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J Nov 20, 2017

Please take the time to read….

It is with much sadness that I am writing this letter of concern. Planning my wedding thru Sunwing Wedding vacations was a horrible mess to say the least. I am not overreacting when I state every guest had concerns and problems with the agents and booking their trips.
• To start with I transferred agents twice.
• I waited and had to ask 2 and half weeks to departure for tickets which I had to ask for and all tickets were sent to me and not to individual guests.
• When receiving tickets my two children were "forgot" although all corresponding documents states ages and birth dates of my children.
• Children were placed at various seats in the plane (my daughter is 2). The representatives at the airport were flabbergasted that agents would overlook this and "fixed" the issue.
• The children were not given elite plus, so we were not permitted in the lounge that we were support to have.
• The best man was booked by the travel agent for the wedding to arrive the day after the wedding. When he asked about their mistake he was told it would cost him to make the flight changes(???). I contacted the representative of the resort and they changes the wedding date to accommodate the wedding guest.
• Another guest had a family member pass away and had to cancel her trip she was told she was going to be charged extra fees for not showing up (during her time of morning)
• Another guest was put of short term disability due to a life debilitating illness which she has no control of and has been charged the full amount being told she can be credited for another trip. This guest is not permitted to walk let alone fly.
• I was told that we would receive $500.00 honeymoon voucher when booking now being told I did not have enough guests to accommodate the promise.
• I took several days to get responses a complaint from everyone that was booking (including the guest that was put on disability by the time she spoke to a presentative she was told her time was up)
• When initially booking I has asked for the agent to look into resorts that accommodated sunset ceremonies, this request was never done.
• Not one person including myself received a receipt
• Groups of 10 or more were supposed to recieve elite plus that never happened no one got that upgrade and the wedding party was not seated all together.
• I dreaded very conversation with the reps they were always asking questions were had already discussed and never followed thru with anything they told me.
• I cried planning thru Sunwing wedding more than any person deserve to when planning a wedding.
• I had a guest email regarding her passport, she received confirmation the day we departed.

I will be forwarding all correspondence so you can be aware of the negligence that was given to myself and my family. To be honest this experience has put a bad vibe on us from Sunwing after 10 plus trips flying with your company this is the worst.
I have never felt this way towards a company but I feel like no one even gave a care in the world about assisting with the wedding planning.

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