this company said i ordered 4 magazines. this was never the case. my card was charged. i'm still waiting for a refund. help!


  • Valerie Nov 18, 2008

    I had received 3 magazines that I did not order and canceled them once they came more than once. Then I received a innocuous postcard from them stating the terms of my subscriptions and that they would be automatically renewed unless I canceled with a supplied telephone number, which I tried to do only to be told that they had already been canceled.

    I have no idea where they got my name or credit card information, but I have researched and found it might have been through which I have done business with.

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  • De
    Dee Dec 30, 2008

    call 1-800-607-9869 to cancel any orders. it's only voice automated, you can't get in touch with any rep, but this is the best thing you can do so you won't be charged. i just cancelled 4 of my subscriptions from them. hope this helps [=

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  • Sh
    ShadeyHolt Jul 17, 2009

    The number given me is 1-800-927-9351... & listen carefully!
    The computer-voice tried to scam me FOUR TIMES for EACH magazine I desired to cancel.
    As in, "do you want to cancel Geographic AND enter a new subscription for Sports? Answer Yes or No." But that's not a yes-or-no question!!!
    So I answered "No" and it tried again, offering me a different 'Zine in place of the one I desired to cancel; I answered "NO" again.
    On the 3rd try it offered me "4 more issues immediately for just $2 each" AND the subscription would be reinstated after that. But since the current subscription still owes me 2 issues, I'd be paying $8 for TWO issues, which is more than a year's subscription, more than the single-issue price, AND the original subscription would NOT end!
    On the 4th try it offered me 2 "free" issues of Geographic, but if I accepted that, the original subscription would be cancelled and a NEW subscription would start immediately! Meaning I would lose the 2 remaining issues on the current subscription in exchange for 2 "free" issues AND I'd be billed immediately for a whole new subscription.
    Only after the 4th scam failed did it finally consent to merely do the cancel.

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