Suzuki Motor Corporationgear box

Dear Sirs,

I bought a SUZUKI CELERIO in June 2018 in Tunisia ( Plat number 205 Tunis 7124)(
chassis number: MA3KFC42S00509044) . Shortly after starting using the car, I noticed a queer, unnatural sound in the gear box . When taking the car for services at the dealer's, I made claims three times but in vain. I can still hear the queer, strange sound from the gear box and even an automotive expert was surprised and confirmed that there is a problem with the gear box which needs to be replaced . Feeling deeply upset and dissatisfied with the after sales service in Tunisia and fearing for your cars' reputation, I firmly believe that you will take my complaint into consideration and see to it that the dealer replaces the faulty part in the car.

Oct 03, 2019

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