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Swarovskipoor customer service and avoiding their obligations:

M Nov 07, 2018
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Amy Wu (customer relations) seems to misunderstand the fact that 1-2 business days does not in fact mean 4 working days. Tried explaining that paying £11.60 for "express delivery" should mean express delivery, but for some reason this did not seem to go through to her. Wasn't helpful, restated the same usual customer relations lines, and provided a poor service.

Also told me that there was a public holiday in Austria (which again is not my fault, and they made no mention of during the order process). Clearly it was longer than the number of days specified, and the public holiday is NOT my concern. It's still delayed the delivery and I deserve the £11.60 back since the item did not arrive when it was meant to. The company should take responsibility for this and realise that holiday or no holiday, it's caused delays for expensive delivery services.

Do not bother with paying extra for "express delivery", they'll bother delivering your item when they feel like it. It's a scam to get an extra £11.60 off customers.

poor customer service and avoiding their obligations:


The company finally agreed to give me the refund, after “reviewing” the case again. However they were only interested in reviewing the case and offering a refund after I had told them I planned on writing bad reviews about them and complaining. Amy did reply very quickly and sorted out the issue fast (after I said the complaints thing), so I’m giving credit where credit is due. I’m happy they agreed to the refund but it really shouldn’t have been because of me saying I will complain - they should treat their customers fairly in the first place. In this case, they had inconsistent information about delivery times (site said 2-3 days, emails said 1-2 days), no mention of international delivery or public holidays that could cause longer delays. I don’t know why they were so resistant to giving the refund. I’m surprised they agreed as initially in their emails they repeatedly told me there was nothing they could do and that they were sorry I was disappointed with their response. I hardly every complain or write to customer relations. But it really did not seem fair to have spent £11.60 on a delivery which was not within 1-2 or 2-3 days (as specified). I was prepared to pay the money, but only if it arrived within that time frame. Overall I’m satisfied, although it could have been more straight-forward. Swarovski needs to learn that it’s better to keep loyal customers and listen (when they are making a fair case) than keep any money they can (and making up technicalities to keep people’s money). If you value your customers they will continue to support your brand. If you refuse to give them their money back for no good reason then they won’t (justifiably) be happy with you.

  • Updated by MK review · Nov 07, 2018

    Also I forgot to mention that I had put in the order on Wednesday, order arrived the following Tuesday (nearly a whole week).

  • Updated by MK review · Nov 07, 2018

    Forgot to add that I spent £400 on this company’s products - clearly they don’t care or value their customers.

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