Sunocoovernight shift

J Nov 16, 2017

I went into the sunnoco gas station on 11/16/17 around 11pm. I was buying some stuff and asked for quarters. He said I had to buy something for him to open the register. So I asked if they did money back on debit. He became extremely aggressive and told me that "he's not here to [censor] with me". It seemed like he didn't understand what I was asking about cash back so I asked about it again and he said " I ain't trying to here that. You need to buy something else" I asked him why he was getting so angry? He said " [censor] that I'm not opening [censor] unless you buy something else" so I left. I'm not going to that location anymore. It's not the first time he's been rude and unpleasent. Usually he won't even return a word when you tell him hi or how are you. This time he was aggressive. I don't feel it's safe to go to that store any more.

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