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TCF Bankit is a big fraud

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TCF bank will take your money and especially from the poor people. This bank needs to be investigated with their illegal practice. I'm sick of their customer service and they don't believe the customer is never right. I feel sorry for consumer this bank. They state their cash deposit after 2pm count the next business day, but if they had a pending transaction they will post it first than your cash transaction. This is one bank that is getting away with illegal practices and needs to be stop. Hopefully the government will look into their practices and closed them down.


  • Ma
    Matthew Mccarty Jan 05, 2021
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    Verified customer

    This is the worst bank. They bought out my local bank. Now waiting for my second stimulus check it got sent back to the irs because the routing number doesn’t match. So I have to wait until I file taxes and claim the stimulus money so I’m told by the irs. But I won’t get any refund money until early March because I have dependents and qualify for earned income credit. So as I sit here struggling barely holding on this bank screws me by two months on stimulus.

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  • Br
    brendo3030 Dec 11, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I also agree they did the same thing to me, and had so many Over Draft's on me, that my bank account closed, and to make matters worse they are giving me a bad reference to when I want to get a new account with another bank, they are on a site where other banks can see that I owe them money, thanks to their Over Draft's and having closed my account.And they dont even have Theft Protection as a plan at their TCF BANK. [email protected]

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  • Lo
    loretha Oct 12, 2010

    I [censor]ing hate tcf bankn I had to come on dis site to check ratings b4 I Closed my acct. But now I c I wil b closing it. When I opened my acct I told them I only needed it to make payments, 2mths later I was being charged $19 monthly if I don't have 500 in my acct at all times. Then I made a deposit of 125 made 6 transactions 80 being my last why did they charge the 80 first and my small trans last that way they can charge me 35 nsf fees 4 the other 4 transactions. I admit I went over when I made the $80 trans but instead of charging me a nsf fee for the 80 they charge me 4 nsf fees for my small trans fees then charge me a nsf fee for the 80 meaning I was charged a fee for every transaction I made when all alone I had the money in the bank.I will never bank with them again. I wanna take they [censor] 2 court for $125

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  • Cz
    czwalk01 Aug 24, 2010

    How sad is it, when the best bank I had EVER delt with, was in fact in CANADA. Royal Bank of Canada or (RBC) had everything posted IMMEDIANTLY when it hit my account. Checks, debits, bills, mortgage payments. If I touched it, it would out, posted and processed the second I did it. There was no delays, no waiting periods, no next business day b.s. And as for direct deposits - if it was sent - IT WAS THERE...

    When I moved back home to the states, I figured open an account... I seen the "$50 free checking" signs posted and when I signed up for the account, I SPECIFICALLY asked questions pertaining to the information I posted in the above paragraph. They kept saying "yes yes yes". When in reality it was "no no no." I dropped them like a bad habit when "gas station" fund holds started.. but before that I had direct deposit. On friday at 12am it was in the account. I did my normal friday and saturday shopping and come to find out that Monday would roll around and I was hit with 300+ NSF. I had NEVER had that happen to me in my life and it won't happen again. I tried to close the account after everything was paid and they said "Oh we're still waiting on one gas station charge to come in" HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! When I was younger, I worked for a gas station. They processed and posted those accounts EVERY MORNING! SO IT'S NOT THEM WAITING AROUND ON THEIR [censor] TO DO IT. TRUST ME, THEY WANT THEIR MONEY JUST AS MUCH. But TCF makes their money if the account is messed up a bit and will continue to attempt to make you feel like its YOUR fault. I don't think so... So since they wouldn't close the account.. and stole over 300 from me easily in two weeks - I let it sit... OH then they called saying "How come you haven't used your account - I noticed that its in NSF for $16" Well... I could have went and paid the petty $16 but now its about proving a point. I don't need extra "credit" and I don't care so they can shove it up their [censor]..

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  • Ni
    ninny1982 Jul 26, 2010

    I got my purse stolen and the derilict who did it got $$$ buy using my pin #/debit card. Now TCF says I have to pay a $50 fee for the fraud/money that was stolen from us! This is the biggest line of [censor] I have ever heard of. I am a decent citizen and someone steals from me and I have to pay for it! WTF!

