Sasol Complaints & Reviews

Sasol / bad service and bad attitude

Jan 27, 2019

Good day I am sibongile khumalo, on 2019-01-27 between 10:13 and 10: 30 1 went to buy cuppuccino at sasol garage at Masabalala yengwa road, Durban opposite toyota . When I went inside the shop I asked for cuppuccino and the petrol attendant who was standing where they sold cuppuccino called...

Sasol / unsatisfactory treatment

Oct 11, 2018

On the 27 September 2018, I filled in Petrol at the Newtown Sasol. At that time my car was from service at Kia on the 26th September 2018. The car stopped working and it war jerking. I took the car back to Kia where they told me that they have drained petrol from it and the petrol had some...

Sasol / management

Sep 11, 2018

I have been a regular at Sasol Labelle in Stikland since I started working. I am very fond of the station and their employees but recently it has been extremely uncomfortable going inside the store. There is a man that stands at the till point and he makes a lot of unnecessary comments. He say...

Sasol / I am complaining about unclean diesel.

Aug 20, 2018

I always make use of Sasol to get my ABSA rewards. Currently I have a petrol 1200 BMW motorcycle and a diesel 4x4 Toyota Fortuner. My Fortuner has a 110 liter diesel tank. I went through my bank records when and where I put diesel in the last three months. On the 14 May I put R1456 in at...

Sasol / cashier phindiwe

Aug 04, 2018

I am soo disapointed by the service i recieved at Sasol Mthatha Fortgale garage, i was given attitude by the name of Phindiwe, she ignored me as i stood at the till waiting to pay, she attended to her colleauge who was buying airtime while the colleague found me standing at the till, she...

Sasol / sasol filling stations.

Jul 30, 2018

On several occasions now, both the Sasol fuel stations in Jan Hofmeyer and Long Road in Welkom have suddenly "run out of fuel" just before a price increase - very suspicious... Funny how the other filling stations have fuel. Once or twice maybe yes, but how can the fuel run out EVERY...

Sasol / 29/07/2018 2:30am... staff complaints

Jul 28, 2018

We stopped at sasol fourways mall to buy coffee and the gentleman and the lady working there were so rude and mean as if we were disturbing their peace early hours of the morning. We literally forced them to assist us with the machine that was not working while we have paid already. The...

Sasol / witkoppen service station - bad service

Jul 13, 2018

On 12/07/18 I stopped at Witkoppen service station for a snack. Took a packet of the new Simba straws and a coke. Simba straws had no price and cashier called what I believe is the manager " Jimmy" about 10 times explaining that the client is waiting. He had no interest to come to the...

Sasol / filling station on the n17

Jun 20, 2018

I make regular use of the filling station on the N 17 to fill my car, today my car gave me notification that I've got a flat tire and stop there to put in air, I was told that their compressor was not working. When I got out of my car and did it myself, the compressor was clearly working...

Sasol / fuel price rip off

Jun 15, 2018

I went there to fill my tank which was on half and ended up paying what I'd usually pay to fill an empty tank. I am aware that fuel prices have gone up but wouldn't mean I'd pay R1200 to fill a 1.2 vehicle. Chances are the pump was manipulated BUT ill never know struggling to get through their complaints department try sending a mail it bounced back

Sasol / sasol / absa rewards

Jun 04, 2018

As an absa customer I make use of sasol products in order to get the partner rewards. Recently I have used two franchises as recorded thus on my bank statement and not received said rewards: C#sasol malamulele fuel : malamulele Minty's service station : rosebank Are these registered...

Isithebe Sasol Garage Mandeni KZN / poorest customer service sithebe sasol garage

May 25, 2018

On the 23 May 2018 I went to Sasol garage at Sithebe near Mansion in KZN. Poured and paid for R500 petrol. Went inside and bought a full chicken. I asked for the ladies room and I was refused to use it unless I paid r2 to use it. I asked for the manager ; she came and explained without any...

Sasol / water in diesel - ref no 100254016

May 18, 2018

Good day I poured R300.00 diesel in at SSS Filing Station, 84 Helena Lochner str, Vanderbijlpark on Friday the 11th of May 2018, as my car was almost empty. I drove for 10km where the car then totally died, and the fuel filter warning light came on, which indicates that there is water in...

Sasol Winternest Akasia / poorest of poor service

May 16, 2018

Please change owners at sasol winternest akasia. This garage is a disgrace for Sasol SA. The service is beyond poor to say the least. Management don't care if you complain. Owners just say the complainant is unnecessarily difficult. According to them they are rated as one of the top...

Sasol / the petrol attendant damaged my vehicle paint. scratches are deep as confirmed by toyota.

Apr 25, 2018

Very very disappointed at Sasol Fourways! This idiot petrol attendant caused damages to the paint of my vehicle's bonnet. My car is only 1 year old, 2017 model. I was at Sasol Fourways on the 17/04/2018 around 20:17. Did a full tank then the attendant decided to check tyre pressure...

Sasol / no petrol

Apr 19, 2018

Was at the Sasol garage again tonight @ +- 22:30 and once again no petrol. REALLY. Rather just close down the garage. This is now really pathetic. No response from the garage or the head office. Think its time to name and shame on the social media platforms. Because no one seems to care at...

Sasol / radiokop / c/o mozart and nick diedricks boulevard.

Apr 19, 2018

This morning I put R120.00 worth of 93 petrol in my car, I went into the shop to pay and decided to use my debit card. the attendant was fiddling with the machine and told me that he had entered R1200.00 by mistake. Whether he wanted me to let him strike my card again or pay cash or thi...

