Suddenlink Communicationssuddenlink tech scheduled for service 3 times, all no-show, service still out 1 month later

C Aug 07, 2018

- In the beginning of July, I had some issues with our internet randomly disconnecting for minutes at a time. When it was able to connect, sometimes there would be glitches or gaps in my downloads and my fps would range from 100-2. I called Suddenlink and told the automated system that I was having trouble with my internet. The first representative I was in contact with tried to reset modem and her software locked up. Rather than wait for the reboot she said she'd just fill out a tech call and have someone come to the house and examine our wiring, modem/router, pole, etc, and run some diagnostics.

- I had to wait 7 days before an appointment was avilable. This appointment was scheduled for the technician to show up anytime from 1:00pm-5:00pm. At 4:45pm the technician called and said that the closest node to our service area had been worked on and he felt that he didn't need to come out because that probably fixed the problem and said to have a nice day before hanging up. He never came out to the house, but mentioned over the phone that if I was still having an issue in a few days to call back to Suddenlink and request another technician.

-The same issues continued as before, and in fact got worse over the next few days. I missed a job interview and a get-together with friends online. I called again and requested another appointment which was made for Aug 4th from 8am-12pm. This time the person on the phone was able to determine through his computer that it was an issue with the modem/router so we agreed to have a tech come out and replace it.

- At Aug 4th at 11:45am there was no tech and no call. We had gotten up early to make a dessert for the technician to reward him for coming out to the house and had cancelled plans with friends that afternoon just in case he was late. I called Suddenlink at noon to see where the tech was. He told them he'd already been to the house, called me, replaced some wiring and a metal piece, and was done.
I show no missed calls, there were 3 of us home. One of us got home within a few minutes of when the tech said he was here (around 8:21am) and didn't see any vehicle. We had been up and watching for him since before 7:00am.

- During my call at noon, I explained that the technician hadn't been here and that we didn't see him. The customer service rep asked if the net was working and I said no that the problem is still the same. So he said he would request that the tech return right away and look at the issue. We went over my phone number, and how to find the house.

- Two hours later there was no tech and no call. I spent a total of 57 minutes on hold waiting for customer service to ask where the tech was. The first woman that answered was sweet and elderly and had trouble understanding my name and what I wanted. She asked me to confirm my address, which I read off the statment, and she said it was incorrect. Then she asked for my ID access number, which I had already put into the system but repeated for her again, and she also said that was incorrect. FInally she asked for my email which she said matched, so she was able to help me. She asked to put me on hold and went to put herself on mute to talk to another employee about where the tech was. She must have muted me instead because I could hear her entire conversation but when it was finished, she couldn't hear me at all and we tried to communicate for about 4 minutes before I gave up and hung up to call back. I think she didn't realize she'd muted me.

-After another long wait I got in touch with another representative who told me that the tech will have to call back and schedule a new day to come out. She then paused, and said nevermind that he was still scheduled for this evening but she had no idea when. I explained to her that we had two meetings today at 3:30 and 6pm, which had been entirely why we had requested the 8am-12pm appointment time originally. She said they would take that into consideration and changed the topic. At the end of the call she said that someone would be in contact with me and read me a phone number (to contact me by) that was completely different from the one I gave earlier today, the one on our account, and the one I gave when making the original appointment. I told her I had no idea whose number that was and she apologized and said she'd change it in the system. She then asked to make sure that we needed a phone line serviced. I said no, that we only want a new modem/router. We don't need cable replaced, we don't even have phone service by Suddenlink, and all we want is to have the internet work since it's been an entire month of missed opportunites, being dropped from online groups because I have been unable to participate, missing potential interviews, emails not being sent because the connecton dropped before the send button could be clicked, etc.

- Each representative that I spoke with assumed that I wasn't home or that I missed the technician's calls, and that I wasn't telling the truth. I cannot express how frustrating that is. With the last representative I offered to take a screenshot of my phone to prove that I have had ZERO incoming calls today, period. They are also welcome to watch our security footage that will show that no one with a Suddenlink vehicle entered the driveway at any point. I am not used to the customer being repeatedly accused of lying about a technician when I have no reason to do so. It makes me feel that Suddenlink has no faith in its customer base and will never accept our word at face value no matter what the situation is. That hurts.

- At 8pm there is still no tech and no phone call. I called once again to say that we have recieved neither. Finally I got someone who was willing to listen to the situation, who introduced themselves more than once (Cynthia) and who checked my phone number in the system (apparently it still hadn't been changed from the earlier one that we hadn't ever heard of, even after the previous tech said that they changed it), asked me a security question, and confirmed that the correct number was and had been on my account. She had no idea where the erroneous number came from either. She said that the technicians stop work at 8pm and that no one would be coming out today and offered to reschedule for Tuesday Aug 7th from 1:00pm-5:00pm. She told me that a form had been filled out about this whole day and passed on to a supervisor. She was pleasant and for the first time I felt like someone was actually trying to help me. I hope that someone shows up on Tuesday.

-It's Tuesday and after having waited from 1pm-6pm, there is stil no tech. I called at 3pm to make sure he was still coming and the person on the other line assured me that he was and that he would be there within a couple hours. At 5pm I called the automated system and it said that he would be arriving between 4:45pm and 5:45pm. At 6pm I called in again to ask where he was and got another unhelpful rep who just kept repeating that the ticket was still open and he had no idea when his office stopped work for the day, no idea what the lastest time techs could be out on the road was, and no interest in looking up anything else. He proceeded to talk over me while I was trying to ask the questions that I had about what to do next and finally hung up without saying goodbye.

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