Super 8 Worldwidecustomer service


I feel disrespected and definately not welcome the sir up front was very rude to me infront of other customers I had booked a room for 2 nights he said to me my card was decline 3 times and I had resived an email of my payment for the reservation he said for me to wait I did but he had me waiting for almost a whole hour out side he had me call corporate also customer service so I can cancle my reservation and both office's said he has to cancle the reservation after an hour he said to me he Barley ran my card through and it was confirmed he did apologize but also said he to me he does not like seeing young kids like me around here we currently have had the same problem befor that another employe had to assistant me, this problem is getting way to far and I don't understand why I'm sorry but I would not recommend this location to anyone thank you...

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