Sun Cellular / Digitel Mobile Philippinesinvalid charges


Sep 22, 2017 [protected] cleus 4:42 am I asked for soa. I was promised i'll get it in 30mins but almost 24hrs passed and nothing.. I paid on sep 14 and my balance must be 0 but when I checked it. I have pending 638 and unbilled off 115. That's ridiculous. I can't renew any service bc my account is maxed out. Only text and call will work.

Sep 23, 2017 [protected] cindy 12:33 I called again and spoke to cindy. I told her no soa, no call from billing. She told me im not supposed to get my soa till 24-48hrs. Well that's crappy because every 18th of the month it must be sent via email. I let her send it again and checked that I have invalid charges in my account. International sms and data. I dont eeven know someone from uk and my account has maxed out so no service would work and was amazed those charges were charged to my account. Cindy promised me to "babysit" my account and have billing dept contact me.

Sep 25, 2017 [protected] debbie 5:10 spoke to debbie. Still no feedback from billing. Asked to expedite becausse im on the verge to throw anything I could get my hands on to sun

Oct 3, 2017 [protected] jay 7:55 agent jay ttold me billing just pasted the feedback in their internal note. No call from them. How the hell am I supposed to know without anyone telling me? I explained again what happened and I get the same prromise to babysit the accoutn and havee billing call me

Oct 5, 2017 [protected] xander manansala 6:25 he said he'll coordinate with billing and contact me for updates. At this point, call and text were deactivated because I dont want to pay anything without them settling my dispute.

Oct 18- soa arrived and [censor]ing sun managed to charge me again for international sms and data when nothing [censor]ing works and no one [censor]ing called me back. How the [censor] am I suppose to call when I cant [censor]ing do outbound bc even [censor]ing text and call will not work. Don't tell me I have to show up to the physical [censor]ing store everyday jsut to follow it up and [censor]ing agent can only check the account and note and cannot do anything? This is just bull. They even tried to call me several times telling me to pay my bills. Well sun cellular, make everything else work first before charging your customers.

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