Suburban Propanethe cost to come out and check their tanks and equipment


I have been with Suburban Propane for over 10 years .. I was paying for only one fill up a year because I couldn't afford any more .. than I joined HEAP and I did receive more ... I also found out that I could have been on a monthly charge so I wouldn't freeze in the winter ... I have paid up to almost 5 dollars a gallon from them .. then I locked in a rate of 2.29? and I put myself on their monthly budget program .. Now I called them Oct 2017 to come and check out their equipment and tanks because my furnace would not light .. well they sent a man out and he turned my tanks back on ... I had them turned off when I found out my furnace wasn't working ... than he came into my trailer a with a long piece of equipment to light a pilot which I have an automatic one ... than I was sent bill for services (what services) of 89.95 other labor service and tax 6.07 which comes to 96.02.. I can't afford to buy the part my furnace is 22 years old and right now I can't afford a new one .. I live on a fixed income and they know this ... so I just cancelled my account and the woman said they will be out to get their equipment .. I want to know if they are going to charge me for anything ? they did not say I would be charged just that they would p/u their equipment and also I have credit on my account .. so will I get my money back ?

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