could only refund $70. We closed our account, and, on principle, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the remaining amount they swiped. To our surprise, a few weeks later, we received a check, from TCF, for the full, heisted amount. LOVE the BBB, thank you! Will NEVER do business with TCF again. Customers should not have to work that hard on reversing sneaky charges like that.

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  • Cj
    cjp507 Oct 15, 2010

    I think the new minimum balances are unreasonable and immoral, like stealing from those that are less fortunate. I work hard for my money and want to keep it in my account. I am closing my acct after 6 years.

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monthly fees

Due to an emergency I had to go out east for a couple months, where I was informed that my TCF account was negative. Upon talking to the customer service line they informed me that even though I had signed a contract for a FREE checking account, they were able to change the contract at any time. I advised them that I had notification of any changes and had been out of state. The customer service line refused to take off any of the fees and told me that TCF was able to change anything they wanted to. They further told me that it would be 2 days before receiving any call back from a supervisor. The customer service service line told me that they had mailed out notification which I had never received-they were unhelpful in solving any problems and said that I would have to deposit more money into the account. DO NOT BANK WITH TCF-they steal your money.

  • Fp
    FPGA May 14, 2010

    TCF website gives me a wrong address of ATM. (Please check CHASKA, MN. The address they give you has no TCF ATM.) When I went to that address, there is no TCF ATM. I took $80 from my account from the ATM which doesn't belong to TCF. That ATM bank charges me $2.5 fee. TCF charges me $5. That's TCF's professional service. tcf CHARGES ITS CUSTOMERS MORE THAN THE OTHER BANKS.

    TCF changed its checking account requirement. If my account doesn't meet the requirement, TCF begins charging fee on me. They put that notice with my monthly statement (no separately notice), and not highlight that notice. Then TCF starts charging me.

    The same things happened on my saving account.

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  • Is
    ish1898 Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Once TCF had cleared all the money from my "Totally Free" checking account, they began over drafting it to cover their new $9.95 management fee.
    They're charging me money because I don't have enough money!??!?
    Insane, had I known about this situation months ago I would have immediately closed my account, yet I didn't get word of anything until a letter comes in the mail today saying that I owe them $28.85 and that this debt is now 71 days past due. Furthermore, at 75 days my account will be referred to collections, ruining the credit that I have been trying to rebuild over the last 4 years.

    I understand that the financial sector is not in the best of shape, but for a bank, ANY company, to steal from its patrons is wrong.
    I have filed a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency.

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you name it

Well in the last 2 weeks I have been charged over $400.00 in NSF's fees. My paycheck which is electronically deposited showed one day and the next day it disappeared from my account. Then the day after it showed up and stayed. I went to the bank because of course you cannot call the bank itself because they do not allow that hmm! They say for security reasons. Wow I have a account with Chase also and I can call any branch anytime I like. Is that weird or what. Well I went to a branch and talked to the assistant manager and tried to find out what happened to my account. Well she was litearly clueless and was unable to tell me what happened to my deposit. And also after depositing cash why it was not made available imediately to pay bills. She also was very rude and smurking at times. I have a family member that opened up a account there when she came into a substancial amount of money. After I talked to her about what happened to me she went to TCF to withdraw all her money and close her accounts(checking&savings). And she also has two other bank accounts at Chase and Bank of America. And I am going to talk to as many people I know at work and friends to tell them to close there accounts because I do not want them to go through what I went through. And I am filing a complaint with the FTC. Please anyone that has had these problems like I have file a complaint with them. Because this will keep on happening to other people that work very hard for there money.


I had a $0.71 (yes, 2 quarters, 2 dimes, and a penny) payment due to paypal, and they attempted to take the $0.71 from my account not once but 6 times!!! (Paypal is my next complaint). Instead of TCF paying the pety $0.71, and charging me a one time $35 fee they declined the payment and allowed Paypal to continue to try taking the funds 6 times, and charged me $35 every time!!! This is all over less then a $1.00. I'm so mad, and will be putting my complaint anywhere, and everywhere I possibly can!!

