Sun Cellularsun pocket wifi


It's been a month since my sun pocket wifi has no service. I have been to their shop for 8 times but still no action yet. The first time i went there, they told me that i have a overdue account. Though my payment is thru my credit card, i still settled my account because i want my wifi to be reconnected immediately, but to no avail... So every other day, i went to their shop, because every time they told me to wait for 24 hrs then it will be reconnected. Imagine the time, effort, gas and parking fee that i have to spent for this concern, and yet as if i am talking to air, nothing happened! They said because the ongoing system change that resulted to low connectivity, how come they continue to accept customers and continue to charge us? They should stop charging us while they are improving their system... Sun cellular, your service reeally sucks!

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