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Hi, about two weeks ago, I upgraded my internet speed from 100 to 400 Mbps. The speed never upgraded. I have tried to get this issue resolved over the phone, over chat, and through local field technician services. I have experienced two scenarios of language barriers while on the phone with foreign support. This was alone frustrating. However, I have went through the customer technical support steps so many times now that I do not know what to do. My internet speed is still around 30-45 Mbps. I have also reached out to my router company and they determined that this was a regulatory speed issue coming from Suddenlink. While he was here, the field technician wanted to fix this problem for me immediately but unfortunately they are unable to address the issue of internet speed anymore like they used to. At this point, I am very dissatisfied, mainly because every time I have to call in, it takes at least an hour or more to get connected. They do not always give you a callback option when waiting. The chat support is just as bad. You get disconnected when going through the technical support steps with them, and they are never able to anticipate and avoid this. What would make my issue go away is if a highly experienced good english-speaking support agent could connect with me and help me get this issue resolved, once and for all. I had hoped that the customer support notes would allow for some evolution in thinking on my technical issue. However, every time I have called in, they never seem to reference the previous notes until I have had to explain my issue over again. The support has been like a skipping record so far... it just keeps repeating, and there is never any new or improved efforts at resolving the issue. I have done everything I can from my end. Please help me fully resolve this issue definitively.

Oct 02, 2019

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