Yellow Blue Media Group [YBMG] Complaints & Reviews

Yellow Blue Media Group [YBMG] / Fraudulant Charges

Nov 1, 2011

YellowBlueMedia has called me several times telling me that I signed up for an online service that I did not sign up for. They threaten to turn me into the aurthorities and to freeze my accounts. When I ask them to send me an invoice in the mail they refuse telling me that it is against...

Yellow Blue Media / Website scam

Apr 7, 2011

A lady from Yellow Blue Media called Stating I signed up for a online premium listing when I know for a fact I never did. They said we owe them $899.95 and not only were they going to come after our company but they would be coming after me personally as well. Week after week they call...

Yellow Blue Media / Scam Artist

Mar 24, 2011

This yellow blue media called our store stating that one of our employees had authorized them to run a minim Website and online listing add, however none of our employees knew anything about yellow blue media. We received the invoice that was for $745 and a lady has been calling our store...

Yellow Blue Media / Claims to have authorization to create a web site

Mar 16, 2011

I received an invoice from Yellow Blue Media claiming that our facility owed them $799.00. I had never heard of them so I called to get more information. I was told that they called & spoke with one of our employees & got authorization to create a "mini web-site & on-line listing". The...

Yellowblue Media 1-716-566-9598 / Wanting money for no services rendered

Feb 4, 2011

I recieved a phone call this morning (2/4/11) from a Jamaican accented man informing me I should have recieved a letter in the mail last month regaurding my delinquent payment for the 2010 year for the advertising I purchased on Yellow blue Media. Scince starting my business I have yet to...

Yellow Blue Media / online ad scam


A man called & asked for verification of my business name & address, which I verified. He then indicated that I have been listed on their online service for a year, that it was the end of the year and that I now owed them over $ 700. How do I want to send it to them? I told him that I had...

Yellow Blue Media / Scam Internet Advertising


WOW! I just read several other posts moments after someone from Yellow Blue Media tried to scam me. $700 + seems to be the magic number for them. I kept telling this guy I had never heard of Yellow Blue Media and that we never agreed to or signed any advertising contract for this stupid...

Yellow Blue Media or GBP Publications / Unauthorized charge - Yellow Pages advertising


I received a call on my cell phone on Monday, August 16, 2010, by a man claiming he is from the Yellow Pages and that I owe $499.95 for advertising in the Yellow Pages and that it is past due and may go to collection. It just so happened that I have a contract with our local yellow page...

Yellow Blue Media / Scam


I was contacted by Yellow Blue Media about an amount of $700 that I was told I owe them. I tell them show proof I owe them money in a signed contract and they can't. They tell me when I dispute the claim they need me to answer several questions with only a yes or no answer. Then try...

Yellow Blue Media / Fraudulent company


I received a call from a salesman from this "SO CALLED" Yellow Blue Media, stating that we had authorized an internet business listing and that we owed money for last year and that they would send an invoice. He also wanted to know if we wanted to renew. I told him that I am the only one...

Yellow Blue Media / Fradulent Business Practice


I got a phone call from a woman claiming I owe Yellow Blue Media hundreds of dollars for an internet listing on their site. Beware of this scam! When I told them that I never heard of them, they told me that they had a recorded tape of my agreeing to the service. They have called and...

Blue Yellow Media / Scam


We have the very same thing going on. A phone call made to threaten collections of on line web advertising. We have never heard of them before. They state that they have a recording of us agreeing to their services. They did send a hard copy bill to us. We live in Utah. The company addre...

Yellow Blue Media / Trying to bill us


I just got a call from these people verifiying information and then asking if I wanted to make any changes and said no and then they said where do we send the invoice for $700 for last year

Yellow Blue Media / Online Listing


I received a call today from Yellow Blue Media trying to say they are needing to verify my address to be listed in this online service - which I have been listed in for the past year. This listing was never authorized by anyone in my company. they tried to tell me that there was an...

Yellow Blue Media / Fraudulent business practice


I person from Yellow Blue Media called claiming I owed them $700+ for an internet listing on their site. This is how their scam works. They collect your company data from Google's business listings. Then contact you stating you owe them money from several months ago, and want to know...

Blue Media Yellow Pages / SCAM


BLUE MEDIA YELLOW PAGES: This same scam is still going on. I was told the company name was blue media yellow pages. This name has never been registered online. There are also other complaints about a company called blueyellow pages. I do not know if this is the same company. I am not...