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D Jul 03, 2019

June 28th 2019 picture taken around 4:51pm on I-90 East heading out of Coeur D'Alene Idaho- Plate was from Indiana (Plate # P419429) SWFZ 154537
This past Friday June 28, 2019 my fiancé and I were headed East on I-90 out of Coeur D'Alene Idaho in his diesel pickup towing a trailer with an excavator on it. We were going along with all the traffic where we had to merge to the left lane. We could see a truck running as a blocker way back behind us to get people to stay in the left lane for the merge that was going to be coming up and not cause congestion by passing everyone up on the right. Then it seemed to be fine and the Pickup truck moved back over now to the left lane. We had been going for a bit when all of a sudden, my fiancé and I were like what the heck? A big Swift semi-truck came barreling down the hill and was at our side. Our truck pulling the trailer with an excavator on it was now coming to where it was one lane.
I being the passenger started panicking as the trucker did not look over did not give a rip that we were there and he was going to smash us into the barrier we were crossing the rumble strip to the barrier. He did not bat an eye, look over, nothing. He did not care by the looks of it as long as he got ahead of us. We weren't in little vehicle that could just slam on our breaks we are a big truck pulling a big trailer with and excavator on it. The Swift semi-truck could see everyone he was passing in the right lane and DID NOT CARE. We had to put the brakes and trailer brake hard and let him in or be crushed against the barrier. Now behind the truck driver I took a picture of the back of his truck and called the Swift company and gave them the Indiana plate number. The operator was arguing back to me because I called her truck driver (Old Man with glasses) a dip [censored] driver. She said I don't appreciate you calling our drivers that. I told I don't appreciate almost being killed because this man did not care. I was pretty worked up by the time I got to the next person and gave her the plate number and information I had. We were almost out of cell service so I then had to wait again until we got over the 4th of July pass and past Rose Lake exist before I could call and report this to the Idaho State Patrol.
The semi-truck once we passed him again slowed way down. I'm not sure if he was radio by his company or what but suddenly after almost getting us into an accident, he was no longer in a race to get where he was going. This man should NOT BE TRUCK DRIVING AT ALL!!

Swift Transportation Services
Swift Transportation Services

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