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I had a terrible encounter with an assistant manager at Colorado Mills. Went to the Sunglass Hut at food court by Game Stop. I asked him if can take a look at glasses. Explained to him that both glasses had smudges that won't go away. He cleaned them and still the smudges were there. He tried to tell me that it's good enough. I told him that he can see the smudges I can see on them. His response was "what do you want me to do". I asked him if he can get me some options since they are still under warranty. He started shaking n rolling his eyes. I Explain that this are expensive glasses should be just as clean as all the other glasses. His response was that maybe they are suppose to be like that. That's when I asked him for his business card or name. He refused to give me his name n told me in his words " Get the [censored] out of my store". Then Explained to him that is not good customer service. He then walked around from the counter and balled up his fists while shaking and walking toward my wife and i while telling us to" get the [censored] out of the store" in a very threatening way. Looking like he was about hit one of us.

I walked to the other Sunglass Hut store and got his name Jeff and the Manager name Bruce.


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