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Suddenlink TVtivo

I had dish and they raised their prices, so I thought that since I have suddenlink internet and phone, that I would just take them up on their monthly mailings for $29.00 tv. Big mistake, first bill I got for adding the $29.00 was $268.00.
My previous months bill without their tv was $111.00. They said there were extra charges for partial months use (I can understand that) then they told me my bill would not be on a regular monthly basis $217.00 which I can't understand that. But I got the tv package and now the sound cuts in and out so much you can't watch a show. They blamed it on my home theater system, …... But dish woks fine on that same setup. My antenna works fine on that setup, but the tivo box does not, and as I have found out... Tivo is the problem. It pixelates and drops sound on suddenlinks system.
I am using whats left of my unexpired dish until the end of the month... No pix and no sound dropout.

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    Jul 23, 2019

    Suddenlink Communications — billed for fault in suddenlink's network

    In June, 2019 I signed up for basic CATV. CSR at store gave me the box, coax and HDMI cables for...

    Jul 23, 2019

    Suddenlink Communications — tv and internet

    I was a customer for several years. The promised internet service was never provided. I had problems with the...

    Jul 22, 2019

    Suddenlink — employee

    Suddenlink employee, Stephanie Barnett, Weatherford Oklahoma office called my personal cell phone from her...

    Jul 20, 2019

    Suddenlink Communications — service for travel trailer

    suddenlink has the worst interoffice communications! every rep gives a different answer. was told by 5 people...

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    Jul 19, 2019

    Suddenlink Communications — internet speed

    I have gigabit speeds and I'm only getting 80mbps wired directly to the modem. Had a tech come out he tested...

    Suddenlink Communicationsbilling; being charged for something I should not be charged for

    I discontinued my internet services in Charleston, WV at the end of June, as I was moving out of the county. At that time, I spoke with someone named Jenay, who told me that since I had bought my modem+router, I would not need to go to a local store, or ship my modem+router back to Suddenlink. I confirmed with her twice, as I lived near a Suddenlink store and had no problem dropping off my electronics, however she confirmed again that I owned the modem and had bought it in July 2016, therefore I would not need to give this back to Suddenlink. This seemed correct to me, as I also remember buying my modem, as I knew that I would be renting for at least 3 years (my work contract in WV), and buying it would just be smarter. Thus, after discontinuing my internet services, I moved out of the country as planned. When I checked my Suddenlink online account to ensure I had paid my last month's internet bill, I noticed a $128.99 purchase.

    I called Suddenlink to inquire about this, and spoke with a gentleman in Billing and Technical Support name Jacky. Jacky told me that the charge reflects a modem fee, as I had not returned my modem back to Suddenlink. I explained to him the information above; that I had been told I did not need to return this modem, as I had already purchased it, and that it belongs to me - I also re-iterated that this has been confirmed by a fellow agent of Suddenlink. He states he could not find the exact invoice stating I had purchased the modem, however upon checking my bill from July 2016 (when I initiated my internet services), he stated that there was a hefty initial charge, and that likely reflected a modem purchase. He states someone would look into it and I would be called in 24-72 hours about this. No one called me back.

    I called Suddenlink again, repeated my story and explained the situation again, to a woman named Destinii. She also stated someone would call me back within a few days with an update on the situation. Yet again, nothing was done to rectify my problem, and the only response I kept getting was "someone will call you back". Again, no one called me back.

    For the fourth time now, I called Suddenlink . As one can imagine, I was getting irate - not only was nothing being done to solve my issue, but I wasn't being given an clear answer as to why I was being charged for a modem I not only purchased, but one that a Suddenlink agent had confirmed I had purchased. When I called for the fourth time, I spoke with a woman who's name I do not recall. Again, I repeated my story and explained the situation. I was told that my invoice did not reflect that I had ever purchased the modem, and thus I had "taken Suddenlink property", and would be charged for the modem. I explained that I had been told by a Suddenlink agent herself, that I owned the modem and did not need to return it - as a result, I did not return it. She states this was done in error and unfortunately there was nothing that could be done about it. I was confused because a Suddenlink employee had made an error, and yet I had to pay the consequences of that. I asked to speak with a supervisor, as the woman I was speaking to said there was nothing she could do about this. I got transferred to a gentleman by the name of Joseph, who re-iterated what the agent prior to him had said. He further stated I only had two options - I could either pay the $128.99 fee and purchase the modem, or I could ship the modem back as it was Suddenlink property. I told Joseph that I do not need the modem, and the only reason I still have it is because I was told by a Suddenlink agent that it was mine and I did not need to return it. He apologized for that agent's mistake and told me she would be penalized and punished for this. I replied by telling him that was not my intention - mistakes occur, however the customer should not be paying for a mistake on behalf of the company. Joseph, again reiterated there was nothing he could do for me, and I only had those two options that I had to chose from. I questioned if I would have been offered another option where the customer was actually taken care of, had I been a continuing customer of Suddenlink.

