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Complaints & Reviews

Sunoco Gas StationMalfunctioning Gas Pump

I purchased gas from Sunoco gas station on Lancaster avenue in Ardmore to fill up my gas tank which usually costa me $45 dollars. I chose 87 octane grade gas and placed the pump in my tank. I got back in my car to put my bank card away then returned to the pump to find that the pump was giving me 93 octane grade gas at $3.99 a gallon. After stopping the pump I went inside of the gas station to tell the attendant what happened and he seemed to already know telling me to follow him so he could show me. Clearly this was not the first time and I wasn't the first person it has happened to. The attendant walked over to my car lifting the gas nozzle and bumping the gas tank with the pumps hose which selected the 93 octane grade of gas. Then he told me it was human error and that it would not hurt my car. The attendant basically blamed me and did not adjust my receipt for the pump error.

The employee who works there during daytime

70856 More specifically I am complaining about the man who works there during daytime. Today, friday 28th 2020 I almost got into a fight with this man who is very rude. VERY RUDE. Yell...

Sunoco A Plus — guest service/cashier

Visited this store at approximately 2, 2:15 a.m. needed to run out for toilet paper since I dropped the last roll in the toilet by accident 🤦‍♀️I also bought my cigarettes and a...

manager at store not wanting to do lottery and very rude about it

The manager of the store was very rude because I can in at 7 am to redeem my lottery tickets she said they didn't open it til 8 because there was a school nearby??? Which...

panhandling, drug dealers and males looking for sex

Sunoco customers get harassed for money, I've been asked if I want to buy drugs and my daughter gets sexually harassed, this goes on day and night but mostly late night...

maintaining the sunoco gas station

Over 20 canapé lights out!!! Had to use pocket flashlight!!! And the subway inside is another story in its self! Front door is blocked with supplies, (main entrance)! Sign says to...

gas station services

Horrible service on Dec 26, 2019 at the Sunoco at 9278 Limeridge Road, Mantua, Ohio 44255. On Dec. 26th 2019 at 5:15 pm I stopped at the Sunoco at 9278 Limeridge Road, Mantua...

gift card hold for $40 on a $5.00 purchase (complaint ticket #507874)

I went to Sunoco on 1/4/20 at 2345 W Main Street, Tampa, FL and purchased $5.00 worth of gas, they got their $5.00 on 1/5/20 and still they put a $40.00 hold on my giftcard and my...

customer service

I am a regular customer that has been shopping at the noted store for approximately 1 year, I am a disabled elderly guy collecting SSI, and do not have transportation, therefore...

new worker

So this morning I went to get a pack of backwoods -After she went to pass them to me When I went to grab it she asked for ID: I pulled out my ID & went to hand her it & said i...

product regular gas

Regular gas is not giving good average . Specially in this sunoco gas station . Gas quantity is wrong or either gas quality is poor . I am a regular sunoco gas customer and am a...

pricing/associate behavior

I had to do some quick shopping on my way to work. I chose my product and the associate scanned it without even looking at me because he was having a conversation with another associate. When it came time to pay, I handed him my EBT card and he became upset with me. He then cancelled my order and rang up something completely different and then slid my card. When he returned my card he and I began to leave, he told his associate that he, "Didn't give a [censored]" about what he had done. This is poor customer service and I experience situations like this a lot when I have to shop at this location.


The place is filthy, the counter where you check out at is so dusty that you can write your name in it, the coffee area is disgusting it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a...

the cleanliness of the store

The coffee area is filthy, the doors are off the cupboard and you can see the trash over flowing, floors don't look like they've been mopped, instead of cleaning the...

products being double charged on purpose

I have been using this Sunoco gas station everyday since I rented my apartment nearby, countless times the cashier, white with glasses, older maybe 40-50 always pushed me away...


it is 10/10/19 1:06am two of the employees were making disgusting jokes about under age girls and needs dealt with right away. they were saying how "if a girl is old enough to...

gas pumps

I was just at the self service pumps at the station. All of the pumps have clips to allow you to lock the pump, so you don't have to hold the pump. The pump never shut off when my...

lottery payment

I played my lottery at the Broad & Master location. I went to cash my ticket on Sat 10/05/2019 and was told I can cash it if I give him cash for cashing my lottery. I told the young man I was going to report this store. If it happen to me I know it's happing to other people. unhappy with this Sunco, because I go there all the time. It's sad to know that your workers are asking for money to do there job. Please talk to your cashier and let them know they are making the company lose money. Thanking you in advance.

stores first aid kit

I needed rubbing alcohol and came into store to see if the store had any. I looked the store doesn't have rubbing alcohol for sale. So i went to front desk and the merchant. ( a plus size white man with brown/black hair) i ask him id the store ita self Had any like possibly behind the counter or in the back. He tells me no so i ask well do you have a first aid kit. I thought maybe a first aid kit would have. Rubbing alcohol. He looks and says we also don't have a first aid kit (and randomly adds in there that they don't have bandaids either) i just felt that thats not right because what if i had got hurt.

