Super 8 Vernoncold hot tub complaint results in terrible customer service

L Aug 16, 2018

We checked in late on August 14th, the hot tub/pool is set to close at 10. The lady who checked our family and another couple in was very accommodating. They had asked if she could leave the swim area open a bit later as weve/theyve been on the road for a while and she did.
With that, we only had a tease of the luxury of soaking in a hot tub after a long drive. We promised our girl we would go in in the morning before hitting the road again for an 8 hour trip as we had to be out of the hot tub at 1030 for the clerk was off shift. We enjoyed it for about 15-20 mins. The next morning we geared up to go for a soak, it was about 1030 by the time we got down, we requested a noon check out specifically for this reason. The pool hours are 10 am to 10pm
When we got to the hot tub, I turned on the jets and went in, it was ice cold. There was no sign around stating why. We went to front desk to ask and they first stated that because it had been so busy they needed to drain the hot tub and refill. This upset us because if that was their protocol for when it is busy, why wouldnt they do the draining in the 12 hourd that the pool area is closed? they then went on to say that someone had pooped in there. The stories don't match up. They told us it was out of their control. We assured them the only reason we even chose to stay there was for the hot tub. We had three staff all pointing fingers at us, saying that because we didnt leave a message with front desk that we wanted to wake up and go in the hot tub that it was our fault. They never offered compensation, they didn't own up to the fact that someone didnt do their job right. And they just said it was our fault for not requesting, not theirs for not checking the pool from the time it closed to 9 am when the morning staff arrived. It took us telling them that someone didnt do their job, and that the stories were inconsistent. It is very simple communication first off about putting up a note on the pool room, that may have helped avoid a misunderstanding and created some empathy from our perspective. But they didnt apologize once. We dealt with 4 staff in this time who did not care that the only reason we chose to stay there was the hot tub amenity. And to top it off, al adressing this situation involved a front desk conversation, a phone call to our room, the clerk and GM at our door, followed by a lobby interaction when we were checking out to which we asked for the names of the staff, a list of the services provided and then we were offered a 'small refund' of 20.00 cash straight from the GMs pocket. What I assume was to bribe us to not take this any further to get a full refund back. We would have been more than okay had the situation been dealt with immediately and compensation been offered from the get go, but they chose to ignore the customer and service part of the experience and neglected our voices as customers paying for a service that they could not provide.
But it doesnt end here, we called expedia as that is where we did the booking through. And they told us that the super 8 manager would be in contact with us. He did not call us in the same day to deal with it. But we did recieve an email..

I am surprised to hear of all the commotion you created at the front desk this morning regarding not being able to use our hot tub. You created a massive uproar that you came specifically to use the hot tub and were unable to use it during your stay. I spoke with the guest services agent that was on shift last evening, and she confirm that she had left the hot tub open for you until after 10:30 pm. I also scoured through our surveillance cameras and have clear footage of you and your family using our pool and hot tub area until after 10:30 pm. Although this areas closes at 10 pm, we kept it open for you until after 10:30 pm. It is truly a disgrace that you decide to stoop to such low levels in order to get a free stay. Very unfortunate!"

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