    I was then transferred to another supervisor named Adam, at my request. I explained my situation yet again, and was again told that despite the fact that Suddenlink made a mistake, I would have the pay the consequences of that. I explained that I had moved out of the country, and that shipping the modem back to the US would require me to pay extra charges.

    Not only is Suddenlink not taking any kind of accountability for an error on their part, but as the customer, it is ridiculous to me that I have to pay for those errors. Had I been told when I called to discontinue my services - you are incorrect, you did not purchase the modem and you will have to return it to a local store or ship it to us - I would have done so gladly. However instead, I was given completely incorrect information; I was told - you have nothing to return, the modem is yours. I even confirmed this information twice. I subsequently asked the several agents I spoke with to go back and listen to this recording, as all telephone exchanges are recorded. Not a single agent did so, and all I was told was "that employee who made a mistake will be penalized and punished". I was not asking for said employee to be reprimanded -- we are human and these mistakes can occur. My issue is, when mistakes like this occur, the customer should not have to pay for them! It is beyond my understanding how despite explaining my story multiple times and speaking with multiple agents, I keep getting told "there is nothing we can do about this, even though it is our mistake". When I asked to speak to someone that could actually do something about this, I was told that there is no one else I can speak to and that I'd have to submit a help inquiry/complaint online.

    I am hoping this issue can be rectified, as I have spent nearly 5 hours dealing with this already. I would imagine that a company like Suddenlink would care for its customer and take accountability for errors that they made themselves, instead of making the customer pays for such errors. As mentioned above, I wonder if this situation would have been dealt with differently had I still remained a customer of Suddenlink.

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      Suddenlink Communicationscable service

      To whom it may or may not concern,

      I have been a Suddenlink customer for a long time and having said that I never thought I could lose so much trust and respect for a company as quickly as I have over the last week.
      For starters, I often don't pay too much attention to my bill, I just pay it as it comes in. However, more recently, after talking with friends and family while also noticing some of the offers from other internet service providers, I realized I had been paying more than double what most people were for what I thought was primarily internet service. And I had been doing so for quite some time, apparently.
      Now, backing up, I did have television service with Suddenlink at one time but I'd cancelled it, or so I thought. So, on July 1st, I called customer service and they informed me I was still being charged for my cable service and had been for over four years!, even though I turned in my DVR equipment at a local office and requested to discontinue cable service in April of 2015. Three different service reps told me the equipment was received during that time period. So, why was I still getting charged for cable?
      I did some figuring and estimated I had paid roughly $3, 750 over the last four years for a service I wasn't even using. You could imagine my frustration and eagerness to see what could be done about it. The last rep I spoke to informed me I was due a credit but it was more than he was allowed to authorize and someone from Suddenlink would be in contact with me within the next 24-48 hours to review the claim. Not a problem.
      After a few more call backs and four days later (July 5th) I finally did speak to someone but that is when things really unraveled. The Suddenlink rep assigned to my claim informed me their records didn't go back that far but by paying my bill without any disputes over that time, I was agreeing to the services rendered. Like I said before, I rarely looked at the bill and for all I knew I was paying for really good internet (says 200mbps but only 70mbps in reality) and I was getting phone service too. I admit, there was some negligence on my part and I should have caught this sooner, but that doesn't justify the matter.
      Next, I'm told that I'm still in possession of a particular modem that is required to be returned when cancelling cable service and that I failed to call in a disconnection service request, so for all they knew I was still using the cable, even without the DVRs. Not sure how that works. When I turned in the equipment why was I not informed of this said modem or why not a follow up when the DVRs were received as to where the modem was. Furthermore, it was my understanding that my interaction with the clerk at the local office would serve the same purpose as a "service request call." I don't think I'm being unreasonable. I thought I had done all I needed to do.
      At this point I already know where this is going and I'm in disbelief as to how the company is unwilling to admit any wrongdoing for inadvertently overcharging me thousands of dollars. The rep then tells me that since the local office in my area is no longer open there is no way to verify my interaction with a clerk and how all this came to be. So I was basically being called a liar and then assured I would be getting no credit. Zip. Zero. Unbelievable.
      If I were lying, I wouldn't be going through the trouble of writing this letter, I promise you that. Or making sure that the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission all get a copy of this complaint.
      Now I've already owned up to some accountability on my end for this misunderstanding and am not even after a full refund. It's the principle. After looking online at Suddenlink complaints it is clear I'm not alone in the matter. Might as well label it customer dis-service on your website and any other correspondence. I've never experienced anything like this before. Good riddance, Suddenlink.

