Swatchlousy service ever

X Jul 11, 2019

I was advised that, to change a new leather string includes the string itself, accesories and labour cost. Total $86. The officer told me to wait a maximum of 1 hour. I waited for 2 hours and the officers are taking their sweet times and chit chat. I found that the watch is ready long ago. But the officers did nothing and continued to their chats. When I approach to the counter, then only they noticed me and still asked me whether Im collecting watches. I feel like wtf and I have been waiting in the service center for so long and how come they are relunctant to notice me when there is less than 5 customers there. When I collect the watches, they suddenly told me that I have to pay another $20 for the screw. What the heck why didnt you tell me earlier? And asking me to pay when all the things are done???? Lousy customer service officers ever. Three of them. One white man, one indian and one perhaps called Maria. I will probably consider not buying any watches from Swatch Group ever. So I will inform all friend, relatives, and post it to all public groups.

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