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L Sep 14, 2018 Review updated:

At 8:15am on Friday September 14, I chose my item which was marked .99 The clerk asked for 1.29. I said I thought it was .99. He barked "1.29!" I said well it's marked .99 He then barked at the other employee present to "go change the sign coz I'm not gonna deal with these customers over a couple cents". I said it's not a couple cents and I really don't need your attitude this morning either and took my change and left. I have been a loyal customer at this particular Sunoco and definitely will not return there. I will find out who the owner is and make sure I do not patronize any other establishments he or she might own.


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    BK Sheetz Apr 16, 2019

    I work at a Sunoco and I’ve had someone complain about something being 50 cents more. I agree the sign said $2.99 but came up as $3.50. I did give the guy 50cents back. It irks me when the signs aren’t what it comes up on the register because I can’t control the pricing and I’m not allowed to change the price unless it’s what my manager has put down. Sorry about the horrible customer service

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