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        Suddenlink Communicationscable / internet bill

        I changed my credit card in May, on July 2nd your company tried to charged my old credit card which was denied.
        now you are trying to charge me a service restoration fee $10.00
        Late payment fee $10.00
        Credit card denial fee $28.92
        Payment processing fee $10.00
        Totaling $58.92
        Unacceptable !
        I talked to Daniel in billing on June 7th and explained everything and he said he would remove the fees as it was the billing departments fault.
        I now receive a bill with all of the fees.
        Billing via phone is useless with NO supervisor!!
        . I have been on the phone for 2 1/2 hours this morning
        If no one calls me back I am disconnecting everything and turning it in and cancelling my account!
        My bill averages $232.00 month for last 6 years you do the math, if you want to keep me as a customer then ACT soon.

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          Suddenlink Communicationstechnician causing damage to my home.

          In January of 2016 Suddenlink Communications sent a technician to my house to install cable. Technician accidentally stepped through my ceiling in my garage causing sheetrock and lots of loose fill insulation to fall all over stuff stored in my garage. I called and called, then wrote letters to the corporate office. In 2017 they sent a man to look at damage whom said he would get back with me in 2 weeks. He never did. Once I got him on the phone again and he told me they could not come out on date I took off work because it was a holiday for them.

          Stored items in attic shifted, due to the ceiling still falling in, which caused an electric breaker to shut off since all electrical wiring goes through attic. I have been without power to ALL ceiling lights in my kitchen, garage, driveway, back porch, backyard security lights, master bedroom, master bath, master closet, and garden room since this incident. I have had to buy many heavy duty extension cords and lamps to have any light in those areas. I have extension cords all over house now for lights. Using extension cords like this is a major safety hazard. Besides the electrical safety issues the are also trip and fall issues, and I have tripped and fallen many times.

          On May 10, 2019 I received a phone call from a nice Suddenlink lady named Kim. I explained all of this to her and she was appalled that I had been trying for over 3 years and 4 months to have my damages repaired. I explained I could not afford to have them repaired myself and since a Suddenlink technician caused the damages it was Suddenlink's responsibility to repair them. She sent a nice young man to survey the damages and take pictures on May 14, 2019. A few weeks later she called to say she turned my case over to Suddenlink's insurance company and I should be hearing from them - I have not! I called her last week of June to tell her I still have not heard from anybody and she said she would try to get me a claim number and call me back. Today is 4th if July and I still have not heard back from Suddenlink or their insurance company.

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            Suddenlink Communicationscable/internet

            Well I paid my bill on June 20th 2019 four days early and they still tried to run my bank card on the June 24th 2019, when it was declined because I paid my bill already they shut my [censored] off and then told me I had to wait until Monday to call them back so they can call collections which means we have nothing at all until Monday. I did tell the guy that I want at least a month free due to me doing this to me every other month. I'm just about to move to another company

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              Jun 28, 2019

              Suddenlink Communications — 4th attempt to get line moved and customer service rep gave wrong info

              My wife went to the service center to get time set up to get this line moved. The rep told her it would be...

