Sundance Vacationstactics


So the family went to a Globetrotters game and filled out a prize form. Interesting that my wife hand picked out of hundreds of forms. So much for being random. She got the call to come sit in on an hour presentation and then we would get a paid cruise (except for taxes). Catch was that we had to decide to come in a few days. I checked the internet and saw may complaints filed against this company and was not interested in dealing with Sundance so we decided not to call back and figured they would get the hint since we were given a few day timeline. When those days went by, my wife started getting calls about the vacation. She told them we were not interested but they continued to call. When she tried to tell them not to call they would hang up the phone quick like they didn't hear her. Finally I had to call and tell them if they didn't stop calling that I would fill a harassment complaint with the police. Part of the reason we were not interested was because of the complaints on the web. I can see that they are all true. Don't get suckered into this. If something is for free you should not have to sit through anything or pay for anything. Free is Free.

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