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Apr 19, 2018

Sunoco - coffee and customer service

I have been in the Sunoco on St James Blvd in Goose Creek SC numerous of times and everytime I go in there to get coffee it is never fresh. None of them. All the red lights are always blinking. The condiments are never stocked and the coffee area is always dirty. It doesn't help when 3 employees are hanging out at the register helping no one. I never get help when I'm in there. They always seem like I'm bothering them to do their job. So again I wanted fresh coffee but none available. I was gonna purchase gas to but I took my buisness elsewhere and will continue to shop elsewhere until that situation can be taken care of. Not even a hello when you walk in the door or how you doing. Very unfriendly feeling in that store!

Apr 17, 2018

Sunoco - monster energy drinks advertising complaint

Hi my name is Chad Everett. I recently purchased extra strength monsters from A sunoco store in sandusky Ohio 44870 on Perkins Avenue. Underneath the cans it says 5.50$ for 3 of these. I brought it...

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Apr 16, 2018

Sunoco - policy of store

I have been frequenting Sunoco near me in Manlius, NY since 2002 when I moved here. It has been a favored place for me to walk to for excercise, purchase a coffee and then walk home, In the last...

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Apr 10, 2018
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sunoco - price

I grabbed a 79cent soda cup and went to get an icee and then changed my mind and filled it up with Coca Cola and got charged for an icee. I was in a hurry due to a family emergency and did not notice until I checked the receipt later. Yes there may have been a very small amount of icee in the cup but it didn't even cover the bottom of the cup. And again I was in a hurry due to a family emergency so I did not have time to throw that cup away and get another one.

It's 2650 A1A in Daytona beach.

Apr 06, 2018

Sunoco - gas station deceit

On 4/05/18 I pulled into the gas station at 539 Forest Ave., Paramus NJ. The attendant was provided my debit card to fill the tank regular unleaded. When the fill up was completed the attendant said...

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Sunoco - service received at gas station

I filled up at Verifone Gold Disk FL store # ***********; site ID: 277518; terminal 003 on 29 March 18 at 11:47 AM. There was no instrument to clean the windows. When I asked the attendant (who I...

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Mar 29, 2018

Sunoco - service

black guy took more money from me for gas than i got. another time my credit card was run for $125.00, TWICE, on feb 23rd, 2018 at 4:00pm. i work next door. won't go back to station because Todd isn't there anymore. don't trust the scruffy people they have hired. the station is dirty and the new employees are always on their phones. my complaints to their management go on ignored.

Mar 26, 2018

Sunoco - tobacco

I've been buying tobacco flavored wraps that cost seventy nine (.79) cents, and have been getting charged one ($1) dollar for 3 years now. The owners son Inder, told me that in his store they're a dollar because he makes his own prices than proceeded to tell me that he'll charge me.84 (eighty four) cents this time instead. Now I understand its only a few cents difference but by law I know for a fact you cant make your own prices on tobaccoo. And those few cents have been adding by the years and I know he won't pay me back. I just want this issue to get fixed so I wont keep getting over charged the wrong price, who know how many other people he's been doing this to.

Mar 21, 2018

Sunoco - price gouging

Elgin Texas. You have a location the only one that carries E85! You guys price for E85 is 2.09, when everyone else's price is 40cents lower or MORE! This is REDICULOUS!! You're not even a Top tier...

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Mar 14, 2018

Sunoco - service at the sunoco in huntington, wv which is right off rt 60

Completely rude cashier christy i believe her name was. I was nothing but nice to her asked how her days was and so forth. Got no reply all i got was a total and a smug look. There was a sign saying "chip reader broken" i went to swipe my card and her reply was "that signs there for a reason". My bad for thinking i could swipe my card instead of using the chip. 1 out of 10 for customer service i think ill drive a couple extra minutes down the road to speedway then deal with that attitude.

Jan 11, 2018

Sunoco - fraudulent gas pricing

Yesterday I went to Sunoco on Garrison Ave Bronx Ny and purchased 30 dollars of gasoline at 2.89/gallon. I received 1/4 tank more than I had. Gadget went from 1/4 to 1/2 tank. This station is ripping...