              Suddenlink Communicationsinternet service

              Im paying for the highest internet possiblebin my area, when it works its not bad, but it goes off line about every month for some reason or another, its out right now because of a big storm, electric people did their job quick and our gone, now its been two days and aint seen one truck, i call them and tbey give run a round and say theirs an outage, yeah i know that, lines are everywhere and down, this business is a joke when it comes to fixing outages takes them forever and always give u never an answer, why call them they never know whats going on . I would cancel it but they got us where they want us because no other provider is offered in my area, so now im paying $75.00 for something that cant b used, maybe one of these days it b on, yesterday they said they would send a technician on the 1st of July, and i told them i done this before a tech cant climb the pole u need to send a bucket worker, tney never listen, so i kept it anyway and c what happens, our whole road is out not just my house but they havent been seen yet.

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                Jun 15, 2019

                Suddenlink Communications — cable

                Called 2 months ago to have cable turned off. Been getting double charged for awhile now. They refused to...

                Suddenlink Communicationspaying for not working services

                I began services with you guys on May 10th. Ever since then I have had problems with the internet going in and out. I called about once a week to get customer care to refresh the router on their end. Finally, last week, we set up an appointment for June 12th. The technicians came and said they fixed the problem, but when they left I realized it was not working. It was actually completely offline. I spoke to 3 different customer service agents who could not even send a signal to the router to refresh it because they all said it was OFFLINE. I was not able to get on the internet and everyone could see that on their end but the next available appointment was Friday the 14th. The last representative told me to call back after the issue was resolved on Friday and they would issue me some sort of credit for all my issues as I basically paid for a month of services that were not consistent and barely worked. A technician came out today and fixed what should have been fixed Wednesday. He even did a speed and connection test before leaving to make sure. I call sudden link and now they're saying they won't issue any sort of credit to my account because even though the usage was exceptionally low, it was "never" completely offline. Although I had several agents tell me on Wednesday 6/12 that it was offline, they couldn't even refresh it on their end. I could see with my own eyes that the online button on the box was not on or even blinking. The cable wasn't even working because of a reference code s0a00 which means the digital box stopped receiving proper signal to display the channels, but according to them and their data, I was not having a problem worth crediting my account. I WILL be looking into finding services elsewhere because of this issue.

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                  Suddenlink Communicationsbilling/service

                  We have had Cable issues since day one of installation. 2 months ago we had have the cable converter Box replaced because we never work. On may 31st our cable was going on and off causing our TV to lose video and audio. I called suddenlink tech, automated and went through process to reboot converter, it did not work. I called and spoke to a tech and after several attempts she could not get converter to work and said we needed a service call, she said no te h could come out until june 3rd. The tech came and said the box was out. He rebooted the converter and stated the phone techs have no clue. At that point we realized the back light of the TV was out. That has nothing to do with the fact that we could not get the converter to work for 3 days. The tech said he will document the convertervwad out and he had to mention the TV. He said if we were charged for service call, thatvwe could call and have it credited off since there was issues with the box for 3 days. Yet he never mentioned the box in his notes. If you check, you can see our tech calls. And there were times we didnt call because we knew to reboot. We have been good customers that always pay on time and have had issues with service. I feel we deserve to have service call charge and taxes waived. And we deserve 3 days prorated on our bill for no service. The uncaring customer service and inability to reach the local office is ridiculous. I want this resolved.

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                    Suddenlink Communicationsinternet / television

                    The internet service and television service from Sudden Link is very poor. I run two businesses out of my home. The majority of my work is through the internet, job scheduling, contact with customers, contact with contractors, contact with companies we contrat from. More often than not the internet service is out. When one calls you have to go through a whole process of plugging and unplugging the equipment, which before the call to Sudden Link, that has already been done. A service call will be ordered but due to faulty equipment (Sudden Link) we have to pay for the the tech to come out. Numerous times over the last 5 almost 6 years I have been told the cable leading from the few houses on my street to the box need to be replaced as they are old and has bad places in them. After nearly 6 years tech came out replaced the cable only from my house to a pole. Not all cable were replaced. I was also told the box that said cable connects to need to be replaced as it is outdated First box installed when Sudden Link first came to this area. We pay for poor service because Sudden Link, although they say will credit the bill does not credit the account. Documentation does not help. According to Sudden Link the service was not completely out since it was a few hours here a few hours there. The T.V. is also the same issue. As long as you have a picture even if it is frozen, or it looks like a jigsaw puzzle, or even it is a blank screen telling you your service is out, according to Sudden Link you still have service. Something needs to be done about the poor quality of service all customers are receiving. And as far as paying for a tech to come out to fix Sudden Link equipment is not the consumers responsibility. If you offer a service you should maintain your own equipment. Especially when it has nothing to do with the equipment inside of the home. The outside equipment is what is causing the problem. It is old and outdated and Sudden Link is expecting consumers to pay for a service that is always out. That's like paying for a BMW and getting a cart pulled by a mule.

