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Hi I brought a ring from your Sutton Coldfield store. I wanted a small ring for my thumb but sort of got talked into a large one, I was happy with my purchase and had spent about 30 minutes there.

I don't know whether it was how many I tried on including my final purchase but I came home and couldn't get it on.

A day later we went on holiday and intended to return it on our return.

On our return my best friend was rushed into hospital with peritonitis and as a result had part of her bowel taken away and as she had no family I have been looking after her since as she can't do anything for herself.

At my first opportunity I went back to Sutton Coldfield today and saw two ladies including Jo.

I took my receipt and said I realised it was two months but fully explained why.
Jo said there appeared small scratches on the back. I said I hadn't wore it since trying it on many times in the shop. I wasn't asking for a refund I was happy to use £125 and if need be add to it to purchase something else. Jo said she was happy to do this but I needed to contact customer services so as I had made a special trip I rang outside the store. I spoke to Milly and she said she would ring me back, she did but appeared to be blaming the store saying they couldn't resell it. I didn't really look at the back when I brought it who is to say where theses scratches came from I explained I'm a retired fraud manager and wasn't happy I now have a ring I can't get past my knuckle.

I took the ring to my jewellers again in Sutton and she had to look through a magnifying glass to confirm there were small scratches on the back.

I wasn't asking for a refund and feel very let down. I have spent many hundreds of pounds at your stores.

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