stores first aid kit
stores first aid kit
stores first aid kit

gas purchase rip off

Sept 14, 2019 I was charged $90.00 for $50.00 gas. Boy came up to me and offered to pump the gas. He continued to pump gas on my credit card for someone else. Gas station owner...

customer service

Hi Im a regular customer who has been shopping at sunoco on 2547 2nd ave right next to guss hot dogs. Im really tired of people who run this place and people who work here their...

customer service

I had purchased an item and was not given a bag i then asked the store associate Lacey if I may have one with a bit of a tone as her behavior at that point seemed very rude she...


70856 my name is sarah cox. i am a former employee of the sunoco in cocoa beach, florida. last week, i quit due to the conditions i was put in, and how i was treated. i was leaving for...

letter of intent to purchase business medford sunoco

We signed letter of intent to purchase Medford Sunoco through Nationwide Brokerage Group (Mr. Jose Pagan President) on 7/29/2019. We also have $2500 deposit for the purchase. We...

Paul bush/ manager

70856 I would like to Lodge a complaint with you concerning one of your staff at the Cocoa Beach Sunoco Station 5625 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 On todays date 8/23/2019 One...

terrible franchise! embarrassing to the sunoco name.

This gas station is awful. They have posted hours but never keep them. Instead, they keep a sign in the window around the clock that says "Be Back in 5 Minutes." I live nearby so...

Sunoco Gas Station — debit card

Went to the gas station on 07/12/19 and used my card to purchase a pack of cigarettes used my card and it said excipiented but it froze and I couldn't get them and a lady in...


I filled up my tank yesterday in Olney, MD and when the gas completed with filling the tank, it clicked (as it usually does when it's complete) and I then pulled out the ga...

fuel rewards

Started pumping gas with using my cents off rewards card and the pump would only let me get $4.27 and then the pump shut off on its own. I never hung up the nozzle and all prices for grades of gas was reset. I left nozzle in my tank and went back into the store to tell the cashier and she came out and checked it out and there was nothing she could do. I would like my cents put back on my card because I wanted and paid for &25.00 with of gas and only got &4.27. They said I would have to contact Sunoco to get my cents off put back onto my card. Low and behold no one is available to answer me until Monday and today is Saturday. Real nice they don't have anyone to answer or help me get my cents off put back onto my card until monday and I need gas now. Someone should be available for situations like mine.

employee issue

I normally go to the Sunoco near my home in Ambridge PA, they recently had some changes and now offer pizza. I tried to get a pepperoni pizza around 12am June 23rd as a late meal but was told the machine was cleaning and to return in an hour. I waited two hours to make sure everything was completed and when I returned at 2am. I was told that they only have 2 pizzas left and that they cant serve them to me due to some policy reasons. That is ridiculous!! I'd rather them tell me they sold out then to say they have 2 left and cant sell them. Honestly I don't think they wanted to work, due to them complaining about having to cook and do customer service now since the changes. They were completely unprofessional and its unfortunate because I have nothing but good things to say about the employees there UNTIL today...

property conditions

I live behind one of your stores on Southside Blvd. Jacksonville Fl. Your privacy fence is falling down. Its pushing my fence over. I need to know who to contact to get this fixed. Yall just need to put up new fence. Hurricane Irma knocked it all down and pushed it on my fence. The fence is being help up by boards propped up on it . I need to know who to call to get this fixed.

oil and filter change

Today, I had my oil changed and my filter.on my 2010 Honda CRV, at Vinny's Sunoco Staions, located 210 E. Ashland Street, Brockton, MA, 02302. I was charged $75.55, 4.4 qts..synthetic oil and filter...
There is sign out front of the station stating oil change $19.18. I feel this is a rip off, as I have had my oil changed before for $40.00.

Any assistance would appreciated


John Sylvester
77 Livoli Rd.
Brockton, MA 02302

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    Interested12 Jun 12, 2019

    I am 100% sure that the sign was for regular motor oil. Synthetic oil is ALWAYS more expensive and so are the filters. which have to last 3-4 times longer!

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 12, 2019

    Did you question them about the charges?

    Brockton area businesses will charge you more money than smaller towns. Try going south toward Easton and Taunton if possible. Taunton has lower income people so prices are lower.

    I learned that the cheap oil change places use cheap quality oil and always seem to find problems with your car. I tried it once on my brand new truck that had three thousand miles on it. Guy tried to fool this woman into believing I needed new brake lines. I had him dumb it down for me and write it down.

    I then mentioned that it was six weeks old and he confused me since my other two cars had no disc brakes. He looked confused until I told him that I had a ‘66 Mustang and ‘67 Firebird. And, I helped restore them and learned every part. Poor guy apologized and gave me the oil & filter change at no cost.

