Swatchunethical behavior/ insurance warranty unfulfilled/ bad quality of product


To Whom it may concern
I purchased a Swatch watch for my daughter from England Westfield Mall in June 2017 and after two months (my daughter went back home)the watchband cut suddenly (picture attached). I contacted the watch seller in Westfield mall to fix the watch but they told me that they must see the watch and that they don't have the specific model of the watch and they needed two to three weeks to order it from the company and that I can use my international guarantee in my home country Lebanon. I contacted the Swatch agent in Lebanon and gave them my international guarantee number SV129B but they just told me that they will respond to me and after one month there is still no answer and nobody ever wondered if the defect was a company defect because after just two months the watchband cut off suddenly with no external pressure what so ever. Please inform me what to do especially that my daughter is not able to wear her watch because there is no similar watchband even if I wanted to pay for it.
Ref- Number SV129B
Amr Yafawi
e-mail: amr.[protected]
phone number: [protected]


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