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My Damaged Equipment
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Estes Express Lines complaints 24

Estes Express Lines - Product damaged during shipping

We have made many shipments with Estes and all have been good except the last one. Before I go on, our driver (Jim) from the Columbia, MO location is excellent. No problems there. Our last...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Estes Express Lines - My Damaged Equipment

Estes shipped a very expensive, non replaceable piece of machinery for my Metal Fabrication business. The forklift driver drove into the machine instead of picking it up from under the pallet. They damaged the front panel and broke all of the controls, all of the linkages and the foot control pedals. They caused $16, 000 in damage to my equipment. I paid for the damage and submitted a claim with proof of cost and payment and they denied my claim. How can a company cause $16K worth of damage to someone's equipment and then get away with not paying for it. I am a small business owner that makes American made products and keep employees on payroll even through the Covid downturn. This is a substantial hit to my business and a logistic that doesn't care. Don't use this company, they have no values and will not cover the damage they cause. They get bonuses based on how much they deny in claims so they are quick to deny you. This is a horrible business practice, they set up their employees to deny claims so they get bigger checks.

Desired outcome: Get reimbursed for my cost.

We're sorry to hear there was an issue with the transportation service you received. Please send your claim number to [email protected] Thank you.

Estes Express Lines - From pick up to Delivery has been a cluster F**** and still is!!!!

Shipped out the 7/26/21 [protected]
Your people can not get it on a truck to me! I tried to pic it up in Dallas!
And they would not let me. Set 2 days in Ft Worth It was 2 more days to They would not let me pick it up because they do not have enough people.
It set on the drive way for 2 days now. It`s on a trailer setting on the lot waiting.
The motor is for my work truck and I need it. I would like someone call me about this shipment ! John Hilton [protected]

Desired outcome: get my motor

Estes Express Lines - Unprofessional driver

02/18/2021 @ 6pm Estes truck exiting American Woodmark Plant Rt.220 Driver RAN STOP sign, NO effort whatsoever to stop or even slow down. Pulled out in front of oncoming traffic as I was traveling Rt.220 NB driving plow truck with 8' bright yellow plow. Driver negotiated the turn onto Rt. 220 NB at dangerous speed in snow/rain/freezing conditions. Estes truck traveled NB in excess of posted speed limit of 50 mph by at least 10 mph, and continued into 40 mph posted zone travelling in excess of 10 mph, then into Cresaptown in a 30 mph zone where the Estes driver exceeded away from me. I was able to get the trailer number # 482305, so the company has no excuse as to ascertaining the driver. This driver is a potential death/liability threat to Estes and should be removed from behind the wheel. But most likely nothing will be done and the driver will continue till death do us part. Totally unprofessional truck driver.

Estes Express Lines - Damage to shipment was hidden

My husband contracted with Estes Express Lines and a local affiliated transport company (RAC Taos) to ship a sofa from our private home in New Mexico to our son's private home in New York. He paid...

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Estes Express Lines - Driver

Driver pulling double trailer on Highway 76 in Girard, OH. Literally pulled in front of me at 65 mph and waited till my front bumper was in front of rear trailer. I know there is poor judement on...

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Estes Express Lines - driver

Was entering I-10 from 146 and truck driver did not slow down for merging onto highway from ramp, traffic was fully stopped, driver kept going at least 30 MPh through the emergency lane almost...

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Estes Express Lines - delivery

Estes made me wait 2 full days before finally deciding to deliver my order. I am a super small business owner so every second and dollar counts. The driver delivered the material (as had many other...

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Estes Express Lines - 11/27/18 driver of trailer #528039 on us highway 169 in southern mn

After tailgating (within one car length) my wife and me for 2+ miles northbound on Hwy 169 (I was traveling 55 in a 60 zone) and continuing to tailgate us for 1+ miles through the town of Winnebago...

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Estes Express Lines - shipment

Worst Service ever. Ordered from 23 pieces. First piece came from USPS 2 days later. other 22 not so much. They used Estes. I got an immediate "shipped" notification. Almost a week later I got a tracking # saying the shipment was in their Delaware warehouse (I am in eastern PA, half hour away.
5 days later I called and got a 4 phone call, 3 person runaround that ended in a lot of "not my fault". Supposed to get a call today to "Schedule" meanwhile my contractors are sitting on their hands.

Estes Express Lines - did not return my entire deposit

We stayed at the rocky mountain peak view house from 8/14 to 8/17. cleaning fee charged was $199 for 3 nights. I am disappointed that you have to deduct $39.50 for the dishes from the $500...

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Estes Express Lines - estes express lines

On July 18, 2017 I was called by Estes Express Lines of Amarillo Texas, [protected]. They informed me that the shipment I was expecting would be delivered Friday, July 21, 3017 between 2:00an...

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Estes Express Lines - shipping services

I shipped a order from Walmart liquidation company of new electronics 323 items. I booked Estes because I actually had a positive experience with them when Costco another company we buy from used them to ship our order. That shipment went perfect so I booked them when it came time to ship Walmart. I choose Estes over my usual shipping company even though they were 40% more expensive. I was willing to pay the extra for the service unfortunately I recieved worst service than when I used the cheaper alternative Central. When I booked Estes I left simple but clear instructions to not to tamper with the shipments plastic under any circumstances. Unfortunately the instructions were not followed not only was the plastic tampered with the shipment was rearranged for some reason? See attached pictures of the BOL from Estes showing the instructions about the plastic. Also see attached pictures showing the state of the shipment when I recieved it and the state of the shipment from Estes Memphis location taken by their cameras. To make matters worst when the driver showed there was a printer on top not showing in the pictures on top that hit the top of the overhead door and fell off and shattered and damage the printer, the model Canon pixma Mx490. The driver noted that he dropped the unit on the BOL. However when I tried to note the plastic had been tampered with against the directions left byou me on the BOL the driver told me I could not write anything on the BOL that it was against company policy and he would get fired ( see the top of the BOL where I was writing the note about the security plastic I only got the word security and was stopped) I explained to him that I must note for Walmart to do their research if there is an issue or they will not do anything. He told sorry but I cant. At this point Im very upset because I never heard of such a thing. It seemed like a cover up or bad customer service at the very least. It's obvious that Estes is cherry picking from customers shpment, flat out theft.