    I went to the boss and told him that scaring women into buying auto repairs and such was wrong.

    After that I always went to the Toyota dealership where they knew I had knowledge of cars. For five dollars more I got authentic Toyota parts.

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poor customer service

I live few minutes from this gas station so I go here to pump gas quite often. Never had any issues until today. I stopped by today to pump gas, however my credit card just...

exceptionally poor customer service and discriminatory behavior

Be aware if you are using the Sunoco at 7265 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA. There is something wrong with their gas pumps. I pressed 87 octane and it started pumping 93 octane. This seems like a scam being done right through the store. I went in and complained to the staff and they tried to make it seem like it was user error. As soon as I noticed a problem, I immediately stopped the pump. The younger attendant acting confused and oblivious to my complaint. The very old attendant kept blaming me and refused to give me my receipt to pump#3. The old man laughed at me as if this was all a game. This is unacceptable not to listen to customers and act as if it's a joke. If I'm spending money at your store I should be given respect and not degraded or dismissed like a non paying customer. I feel very disrespected and discriminated against. These attendants took no responsibility for resolving issues. I had to demand to be given my receipt from the younger attendant. I'll never go to that location again. I doubt I'll go back to Sunoco at all.

Sunoco you need to address the staff at this location. The Sunoco, Malik and Malik Inc. 7265 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19149 should not dismiss paying customers without solving their issue.

Sunoco accept accountability in this situation by respecting customers, fixing your machines and stop trying to schemingly overcharge customers.

mango juul pods

Location : 118 Dowling street, Austin IN 47102

Issue : Paid $24.99 for a pack of authentic mango juul pods. Opened up the pack and it was an off brand pack. Brought it back to cashier, Named "Maanveer, " and told him that they were fake. He claimed he had no idea what I was talking about.

I showed him the box and told him that it was illegal to sell these fake pods and put them in the real box and charge people $12 more for something. He then got pretty anxious and ended up giving me money back. This gas station is putting fake products into label brand boxes and selling it for 2X normal price. It's a scam.

gas, and service

Re sunco
RT 49 Hopewell nj
On April 25 2019 was traveling on vacation. Stopped to get 20 in gas the attendant pumped 10 that was on pump. I told him he only pumped 10 he said he pumped 10 and showed him the pump he said that was another transaction. Went in to the store and the lady told me to prove it.or leave, looking back I should have called the police and got at least gotten a report taken.
Thanks in advance
Mr Wade Dougherty.

1626 Cliff view Dr
Salem, VA 24253

aggressive, viollent panhandlers allowed to harrass people at the pumps

There are a few violent panhandlers who travel a few miles to beg at this location. They are not homeless. They were even offered available jobs in the area. They refuse to take...

wrong gas pumped

APlus Sunoco Station, [protected]), 519 Washington Street, Middletown, CT
April 30, 2019, 19:19:57.

I pressed the 87 octane button at the pump. When I started pumping my gas, I realized that the more expensive 93 octane button was lit up, not the 87 octane one. I ALWAYS choose 87, I KNOW I pressed it firmly, and this is NOT the first time this has happened at this Sunoco. This might be the sixth or so time this has happened. And it tends to happen when using my Price Chopper rewards card. I've never had this issue at other gas stations. Customers who aren't paying attention are purchasing more expensive gas when they think they're utilizing their rewards discount. The Sunoco cashier tried to tell me that I accidentally hit the 93 button with the nozzle, then he tried to convince me that I didn't select the gas and grab the nozzle in the proper order. This rip-off scam happens too frequently, so I will no longer be getting my gasoline at ANY Sunoco. I've heard others complain about this. This gas station needs to be investigated.

Virginia Stafford
145 Dora Drive
Middletown, CT 06457

I was threatened with loitering after $40 purchase and a $10 purchase

I was waiting on a ride after purchasing food not only once but twice and was not even there for a half an hour until the man just starting his morning shift april 21, 2019 around 6 am threatened me with loitering and told me to get off the property. I was minding my own business waiting quietly at the picnic table still eating my iced honeybun that I did not end up finishing bc I never wanna step foot there again. I've never witnessed this from any other company in my life. The man is rude to me every time I'm in there and I try my best to ignore it. He also commented on how I had a nice ass. I will press charges for both harassment and sexual harassment if he is not fired. Thanks this is the store on 31f in fairport ny. He's a heavier older gentleman who's shift begins around 6 am. He also hollers sexual obscenities at women evrry time im there with a girl

  • Updated by Djk0006 · Apr 21, 2019

    31 f, fairport, ny. 6 am shift older, heavier man

Sunoco Gas Station — lottery - please do not hire liars to overcharge customers huge training issue

Florida lottery has a "Grouper" play that allows for several games to be played at once. for a fixed price of $5.00. The attendant Ripal (or something like that) sold me 3 ticket...