Sasol / service at the petrol station

Mar 25, 2018

Pulled up at the station about 12 midday. At 12h09 finally someone came after i had to get out of my car to get someone. I got moved 2 times to different pumps. When i finally got to a pump that worked then i had to sign for an attendant to assist. I am very upset. I havemt complained...

Sasol / bad customer service at umzinto sasol service station shop

Mar 22, 2018

Good day I would like to lodge an official complaint against your Sasol Garage branch in Umzinto. My disabled husband had made arrangements to secure a Low GI Bread every-day since Sunday, 17 March 2018. Every-day when he went to go collect and buy his bread - the owner gave him attitude and...

Sasol / sasol diesel damages vehicle king shaka airport

Mar 09, 2018

My vehicle stalled after filling up diesel at king shaka airport, report from cmh honda states that poor fuel damaged injectors... Full reports and supporting info was supplied to sasol... The process was frustrating misleading... Sasols tests were not comprehensive... As further testing...

Sasol / poor service

Jan 28, 2018

I stooped at the sasol garage at quagga weg on saturday the 27/01/2018 to fill up my vehicle with diesel. I stood their for about 10 minutes and the petrol attendants looked at me like they were dumbfounded. I went into the shop to ask for the managers and they told me he was not in I then...

Sasol / sasol delight shop

Jan 05, 2018

Sasol, just outside Hartbeespoort at Broederstroom crossing. They have run out of pies, when I asked the lady if they will be baking more, she replied that they are done for the day. This at a 24 hour shop?!!! I decided to report them today, because this shop is always just not op to...

Sasol / hill st, randburg. no milk to make coffee or cappuccino... only black coffee as milk locked up in fridge.

Nov 15, 2017

Today 16th Nov at 6:00am I stopped to buy a cappuccino at the Sasol Garage on hill Street in Randburg, only to be told by the staff member that they can only sell black coffee. This is due to the fact that the milk is locked up in the fridge and the manager is only in at 6:30am. They have...

Sasol / sasol raisdorpe pietermaritzburg

Oct 06, 2017

Nice garage but the most disgusting dirty toilets a human has seen, possible risk for human use. You have to also pay to use the disgusting toilets. When the people in the shop where told they said their is no manager. People should be warned their could possibly be diesies. It is very...

Sasol / food from sasol delight

Sep 18, 2017

Good morning, this morning I bought 5 x cocktail sausage rolls from Sasol Delight in Meyerton c/o Pierneef Blvd & Carvahlo Street. I am highly disgusted in the quality of the food that I purchased. It is old and the meat is rock hard and discoloured. I took a picture of the cocktail...

Sasol / petrol. unleaded 93

Aug 31, 2017

Hi I'm Siyabong Mntungwa 0721707287 0614783734 This is happening for the second time, I refuel at this garage by R150, I wanted 95, they said they were out so I used 93 there after my vehicle was jerking non stop from a misfire, last time I told the attendant who didn't do...

Sasol / minimum swiping limit

Aug 29, 2017

Since when does one of the biggest gas station company have a minimum swiping limit? Each day I go down the road on Kent ave in Randburg and get myself a juice. Now today, there is a problem, then you have this super rude person that refuses to assist you. Number one, there is no notice...

Sasol / service

Jun 19, 2017

On the 19'th of June 2017, round about 22:20. I stoped at the Karino Sasol just outside Mbombela with my emergency vehicle to clean my window. On arrival there were 3 people dressed in sasol uniforms sitting in the shop at the coffee counter. Not ons of them even made an effort to walk...

Sasol / sasol filling station - hendrick van eck boulevard: vanderbijlpark fuel price

Jun 12, 2017

Earlier this evening (12 June 2017) I filled my vehicle with grade 95LRP fuel at the Hendrick van Eck Blvd outlet. I paid R 417.57 for 30.28 litre at a rate of R 13.79/litre. How can this be possible? The price was reduced to R 13.54 since 00H00 last Wednesday. On phoning the "Financial...

Sasol / fuel not dispensed into my vehicle and appalling of petrol attendant

May 22, 2017

Hi, I am a partial resident of Duduza, now and then I’d pop in to Top up my fuel. It is now a 2nd occasions of getting an ill experience with the Sasol Duduza filling station and Horrendous attitude from the petrol attendant Incident 1: 1st week of May I was on my way to Vereeniging I...

Sasol / sasol garage petrol attendants stealing money from customers

Dec 08, 2016

I went to Sasol garage in Lenasia Ext 5 Jhb on 8 Dec 2016 to pour petrol, the petrol attendant did put the petrol pump into my tank but ideally did not put anything, I paid R100 and I drove off not noticing anything, a few meters away I noticed my petrol gauge that was on empty initially...

Sasol / bad attitude and arrogance of sasol silverton management

Oct 17, 2016

Good day On the 2nd October 2016, I took my car to the Sasol Silverton Carwash. When I returned to pick the car up, I noticed that my windscreen had a crack, as per attached pictures. Upon enquiring from the carwash staff and supervisor, no one knew what had happened, and they all said the...

Sasol / terrible customer service and appalling attitude

Feb 06, 2011

I fill up my vehicle at least once a week at the Sasol across from Fourways Mall.Besides the fact that I get irritated with the awkward entrance and exit of the service station, I still receive terrible attitude from the tellers!This morning, I purchased juice and a few other items.Whilst...