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left in wrong terminal

Hello my name is Angela Tang, i had a reservation on july 16 2017 from crown paradise hotel in cancun to the airport. The guy driving the super shuttle asked me where i was headed to. I told him to Los Angeles but the airline that i'm flying with is Aeromexico because i have a layover in mexico city . I was supposed to be dropped off in terminal 2 and i was left on terminal 3 which cost me $30 for a taxi to take me to terminal 2.

unethical conduct/practice

My name is raquel rush, I was scheduled to be picked up (me and my son) from my house to lax on june 7th, 2017, (Confirmation #8288168) between 3:55pm-4:10pm (I received a text message on june 6th confirming the above (See attached picture).
On july 7th at about 2:55 pm, jus t 1 hour before my pick up time, I received a call from the dispatcher jason (Phone # [protected]) saying that they didn't have a shuttle that could take me to the airport, and that I need to find a way to get there myself, I explained to him that I live 80 miles away from the airport and that I didn't have anyone or another alternative to be taking to the airport to catch an international flight with such a short notice and that super shuttle had to find an alternate solution and send someone to take me. He said that was nothing he could do because he didn't have any drivers willing to drive to loma linda, but super shuttle would refund my payment (What they did).
This is completely not acceptable, I contracted your services and was s depending on it!! You can not call me 1 hour prior to my pick up time and expect me to find a ride to the airport. This is unheard of!!!
Because of your misconduct, I almost missed my flight! This caused me and my autistic son extreme stress, I was shaking so much and my blood pressure was so high that I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!
I am expected to be compensated more than just refunding my payment for all the stress and inconvenience your company caused me and my son.
I hired your services for your reputation and i'm completely disappointed with the way you handle your customers. This is not a game, you have to have more consideration for people's lives and their schedules.
You can contact me at [protected] or by e-mail: [protected]
Thank you

unethical conduct/practice


driver... rude, nasty, awful customer service!

Driver Isaac arrived to my house at 0420 which is my pick up time. As I'm walking out the door at 0425 thi...

worst experience

If you are thinking of using SuperShuttle then think again and better don't, they are the most unreliable company ever and I almost missed my flight because of them.
I was waiting for my shuttle but it never came and when I contacted their customer service I was told that my reservation was cancelled!
I could not believe that! I had only 3 hours left and I was stuck in the center of the city with all my luggage.
I was lucky that the hotel manager managed to help me out and called a taxi.
Later, I contacted SuperShuttle again and asked for my refund and they only said that someone will contact me back later regarding that matter, but that was just a lie. I will never use them or recommend, far the worst company ever!

no customer service

I reserved two trips before leaving for Los Angeles for medical treatment. Both times the drivers could barely speak any English but had "attitudes" due to their lack of fluency in the language. They got mad at me and the other passengers because they could not understand or explain simple questions.

On 4/17/17 I received a survey which I filled out and I wrote: "Please hire drivers who can speak English". I rec'd an answer that same day, signed by Amy W. from "Customer Care Manager Lead" which reads: "I have submitted a credit for the amount of $15.30 to be refunded back to your credit card. Our credit cards refunds are processed within 1 business day. Depending on your financial institution, it may take 5-7 business days to post to your account."

On 4/28 I replied saying that I rec'd no refund & to date 5/2/17 I rec'd NO refund. Also, when you call to make a reservation I get foreigners who can't speak English so I'm on the phone longer than necessary and now I make the reservations online.

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price gouging

I was not told there were two prices for transport.
One ride was private at $60.00 and a group ride for $26.00.
I was only told that the fare was $60.00 and no option was offered to me.
Now I understand why Uber is beating out all these other companies based on their transparencies. Shameful as I am an elderly woman traveling alone.
No more Super Shuttle Blue Van for me.

no show!!!