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Sunoco - jerry n thompson location on philadelphia in aberdeen

I am a Sunoco credit card holder, I live in Aberdeen, I am so tried of purchasing gas at the pump and having to go stand in line just to get a receipt, the ladies are rude and nasty, they are so busy flirting with the guys to notice I am in line to get my recipe, can you please make them put paper in the machine, the station that never have paper is 607 S Philadephia Blvd Aberdeen and the one on Pulaski and Rossville in Golden Ring Mall, less see if we can get them to step up there game for 2018, thank you kindly, I have also call the 800 line

Dec 24, 2017

Sunoco - tobacco

My son and his girlfriend came in the store at 12:30am to buy wraps he's 19 he had ID the workers still wouldn't provide the wrap to him. They told him she had to have her ID with her but she doesn't...

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Dec 15, 2017

Sunoco - gas rewards problem again

This is the 3rd time that my gas rewards are taken out by the Sunoco in Mattapan on Cummings Highway, but the gas prices are not lowered!
And when I go inside for an explanation the attendant doesn't understand and they don't know what to do. Shaws did not get back to me, Sunoco did not get back to me either when I complained to both of them on the phone?
It's no coincidence that the receipt didn't come out at the pump and when it when inside the receipt given didn't have much info on it?

Nov 16, 2017

Sunoco - overnight shift

I went into the sunnoco gas station on 11/16/17 around 11pm. I was buying some stuff and asked for quarters. He said I had to buy something for him to open the register. So I asked if they did money back on debit. He became extremely aggressive and told me that "he's not here to [censor] with me". It seemed like he didn't understand what I was asking about cash back so I asked about it again and he said " I ain't trying to here that. You need to buy something else" I asked him why he was getting so angry? He said " [censor] that I'm not opening [censor] unless you buy something else" so I left. I'm not going to that location anymore. It's not the first time he's been rude and unpleasent. Usually he won't even return a word when you tell him hi or how are you. This time he was aggressive. I don't feel it's safe to go to that store any more.


Sunoco - customer service was terrible

I was going to fill up my gas tank the pump on 11/11/17 at exactly 10:00 am at 6201 Miramar Parkway Miramar, FL [protected] the pump was not working . I went inside and spoke very politely to the employee that the pump was not pumping gas and it charged me $3 he said than use another machine, I explained to him that the machine took my $3 it never pump the gas I took pictures of the pump showing it was broken but he said that was his problem to fix it and told me not to worry about his problems with attitude . I explained that if he can please put a sign at least for the other customer wont have the same experience as me, and again he told me not to worry about his problems. I said if he can please put the $2.58 as a credit and i will give him $20 so i can finish pumping my gas in another pump that is working at least and he said no credit just use other pump or to call the cops if i want to file a complaint. I felt mistreated by this man not just because he did not want to give me a credit to be able to use it in another machine but the way he was talking to me and not wanting to listen to the fact that the pump was not working if he could at least check it out or " say sorry let me see what is wrong " instead he just told me to call the cops as if there is nothing else he can do to solve the problem. I do not think its justice to treat customers this way.


Sunoco - unauthorized credit card charges

Dear Sunoco Customer Service, In my short driving career, I have filled my gas tank at a Sunoco many of times and have been more than happy with the service. Upon seeing the gas light blink, it i...

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Sunoco - sprite zero

I bought a sprite zero from a convenient store near work today that has an expired date on it. I didnt realize it was expired till i opened it and took a drink of it. It tasted funny. I took it back to the store and they just wanted to blow me off saying its not there fault and they can't do anything about it. They said coke deals with all the drinks.

Oct 07, 2017

Sunoco - gas price

I rang in my shaw's number. The computer said I had $0.20 off per gallon. The price on the screen changed from $2.619 to $2.419. However, on my receipt it shows I was billed at the $2.619. The receipt also shows my shaw's rewards number so I know it went through. When I brought this up to the cashier and the owner came out and told me that it was too bad and to take it up with shaw's.

This is fraud. The owner was extremely rude to me, and this is not acceptable. I purchased 16.397 gallons of gas at 100 drum hill road in Chelmsford MA. I have never had such horrible customer service in my entire life.

Oct 01, 2017

Sunoco - customer service

I am in your store almost every single day and I never have been treated with such disrespect and rachetness in my life. Bieng in the Customer service field I can understand someone misunderstanding or having a bad day. I purchased my normal 2 pAcks of ciggarretts and left for work. When I got there I realized one was the wrong kind. Later when I had time I went back to the same location to the same young lady and explained asking for the right brand only to be met with a barrage of reasons why I was wrong! Are you kidding I asked? Only to be me5 with more attitude and hand flipping and neck twisting. I was so blown away I vowed I would not return no matter the confidence. These are 2 new employees as I said I am there daily... or I was

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