  • Fr
    freddy clause Mar 26, 2010

    i have had them do that to me as well

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  • Je
    jessielynn Aug 05, 2010

    TCF Bank assessed improper or excessive overdraft fees!! They list overdrafts from largest to smallest to increase the likelihood that customers will overdraw multiple times. Not only that, but I made four transactions between Thursday and Friday. Instead of listing those first, they listed my Saturday transaction first which of course was the higher amount. So, this led to a snowball effect, and what should have been one overdraft fee, ended up being five!!! I have contacted an attorney in hopes of becoming part of a class action suit!!

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bad account transaction

My Problem with T.C.F. Bank is that whenever I put in my account Information to either reorder checks or go...

ripped off

Tcf bank is one of the worst organizations. They chargeed us over 1200 in overdraft fee's. After a 1400...

online banking

TCF bank signed me up for online bank statement without my knowledge. Customer service claimed that when I...

worst bank, ever

This bank is by far the worst bank. They actually STEAL from you. I cannot even tell you how many phone...

nsf fees

TCF has found a new way to rip off their customers. I was charged two NSF fees for pending transactions. I put more than enough money in my account before the items even posted and still was charged for the fees. I went to the bank and spoke to the branch manager who told me that was the way for banks to make money. In addition, she gave me false information and told me she banked at Associate Bank.

  • An

    I had plenty of money in the bank to pay for the useage of my TCF Bank debit card, therefore, I charged two transactions on wednesday totaling 97.00 dollars, leaving me a balance of 293.00 I used an atm machine on friday and took out 200.00 leaving me 93.00 dollars, then i used the card again on saturday for 97.00 so i was 4.00 overdrawn which i should pay the 34.00 ONE TIME NSF fee, however, they held my transactions on wednesday and friday and charged me 102.00 on NSF fees, when i addressed the issue they said that VISA held the transactions for wednesday and friday and therefore i should have to pay for the NSF fees.

    i called VISA and they said they did not hold any transactions.



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  • An

    i also believe that a letter to the supreme court is in place and also to the board of directors.

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  • An

    tcf is one of the largest banks in the midwest and it is unbelieveable that they can do this type of business...

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accont fraud

On 11/26 I received a call from TCF Fraud department regarding some charges on my debit card. I called to let...

held check indefinitely for no reason

I opend a checking account two weeks ago. The teller said I had to use my legal name Sharon. I work under the nickname Sherry and told her that. She said, "No problem, that is the common nickname. We take checks for William if it is made out to Bill." The opening deposit was made out to Sherry and they took it. A week later I made another deposit with a cashiers check made out to "Sherry." It had my home address on the front of check and my signature matched. BUT they sent the check to the "Fraud Department!" Even though I came in with business cards and photos of me with the name "Sherry" they continue to hold the check! There is no one who can make a decision, and no one from the MN office of "customer service" who can make a decision. They keep telling me they are "working on rectifying and continuing to investigate." There is no one who can tell me how long this will take or when my money will be available!! I have made numerous calls to the home office and been into the bank six times to no avail. Every time I'm in line I hear other tales of how badly this bank operates. PUT YOUR MONEY IN TCF AT YOUR OWN RISK! Oh, did I mention I rude they've been or that they told me "Sherry" is not a legal name?

  • Ms
    mssipla Dec 10, 2009

    i am a former tcf employee. here is my advice. ask to speak with the regional manager of the branch where you opened the account. and say you want her phone number immediately! leave her a message explaining the entire situation and give names of employees if you know them. say that you know the legal limit for with holding a check is 11 business days and if action isnt taken soon(before that time period) you will have your attorney contact the regional manager. This will put a fire under the situation and if you repeatedly talk about the terrible customer service and how you will tell everyone you know about your experience you will get your money and then some. :) best of luck

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