My daughter was schedule to be up from school between 12:45pm - 100pm on 12/10/2015. I called the CS and they place a call to dispatch, just to notify me that the driver was there at 12:35pm and a call was place to my daughter cell phone. Stay with me now!!! The security gate stated no one from super shuttle was present at 12:35pm. My daughter did not rec'e any call from super shuttle and I was immediately transfer to another CS when they KNEW they did no have her contact information on file. I found this out through the refund department!!! My daughter had to take a cab... 1 hr. before her schedule flight and you know how ATL security checkpoint is about this time!!! In order to get her home, I will have to pay for an FRIST seat, because all the afternoon flights are sold out!!! I have notify the school transportation department about this lying driver and un-professionalism from super shuttle.

poor service

Reliability and Customer Service: Grade D- Outbound trip to airport was reserved, confirmed twice. Pickup wa...

company dishonest in practices

Company dishonest in practices; We where told too lye on more than one occasion to get the sale. My passenger had waited for a van over 35 minutes, picked you was 10 miles from the airport and was turned back to get more passengers. when the man complained about the service, My boss turned it around on myself and i was fired for being honest with the customer. Then denied unemployment for missconduct. All for being honest. This company makes its money from the drivers not the customers so if the passengers have to wait 35 minutes longer because the van they where to get got sold out from unger them and the driver does not want to leave with out a full van so it takes the passenger 2 or 3 hours for a 35 min ride. I had 2 wittness that said they was not displease with MY service, but the companys service. yet I was fired for it and denied unemployment. I had filed a complaint with my Human resources. was offed to let me quit . I said I wanted to give great customer service with out fear of being fired. I was fired one month latter.

horrific airport car service experience

I scheduled a pickup at my hotel at 2:45pm to go to the Baltimore Airport on 9/10/10. The driver showed up 25 minutes early and when I wasn't outside, he left. I received a call from the dispatcher at 2:45 pm indicating that the driver left. I told him that I was at the red light in front of the hotel and would be there in seconds. He said he would send the driver back. At 2:50pm, I was standing outside with my luggage and the van pulled up. The driver got out of the van and was very angry and rude. I told him that my pickup was for 3:00pm and he kept yelling at me that it was at 2:45pm (it didn't matter either way because he left before 2:40pm). He yelled at me and said, "are you getting in or what?" I said, "with that attitude, no, I am not getting in." As a woman, I am not going to get in a car with some strange man who is acting like a maniac. He threw my luggage out of the van and took off. I went inside the hotel and they called me a cab. I then placed a call to Super Shuttle and told them my situation. They assigned me a ticket number and said someone would call me in 5-7 days. Are you kidding me? I emailed the website and then called on 9/14/10 when I hadn't heard from anyone. I had prepaid my fare so I was trying to get refunded. In addition, I paid twice as much for a cab. The customer service person put me on hold for 10 minutes and then returned to tell me that my case had been assigned to someone who would call me in 30 min. I received a call back from an incredibly rude woman (Tamesha I believe her name was). She proceeded to tell me that she could not refund me because I left. It had nothing to do with how badly her driver treated me. The fact that I left, was my fault. I was furious. I asked her to switch me to a supervisor, and she said no one was available. I am telling you if I could've gone there in person to resolve this, I would've. People are so brave over the phone and on email but its a different story in person. I have now sent a certified letter to the CEO of the company. Hopefully he will do the right thing. I would avoid this company at all costs. From the driver to customer service to managers, their attitudes are all the same. The customer is never right.

failure to provide services

I reserved round-trip transportation for my trip to Houston. However, for my return trip to the airport, the van never showed up. I called customer service and was on the phone for almost an hour and was kept on hold while the customer service rep was allegedly locating the van, locating the local dispatcher, locating a supervisor...none of which were secured. I ended up taking a private taxi only to miss my flight. As a result, I have to spend the night in the airport, fly standby for a return flight, get home a day later and miss client meetings.

  • Un
    Unfortunate driver Apr 26, 2011

    I am a SS driver my self at Los Angeles, fyi we are all independent contractor which use our own van for the service. Once the driver assigned to pick up passenger, we are determined to pick-up and send the passenger to airport on time. Driver might delay the pick-up time at considerable time since the business is share ride base and some passenger at previous pick-up might show up late but it's left on driver judgement to keep the next schedule or let it go for another van to pick up. One the take the pick-up business the driver take full responsibility on passenger flight schedule, if the driver fail to pick-up the driver liable for taxi expense of the passenger, if the passenger miss the flight driver liable for any fee/cost of all miss flight, if you don't get reimbursement for all those cost, we are driver also wonder where all those money goes because we do get charge for all of that.

