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survey # [protected] and many others are false surveys!

I answered all the questions including details, even the ones that asked for typed answers with suggestions for the new product but still got the answer: Not every survey can be a winner. Although you didn't make it to the end, we've rewarded you 7 SB. Survey [protected].
I am feeling deceived because I am always sincere in my answers, I waste a lot of time answering and they do not give me the points promised.

I always do surveys like 100at least and I waste my time and get nothing

I fill out surveys and get no reward and I waste my time and I would like swagbucks to make up for this inconvenience. I feel like I have gave all my time to this app and I am very disappointed. The surveys say the surveys I have completed were incomplete. However, I have complete them and never get my reward. Lastly, I feel like the service could better.


It's vwry clear you all deem me too old and that I make too much money to participate, but you could just say that instead of my answering all the questions to time and time and time again saying my answers couldn't be saved and I get no reward for my time. If being 50 or older isn't your taerget audience, just say so instead of having us try survey after survey answer tons of questions for one Swagbucks. I've never been age discriminated until now and it's a horrible feelings. I will do my best to get the worked out that this is a scam unless you are younger with income lower than $100, 000. We are clearly not welcome despite letting us go through the process with a message that my answers are useless and can't be saved. My email is [protected] I set up the profile a long time ago so life changes and there's no way for me to update it. I'm thoroughly discussed at the time of mine you've wasted. I'm owed an explanation.

address verification not available in india

I need to address verification for my account
I lives in India
So please provide address verification for Indians
Because many of swag bucks customers losing hopes on swag bucks
Because there is no address verification facility for Indians
Many of your customers thinks your company is a scan
I think you are losing valuable customers in india

My mail id is [protected]

bargain bingo promotion

Swagbucks are not responding to my emails!
I took part in Swagbucks BARGAIN BINGO Promotion on 8/02/19 (I have attached screen shot of deal and proof of my £10) and I was expecting to receive 2000 SB's 32 days after participating. But you have not credited them to me yet. This is not the first time that you have not deposited my SB's automatically also I notice that your recent promotions for this BARGAIN BINGO Promotion now awards 3000 points for the same Gala Bingo deposit £10 deal

I am starting to think that SWAGBUCKS is a Sham company, this has made me lose confidence in participating in any Swagbucks promotions in the future and I am considering deleting my account with you.
Please can you get them to deposit my missing SB's to me today, plus some extra for the inconvenience.

Thank you

bargain bingo promotion
bargain bingo promotion


Hey everyone,

Swagbucks is an awesome way to earn a few extra bucks, but some surveys take 20+ minutes to complete. This is something I don't mind doing, but STAY AWAY from any surveys with the word "Notch" in the URL. I've done at least 7 surveys (20+ min each) and the page "fails" as you complete and submit your final answer in the final classification questions.
Yes, I have turned off/removed firewalls, ad block is disabled and my router was set to allow everything. I contacted their customer support, but they kept saying there is nothing that can be done about it. We all know that the survey answers are saved as you go along, that's how these are structured. So the ones with "notch" in the URL lets you get to the very end, then it fails the website and you cannot get your reward.

image search

I often do random searches hoping to get swag bucks and under images I noticed there is a lot of disturbing...

swagbucks blocked my account

Swagbucks has blocked my account for nothing. They dont want to pay me my $18. I'm so sick of this fraudulent...

customer service

I finally got credited for my Swagbucks offers after several complaints. Now when I try to redeem my $50, I am told they cannot verify my PayPal acct? They state they will send a post card with a code on it to my mailing address. I see this is a common complaint with Swagbucks. I have yet to receive it after 10 days. This company is NOT worth the hassle and I would NEVER recommend them.

gift card redemption

I accidentally deleted my gift card code to for $25 that I had earned and tried to redeem. I made Starbucks aware of the situation on Aug 6, ticket #4408374. I have been waiting for a response for quite a while now and so far have heard nothing. I would appreciate a new gift card code so that I can use the points i earned. Please respond in a timely manner.

  • Updated by Susan June palmer · Aug 27, 2018

    Gift card code not replaced

  • Updated by Susan June palmer · Aug 27, 2018

    Starbucks did not replace accidentally deleted gift card code.

deactivated account

I first set up an account under facebook and realized I didn't want this account so set up another account on...


Seems like I am not the right person for your surveys. I niece I am to old at 57. I answer a bunch of...


I have gift cards requested that have gone unfilled. I have sent a request for info three times and have yet...

deactivated account

My name is Kimberly. My Swagbucks account was deactivated on 04/06/2018 without reason. I lost Swagbucks that took time, and effort to earn. That time, and effort is now wasted because I lost them due to my account being deactivated. I feel scamed. I am not happy about this. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will be waiting for a reply. I will include my email address. [protected]

  • Updated by ks1381034 · Apr 06, 2018

    My Swagbucks account was deactivated without reason. I lost Swagbucks that took time, and effort to earn.


I cannot even count the times your site has not credited me SB afyer I completed an offer. The major one...

don't be so naive

Ohhh as I can see this company doesn't have the best reputation among similar ones. Moreover, there are so many bad reviews about it, that I started to regret I hadn't read them before.
I think I know why. Because it is a complete waste of time.
Almost every survey is big and may take up to 20-25 minutes to fill them in. But then at the end of it all all of a sudden, they can say: sorry, your survey is not accepted because you don't fit it. You won't get the money, lol. Goodbye.
They just use us and take advantage of us.

don't waste your time

I still don't understand why they blocked my account. Can't find a normal reason. I was a newcomer and couldn't make any mistake while I was there. I contacted them several times and each time it was terrible. They rarely answer if they answer they use scripted responses that are not helpful. Or they just hang up on you like they are tired of listening to your speech. So it's been almost a month and I am still where I was. I think I will just stop trying to use their website and find an alternative. I'm worried about my mental health :)

bad customer service

They canceled my account and didn't provide any adequate reason for doing it. Their customer service doesn't exist and it's awful. They respond within several weeks. All I want from them is to know why they deactivated my account. The website is ok, but I can't say the same about their customer service. I was surprised in a negative way. Guys, you should fix it, if you ever read it. Nobody likes to be ignored.


I've been working for weeks to get 10, 000 swagbucks and the day i'm supposed to get the last of them you...

swagbucks scam

I used Swagbucks and can't say anything good about it. Swagbucks is just another scam, they will use you, you will answer their ridiculous questions and then they'll kick you out.
Don't expect to get anything. If you expect to get free gifts or gift cards then this place is not for you. Swagbucks is a total time waste, these people don't respect their users.
I wasted so much time and never received my gift card, and when I contacted their support and said that I wasn't satisfied they deleted my account. Avoid.