Sun Cellular Broadbandrefusal to replace prepaid moden purchased 3 weeks ago


Sun Broadband Wireless Modem purchased in Sun Shop Cattleya Condominium Makati was refused replacement. The modem does not function on the laptop of the buyer but according to Sun shop it functions when they test it. The complaint is the buyer cannot use the modem in his computer thus it should be remedied by the shop. They have not given it a solution and when asked to refund the item since it still is intact with its free load P180, they said it does not belong to them anymore and is the problem of the consumer that it cannot be used. Where do we go to complain so that the modem can be used or replaced? The item cost P1, 890.00 and they have not even recommended to check the configurations of the laptop of the buyer so that it will work with the modem that they sold.


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      Nov 16, 2010

    hey i agree, is there a possibility that we can sue these guys i mean the network providers. bec. i bought a SBW huawei e1550 at 1.6k 350 lite plan. the modem as we know is already paid so i own it. and when your the owner naturally you can do anything with it. only to find out, they have locked the firmware. so virtually THEY STILL OWN THE MODEM!!!. Smnart and Globe have offered a firmware update while Sun doesnt care. Nada.

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      Dec 28, 2010

    I don't think there is consumer protection in the Philippines. The general rule in that country is that you buy at your own risk. They even put on the receipt in bold letters - "NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE".

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      May 20, 2011

    As service or product sellers, they are obliged to provide good service to their customers. The customers have the right to have good service because they are paying for it. So, SUN when is crazy, unreliable, very poor should do something to make their service or product of good quality. They offer the lowest price to attract the customers, ignoring the quality. hmp!

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      Sep 05, 2011

    I think that the government should put up a good agency to protect the consumers of abusive
    businesspersons. Dito the Pilipinas, lagi na lang ang mas mayaman, mas ma-impluwensiya ang
    nananalo and ang mahirap and laging talo. We worked hard for our money, labor here is too much. Over-work and underpaid. It is only fair that we get our money's worth. President PNOY, do not protect us only from abusive politicians, protect us also from abusive businessmen.
    Sa totoo lang, nagreklamo ako sa DTI pero di nila ako pinansin. :(

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      Jun 05, 2012

    I purchased a SBW Plan 899 in Sun Shop Cattleya but got disappointed with the average speed of 10-40 kbps. It's far from what was indicated on their ad that was 3.6 mbps burst speed. Even on early morning the speed was useless. I reported the problem many times and in less than a week of purchase I returned the unit because they can't fix the speed. I demand a refund but they said they don't refund the unit because it was on their system already. I insist and told them that I will report them to DTI. Atlast they agreed and promised they will return my refund as soon as they have a new subscriber of the same plan I purchased on which to be transfered my SBW Plan899 account to that new subscriber. And that's the time they will return my money worth of 1700+. But until now I haven't received my refund yet. Ginagawa nila akong football. Pinagpapa-pasahan lang. I called the DTI and they advised me to give them an ultimatum, if still they didn't acknowledge my concerns, I will file a formal complaint and submit it to DTI.

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      Dec 22, 2013

    Sa DTI ba ito i-su-submit? Hindi ba sa NTC? Pano po mag-file sa DTI? Naka-ilang ultimatum na ako wala naman kwenta, pinagpapasa-pasahan nga lang nila ako. Grabe sinong tanga ang magbabayad ng bill na hindi mo naman magamit? Tapos ayaw pa nila i-cancel yung acct. Dapat i-report natin lahat sa DTI/NTC ang Sun Broadband.

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      Mar 04, 2014

    Sun broadband is a useless piece of ###.

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