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  • Bagalamukhi May 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    TCF Bank is a blood sucking fraudulent institution like most of the banks under the jurisdiction of the federal reserve money laundering system. These bank get all this stimulus money and support from big corporations and sports teams but continue to suck the people most affected by the recession dry.

    TCF Bank sucked me into opening a $50 free checking account and 6 months later they are charging a $9.95 fee without sending out any notice except for a small note on their statement which I never read because I never had much money in the account. I sent TCF Bank a notarized letter as they requested to close my account because I could not afford these fees and the manager told me my account was pending closed and would not receive any more fees yet my account is still open and getting these fees that I do not owe. I opened a free checking account.
    If I had a match I'd burn TCF Bank down to the ground along with the rest of the corrupt fraudulent institutions in the United States of America. A good thing I don't have match. Who does?

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  • An
    angry @ssFk May 02, 2010

    ### TCF how about this I get my purse stolen while Im out parting...Ive called every number and still no get thru wtf what if they get me for all I got.. is TCF ### ### gone pay me back what do you think?###

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  • Tc
    TCFisGay Nov 23, 2009

    TCF does have a very very very bad online banking system. They tell you that you can't manage your money etc and that online banking is a "tool". Well imo tools are actually things that help..TCF online banking is not only a huge eyesore and worthless. It does not reflect the proper amount of money unless you have a lot in the bank. For me as a student I rarely have money and my account and constantly have to watch my spending. For some reason I have been able to do this for years without any complications for 5+ years. Move to Minneapolis and sign up for a tcf bank account and I have gotten screwed out of entire paychecks from overdraft fees from this shady system they have online. If you put money in your account the stupid system posts it as available instantly within 5 mins. This is just fantasy money it doesn't really exsist unless you did it before 3pm. It doesn't matter the online banking "tool" tells you that it is available as of whatever even dated and time stamped. If you spend this money that is available you will get hit with late charges from every cent you spent. After doing lots of research this system only hurts people like me watching the bottom line at all times. They took like 300$ from me this last time(2nd and last time) and I was so furious. I put on my customer service smile and went to a branch location and told my sob story to this guy half listening to me. He just to get me out of his office since it was after 5pm "he was actually looking at his watch while listening to me" He refunded my overdraft fees since I guess he was bored and said ok wtf I will help this loser. He thought he made my day and all was well so after I was assured the money was back in my account. Took off my happy go lucky smile politely asked him for a withdraw slip and pulled all my money out to 0.01 and told that guy to ### himself. It was priceless to see the look on this guys face and well worth the time out of my day. Since then over a three months ago I switched to a different bank and guess what no overdraft charges amazing!! TCF is making a killing from this policy change and super ###ing over people that have limited spending in the first place. If there is a place to lodge complaints or sign a petition I would sign that ### in blood. Terrible customer service terrible online banking and just all around shady business practices. For all those that say TCF is perfect and you are a long standing customer I can already tell you that you are not worried about having to buy a 1 dollar soda without bouncing your acct. Loose your job or all your money you would get ###ed over just like everyone else.

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  • Tc
    TCFSUCKS Aug 24, 2009

    TCF = SUCK ### RIP OFF!!!

    They changed their pollicy on 4/1/09. Now pending trans actions are held against your account and make the funds "unavailable". I ran this scenerio through with the bank manager, and she agreed, but seemed like she didn't care one bit.

    -You deposit $20 in your account. Go spend $4 at starbucks on a cup of coffee. Then go put $1 in gas in your car, BUT the terminal at the gas station authorizes you for $20 (as most all of them do). When that $4 hits your account, the $20 "authorization" is "pending" and therefore the money is "unavailable" BAM $35 FEE! So you deposite $20, spend $5 and somehow are magically hit with a $35 dollar fee.

    Funny that at the exact same time they changed this, they changed another pollicy, the amount that they will continue to authorize, when you're already negative! Before when you "cleared" ballance didn't have enough to cover a transaction, it was declined. But now with the new pollicy that's done away with, OH, but you can "opt" out of this part by sending in some letter to a PO box that'll fall through the cracks and nothing ever will be done with it! Now really why would you opt both of these at the exact same time. Well it's because they sneak the first couple overdrafts in there (even though you had money) but if they were to alert you that you were already negative (by declining your card), than they couldn't hit you for the other $500 in charges.