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                      Suddenlink Communicationsstealing peoples money!!!

                      This is a joke of a company!!! I cancelled my service. Did they cancel it? NO. Did they document it? NO! Are they trying to keep my money???? YES. They even made me look at my phone records to get a time stamp of the conversation, which I did, and he agreed, I was due a refund. Did I get it? NO! Did he document any of that??? NO!!! Spent an hour on the phone, transferred 8 times, again just to be told it was going to an "escalated claims department" and they would call me back in 3 days. Right... I am so sure they will.

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                        Suddenlink Communicationstechnicians not showing up for four days

                        Called Suddenlink to change my plan. Added on phone. Only thing technician had to do was install phone. Was scheduled for Tuesday 4 June. Received call that there was no technician in area. Re-scheduled for Wednesday, 5 June. Received call that truck had broken down. Rescheduled for Thursday, 6 June. Received call that technician had an emergency. Rescheduled for Friday, 7 June between 11-2. Finally showed up about 2:30. Totally unacceptable!! Who has time to sit around for four days waiting for a phone call and hoping that they will show up? Ridiculous!

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                          Suddenlink Communicationstv programming sales

                          On 6/2/19, I called to inquire about using sudddenlink for my TV package. I spoke with a lady who went over the available services and pricing to bundle it with my already exisiting internet services. I selected a package and scheduled it for installation on 6/10/19. She advised that there would be $150 due at installation to cover the first months service since you bill in advance. I asked her if there would be any charges for installation and she clearly said NO. I was concerned that I might still be under contract with Direct TV and could have an early termination fee so I needed to check that out prior to committing to the installation. She assured me that Suddenlink would reimburse me the early termination fee up to $500 upon submission of that charge from Direct TV. I agreed and scheduled the installation. Later that evening, I determind that Direct TV would charge me $130 for early termination and called suddenlink back to confirm how that worked. A different lady reviewed my order to confirmt that all programming, equipment, etc. was correct and again assured me that I would be credited back the early termination fee upon submission.

                          This morning, I received a call from suddenlink to confirm the installation on 6/10 and the caller advised me that I would need to pay the $150 fee at the time of installation to cover the cost of installation. I advised her that I had been assured on two seperate occassions that there was no installation fee. She advised she would transfer me to someone who could help me, but she simply transferred me to the general menu and I was on my own.

                          I finally reached someone in sales who reviewed my order and advised that there is a $25 installation fee and a fee of about $40 for an amplifier because of the number of tvs I have. He said the people I spokew with yesterday were mistaken. I then confirmed all of the other aspects of the installation including programming, equipment, etc. as well ass my monthly cost. Just to make sure the previous folks I spoke with didn't make another error, I asked him about the refund for the early termination costs with Direct tv. He advised that since I was an existing customer adding the tv package, I was not eligible for the early termination refund which is only for NEW customers. Needless to say I was outraged about all of the misinformation I had received and told him to cancel my order.

                          Upon calming down somewhat, I asked why he could not list me as a new customer with regard to the tv services and he said the "system" will not allow it. I think it is shameful that Suddenlink spends a fortune attempting to attract new customers and when an established customer wants to add additional services to his account, he is not granted the same benefits and discounts as a new customer. My dad was in business for many years and he always preached that it was more important to keep current customers happy rather than have to look for new ones.

                          I made the decision to go with Suddenlink based on what I was told by your customer service people and then found out it was based on several pieces of misinformation. I have not cancelled my scheduled installation as of now, but may decide to after I consider all of the costs. This has not been a good "first experience" with Suddenlink for me with regard to tv programming.

                          I think that Suddenlink management needs to take a look at the issues of misinformation being given to prospective customers by multiple representatives and take the necessary training steps to correct it. I also think Suddenlink should extend the same discounts and benefits to current customers who are adding services as are extended to NEW customers.

                          Steve Chalender
                          133 Fairway Dr.
                          Bullard, Tx.

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