Suddenlink Communicationsinternet

K Aug 06, 2018

When I called I was given this deal which I documented in my phone. These are the notes:

$34.99 for 100 mg with $40 install OR
$44.99 for 200 mg with free install
Ask what regular price is because that's what it will
increase to at 13 months.

No contract -- what does this mean?
Do I need a modem? My TV and laptop both have
built-in modems, don't they?

When I reviewed my bill, they had charged me 54 99 for 400 megabytes, they had charged me an install fee of $40, and they had added $10 for the box rental, and $10 for unlimited internet. I have called them 9 times to discuss the bill and the poor service (it cuts out 5 to 10 times a day and I have to unplugged the box and then plug it in again). They could offer me nothing except to cut my power in half and lower the bill $10.

Now that found my notes, I want to call back and argue that they shouldn't have charged me the install fee and that they gave me higher mbps than I ordered. I had ordered the 200 megabytes.

Worse yet, they gave me absolutely no satisfaction. It was a run around and a script and they even got insulted with me and accused me of not listening to them when I asked them to please listen to my actual question instead of just guessing it what the question was. it was an awful experience after which I was crying and frustrated and upset for the rest of the day.

What can I do?

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