    I personally RARELY ever have a problem with OD charges, cause I keep a close eye on it. 3 snow ball's this month with a total of more than $1000 in overdraft charges. All three times there was money in my account, more than enough to cover, but there were magically "authorizations" that made the funds "unavailable"... Get the ### outa here...$1000 when I actually had money in there?

    As a customer I'm entrusting my money to a bank, I turst them to hold it, take care of it, watch after it, and make interest with it. I shoul NOT have to pay them when I'm doing a servie to them by LETTING them hold on to it for me. I'm LOANING it to them to make a piss interest rate so they can intern loan it back to me at 7-8% on a house 10-20% on a car or 15-30% on a credit card? Now on top of that I have to pay them out the ### because of how their magical system calculates things? ### THAT!

    Becasue I did have issues with transferin money before when their online was down, I tried to get OD protection. I was told "Oh yea, no problem, with you're credit score we're going to give you the max ($2K)" Two months later, I got OD charges again, come to find out they didn't set it up. Not only that but they didn't give a ###. They had to repull my credit (which hurts my highly guarded score), and then they come back and tell me that I've had too many OD's in the last month that they can't set it up? WTF? Really? I have OD's cause those ###s didn't do their job right the first time, and you're not going to give me a line of credit cause you're affraid that I"m going to use it? How does that work?

    I think what they really meant to say was, "If we set this up for you than our big wigs with inflated sallaries can't screw your ### as hard and take your hard earned money!"

    Yes they did inform us though. Somewhere around March, it was on the last page of your statement, written in really small writing, disguised with a combination of legal, and "we're helping you" lingo, with statements like our debt system will be in "real time" (like it wasn't already before) sounding like they're updating to some cool new system. It was in that part with usless stuff that NO ONE EVER READS!!! Oh, and somewhere in the "we'll screw you" section of your paperwork when you first opened the account, you agreed that they could change pollicies to steal your money at any time, and you're ok with that.

    Funny thing is ###s (probably who work there) get on here to defend them saying statement's like "well you just don't know how to manage your money", funny thing is that's the exact same attitude that the employee's there have too! I know that the complaint rate, and account clouser rate, AND the amount of online bashing has increase ALOT since this pollicy has enacted. Why cause we all can't manage our money? No you ### stick! It's because this policy SUCKS, and was soley implamented and designed to SCREW US out of our money... Again, why would you enact BOTH these new policies at the same time? Neither of them help us, One is designed to take the money, and the other to inflate the amount they can take. They word it like "we're doing you a favor by allowing you to purchase and by covering your purchases", the thing is though, by the time they're authorizing things because the funds aren't available you're well stooped into OD charges, AND to add to the confusion, they don't show up till a DAY LATER, so even if you think you got things straight, YOU DON'T cause they're already working on ###ing you again!!!

    ### TCF!!! And ### every last employee with the "I don't give a ###, it must be your fault attituede!"

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  • To
    totallypissed Jul 09, 2009

    I agree with honduuuH! I have neen a TCF customer since 1990 and no problems at all! When I spoke to the bank manager she said they changed their policies in April. If you saw Dateline last night they talked about how the banks are changing the way they post your transactions... This year the banks have made 38BILLION dollars ... I was a six figure salary until I lost my job and had to go on unemployment... You can't tell me that I don't know how to manage my money no matter how much money I am making I have a brain in my head so I CAN balance a checkbook! I may not have the cushion I used to so yes I get close to the wire but when you don't know until 3 days later that you have been hit with $175.00 and your balance on-line does not reflect it and then your hit with another $175.00 and then your account is TOTALLY out of control and your unemployment check is GONE! I will tell you this I will never bank with TCF again! And when I am making a six figure salary again it will be with a different bank!

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  • Ho
    honduuuH Jul 02, 2009

    Well dude consider yourself lucky...NEEEVER have i overdrafted b4 excpet with those losers. Somehow they can change their policy over night without informing their customers f*** that! They are lyin theives and they will take from you eventually. Truse me everyone I know has had unfairly money takin from them.

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  • Pr
    ProudTCFer Feb 08, 2009

    The banks who were practicing "illegal" stuff are closed now. And TCF is actually one of the growing banks. Its not their fault people don't know how to manage their money and balance a checkbook. I am a TCF Bank customer and they have not taken a penny from me

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