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failed pick-up for international flight!

After 120 minutes waiting pick-up service, I decided to cancel and the customer service said that I would receive money back in my credit card on the next 3 bussiness days and till today I didint receive yet.
Apos ter aguardado por mais de 120 minutos ser apanhado pela empresa Shuttle Service no aeroporto de Newark, solicitei canclemaneot a me avisaram que receberia o dinheiro de volta em tres dias uteis e ja se passaram mais de 20 dias e não recebi nada até agora. Um absurdo!

worst call center customer care

I have travelled on one of the Super Shuttle Service minibus on the 26th of November from Newark Airport to...

services not provided

In September 2009, I traveled to Houston, Texas. I made all my arrangements through Travelocity. I booked my...

awful service

I've been a customer of Super Shuttle since Sept after using them when my mother visited where I began to first experience their seeming lack of professionalism. My mother's flight departed at 5:55pm, her 'call time' was btw 2:30 to 2:45. There were no traffic issues. The driver began calling us at 1:30 to say they were on their way. I ignored the first few calls then answered at 1:45 to say we would be home by 2, where the driver was already waiting for us. I rushed my mother on her way, she was gone by 2:15. She arrived at the airport @ 3 where she waited till 5:55 for her flight:-/ On top of that, I prepaid for her ride however the driver requested payment from her and I later complained since I was charged double, and received an apology and a refund.

For Thanksgiving I used them again. My flight time was 9a.m., they gave me a call time of 5:30-5:45a.m. (because they insist on having U there 2 hours early). I live in Times Sq and was traveling to Detroit out of Newark. The driver calls me at 4:27a.m. to say he was on his way, I complained and delayed him till 5:15 where he picked me up and had me at the airport by 6a.m. There was no traffic, no delays, I was 3 hours early. He also, despite my given authorization to use my credit card from SS, refused anything but cash, resulting in a complaint and later an add'l refund of $3.15 the unauthorized tip that was charged to my card. I was offered many apologies. So upon traveling this Xmas I chose to use them again. I called the reservation agent and explained how I didn't want to relive my former experiences, that she duly noted, apologized and comforted me about and guaranteed would not repeat.

My flight leaves @ 8pm, I told her, Since it only takes 20 min from Times Sq to JFK, we'll give him more time for possible traffic but I don't want to get to the airport before 6pm. Each time I've traveled and when my mom traveled, we both got to the airports in less than 45min. Super Shuttles reservation agent claimed the entire ride shouldn't be more than an hour maximum and she recommended a call time of 5 to 5:15pm I asked (looking back at last experiences and noticing they ALWAYS came early) if she could make sure that he didn't come before 5:15pm. She agreed that it was no problem and that she would make sure that the driver called before he came and wouldn't come earlier to make sure I didn't get to the airport before 6p.m. The driver didn't show up until 5:45pm. He didn't call, he just showed up.

He had 4 other passengers and claimed he had 4 more stops. He drove very slow as if unsure of his direction and often had to make U turns or came to a stop to check. He picked everyone up by 6:05 and we were driving thru Central Park by 6:15 in an over stuffed shuttle thinking we were on way to airport. Had he hit the highway, we were 20mins away. He drove slowly thru Manhattan Central park to 147th street to 72nd/York as if lost. By 6:40 I called the offices to report his driving, they comforted me as they radio him where he constantly told them 20mins. I stayed on the phone giving play by plays of what he was doing. A dispatcher told me if I missed my plane they would reimburse me and my travel expenses, ..the driver got me to my gate @ 7:45, I missed my first visit with my mother in 8 years!