Estes Express Lines - manager's unprofessional behavior

You hit the nail on the head when you said that they are dishonest! I was supposed to be a new hire with them, and was riding with another driver for three nights, and wasn't allowed to drive yet...

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Sep 10, 2015

Estes Express Lines - did not pay for $9,000 claim on ice cream machine

We use many different LTL carriers and Estes is by far the most unethical company we have ever dealt with. We ship heave restaurant equipment all over the country and had a delivery for a soft serve...

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Estes Express Lines - nearly rear ended

I almost got rear ended in Connecticut by one of these ESTES truckers. I was driving on a connector that connects I-395 southbound to CT Rt. 32 southbound. The speed limit is 50 mph. I had my cruise...

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Estes Express Lines - slow delivery

I ordered a hot tub cover from and they use Estes to ship it. Delivery was supposed to be tomorrow, December 5, 2013 and no one has called to arrange delivery in the 4 hour window so I could make sure I am home. I call the company and they tell me they haven't received the shipment yet and also that they only deliver to my city on Thursdays so now I have to wait another week for delivery. Poor service. I will never buy from a company who uses Estes to ship their products. Stay away from Estes if you want your item delivered on time.

Estes Express Lines - damaged equipment, property

Estes would not pay a claim for damaged delivery that the driver admitted and called in to center. I got nothing but the runaround at their corporate office and harassed from a Heather Watson. I wa...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Estes Express Lines - unreliable

I ordered 2 items from Ready tile at the same time, they shipped them separately. One by Fed Ex, one by Estes-express. No major difference in weight, maybe they were experimenting with delivery services. Fed Ex delivered with in 2 days. Estes-express no delivery for 10 days, package damaged, their customer service has many excuses. No one can pin point a delivery time, they give you an 8 hr window, that they claim cannot be narrowed. Your whole day is ruined waiting for a damaged package that does not come until the end of the window.

Estes Express Lines - hit and run with delivery truck

WORST DELIVERY COMPANY EVER *and* they hit my car with their truck, hit and ran, scraping paint off my bumper, and pushing it in so hard that all knobs that held it at the top popped out.

I was not even the customer, my roommate was getting, ironically, a car hood delivered to him. For the initial delivery the story is that they called him, he said he is not home and it must be re-scheduled, they attempted a delivery anyway (at which point they hit my car and ran, though I was not present, 4 neighbors confirmed that was THE ONLY delivery truck in the cul-de-sac that day). They did not drop off the box that time, only a note at the door.

I hadn't immediately began calling as I wanted for the driver to actually show up while I was home - upon the painstaking attempts to re-scheduled delivery while he's home, they dropped it off while no one was home anyway, and upon opening the box roommate learned that the hood they delivered was damaged. He proceeded to file a claim with the seller of the hood and they contacted Estes for a delivery of a new one and a pick up of the old one. The third delivery attempt was made while I was home, but my roommate was not. Unfortunately, there is no better term to use: the driver was a complete hick who could not understand anything that I or my roommate (whom I called) said. We were simply saying the acceptance of the delivery is impossible at the moment as I am NOT the customer and the customer must inspect new delivery. He refused to understand and kept mumbling and saying he knows nothing, attempting to leave the giant package on my steps. As I flat out said NO TAKE IT BACK, he turned around looking extremely pissed off and CHUCKED the package in the back of his 18-wheeler. Mind you, who in their right mind brings an 18-wheeler into a tiny street with a cul-de-sac, full of parked cars?

When I began to call corporate with the report of their driver hitting my car and running, they bumped me through about 5 people who kept me on hold for over an hour, and ended up telling me its not their problem and I must call the local dispatch. Essentially from their reaction I realized that they had absolutely nothing in place for such an incident, which is ironic (or horrific) since they are an auto-transport company and must have collision policy.
Of course, the local dispatch/terminal in Stafford did the same as corporate - they kept me on hold and then told me I must call corporate. Having called corporate back, I was not able to reach any of the same people - I was definitely being stonewalled - and the person that did speak to me said nothing repeating I must talk to dispatch. It is curious that corporate had no intention of calling dispatch for me and taking responsibility to resolve the matter of a terrible employee on their staff.

Having called dispatch back the next day (when I called back the previous day, they were already closed), they said nobody by the name of the guy I talked to yesterday works there. As I was leaving the state for a trip, I was unable to pursue the claim that moment and quite honestly I had to stop myself because I was ready to show up at their offices and rip them all apart with my bare hands.

Between the two hood deliveries and re-deliveries and pickups, we have communicated with 4 Estes drivers and they were all *extremely* unprofessional and dense. *****I would NOT recommend this company to an enemy!*****
And this feeling is reiterated when I meet them driving down hwy 81 and seeing the "quality" of their driving.

And I still have a messed up bumper as legacy of their horrible customer service, or rather lack thereof, and their complete lack of human decency.

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