Tata Motorsrc delay advertently for more than 3 months

Dated: 30.09.2019
Sandhya kumra
94-a aggar nagar, ludhiana-141012
Ph no: [protected]

The manager,
Dada motors pvt. ltd
Savitri i, g.t. road, dholewal chowk, ludhiana,

Under the instruction from my client mr. sandhya kumra, residing at 94-a aggar nagar, ludhiana-141012, I have to address you as under:

My client instructed me to issue a legal notice to you, which I hereby do, calling upon you that my client has purchased a nexon xm pb10hc 0557 (product code: 54380225aijr), hsn-8703, 31.99 from dada motors pvt ltd., ludhiana, having crn no: cr01-19-[protected], along with the invoice copy no: idmlgt1920000149 and order no: so-dada-[protected].

My said client mentioned that there was wrong provisional registration certificate sent by dealer on number selection and it is almost more than a month from the date of purchase, 23rd may, 2019 and the date of receiving the original certificate was on 23rd june, 2019 but due to the fault of dealer there was again mistake done in the pin code of the certificate of incorporation knowingly due to which my client has to face a lot of difficulties and harassment, because my client could not use the purchased car even after three (3) months of provisional registration expiry, owing to no valid registration certificate, apprehending challan and unclaimed insurance in case of accident, having certificate of registration no: pb10hc0557.
That, in spite of paying for car purchase including registration, insurance to the said dealer and rs 12, 499/- monthly emis to canara bank, the car remained stagnant till date and my client has to travel on other transportation means, which resulted into increased travel expenses and time resulting in business loss amounting to rs.50, 000/- (fifty thousand)
My said client also mentioned that after lot of disagreement, the dealer somehow applied the endorsement through form 33, but after that there is no such communication from the dealer side.
It is notified that my client was being harassed from the day he made purchase of her car from dada motors pvt ltd. hence, you are requested hereby to complete the registration process at the earliest and provide my client with the original registration certificate and moreover you have to pay my client monthly compensation @ 1.5% for rs.900, 000/-nine lakhs of car sale value amount from 23rd june, 2019 to imminent date the original rc is provided, as it was your company's duty and obligation to provide rc and other documents in due time, but for your ignorance my client has to face the difficulties, within 10 days, failing which my client shall be constrained to file a suit against your company, under the relevant provisions of the consumer protection act, 1986.

Oct 04, 2019

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