My ticket was non refundable, the new rates are $900+ and Now Super Shuttles after putting me thru the hoopla are saying they won't cover expenses that I traveled at my own risk. I'm trying to dispute it to get them to get me a ticket home for Xmas and they're constantly giving me voicemails and no help!

death threats & abuse by russian driver

When my daughter arrived in LA she was collected along with 3 or 4 other people by a foreign man driving the...

scam and lies

Well, After I got my bag from baggage claim, I made my way to the ground transportation at Laguardia. I called SS from the courtesy phone and was told 20-25 minutes. That time had passed and no one showed up. I called again to get a BS explanation about how the van was having problems and they were getting another one so about 10-15 more minutes. This time had passed and no van. So I called back and was told the driver was at 'the other terminal' and would be right there. Obviously lying thru his teeth. Well, 'right there' had passed and it was about one hour now. I called again and got 10-15 minutes again for an answer. Of course at this point I am fuming. I called back and the dispatcher was getting annoyed at me for calling. I called the 800 number for customer service and was put on hold for a dispatcher. After waiting several minutes on hold, I was 'put through' but was immediately disconnected with no words spoken. Ok, so the van finally shows up about 1 hr and 40 min later. The driver never greeted me, never apologized, but just asked if I was 'John Doe' and proceeded to put my luggage in the van. Then we proceeded to JFK to pick up several other people. And then it hit me... they were just stalling me so they can do all the pickups with the one van. So I was waiting since 8:30pm and got home at midnight. This has taught me something though... I have choices and WILL NEVER EVER use Stupid Shuttle again. Treat me like that once..shame on them... treat me like that twice... shame on me.

  • Ce
    Celia Oct 29, 2008

    SuperShuttle left me stranded at JFK airport when I landed in NYC on 10/26. I called them while picking up my luggage at 1:30am, to find out when a van would be picking me up. They told me 30 minutes, but 40 minutes later I was calling them to inquire the whereabouts of the SS van: the customer rep said the van got a flat tire, it was fixed and he'd be at my destination in 10 minutes...

    Fifteen minutes later, I'm calling trying to find out if a van was actually going to pick me up, and THIS rep said he could not get in direct contact with the driver, so there was nothing else he could tell me except to wait.

    By 3:00am, I was at my wit's end. An hour and a half had passed and NO SS VAN!! I gave in and took a livery cab ($60), getting home at almost 4:00 in the morning!

    As a woman, I did not appreciate being stranded by this shuttle DISservice at the airport, being practically the only traveler waiting for transportation and getting home at such a desolate hour. I, as well as my family (who waited up all night for me) were concerned for my safety.

    I'll never travel with SS again and will be sure to discourage anyone else from using them.

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  • Ej
    EjleeIn Aug 21, 2018

    Website entered address & I entered my pickup location after. At pickup time, they refused to pick me up or even work with me. Spent $100 to get from midtown to Newark Liberty International. Never use them again. My 1st use, they came 20min early, no texts indicating early arrival

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scam and cheating

I booked Super shuttle to Houston Hobby Airport, but the driver took me to IAH Airport. Since I am not aware of the road, I was in impression that I was going to right airport. The driver least co-operated when I asked him to take me back to the Hobby Airport. He asked me to book another shuttle even though I had to board a flight in short time. I ended up traveling in taxi.

As a process, when you book super shuttle on phone, they ask you the Flight details, based on which they identify the airport. Moreover, I had already mentioned the right airport on phone however everything ended up in vain due to lack of call handling by super shuttle.

horrible experience

I reserved round trip travel to/from my house and den. I’ve never used airport shuttle services before, and was looking forward to an easy, organized and stress-free ride. Unfortunately, ss turned the first few hours of my vacation and the last few hours of my vacation into a difficult, chaotic and stressful time.

I requested pickup in the window of 3:10-3:25. On the instructions ss reminds the customer they must be ready and waiting at exactly 3:10. At 3:30, no van. At 3:45, no van. We called ss, waited on hold for a while, and they insisted a van would be at our house in “6 minutes.”

At that time, we requested a credit or a discount for their late arrival time. Ss refused. We then asked that at least the $5 tip could be refunded, but ss refused. They did, however, claim that they would reimburse us for the cost of our flight if we missed the flight.

At 4:10, the van arrived. Per the driver, he had just been called/dispatched, and had no idea that we were upset or in a rush to make our flight. We arrived at the airport on time, but only after a white-knuckled, all out, pedal-to-the-metal race to the airport.