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P.O. Box 206

New Jersey
United States - 07981-0206

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1 800 776 7263 11 1
+1 973 503 9252(Investor Relations) 2 0
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Suburban Propane Complaints & Reviews

Suburban Propane / No help from local office.

venture rentals, ltd. on Apr 18, 2017
I received statements in the mail, as we are a apartment rental complex. Did not receive the delivery tickets for 3 of the statements for March 2017. I faxed over to them what I needed a number of times. They just ignore my faxes. Talking on the phone, doesn't seem they are...

Suburban Propane / My service and bill

Crystal S on Apr 16, 2017
Hello, I have been with Suburban Propane for 3 years. I dont like sounding rude, but due to this being an email, I have to be blunt. The service I have received in the past 3 years is the worst service from any business I have ever dealt with. My bill is wrong every month, and i have to...

Suburban Propane / Residential propane

tigersseven on Mar 8, 2017
Here in Sanger, California on March 4, 2017 I had a delivery and was charged $3.769/per gallon for 279.5 gallons. Another propane gas company was charging $1.99 pg first time customers then $2.99 pg for the next fill up. I think they should tell us the price per gallon before they can...

Suburban Propane / Price gouging on heap program 2/6/2017

Kevin Cruz on Feb 6, 2017
I applied for Heap and received $600 of assistance. Suburban Propane my provider(Cortland NY) called to make a delivery. When I asked for the price/gallon they told me $4.30. I thought this was high so I called EV Propane (Ithaca NY) and they gave me a quote of $2.74/gallon...a significant...

Suburban Propane / Made up charges

Joni Denton on Jan 28, 2017
My husband and I live near Lake Don Pedro, Ca. Recently we ran out of propane. Our tank is located in a spot that is 30 yards from our home and down a steep hill, it can be accessed from another driveway. We both have limited mobility due to knee, and back injuries, and old age, so we have...

Suburban Propane / The crazy fees you guys charge and how rude the customer service is

Sarah3383 on Jan 17, 2017
I already had bad experience talking to the branch manager around me and his supervisor. Worst customer service I ever had. You guys charge ridiculous fees and plus worst customer service ever. I just found out it's 150.00 just to remove the tank??!! I do not have that amount anywhere in...

Suburban Propane / Customer service / billing / extra charges

jolenetravis on Dec 9, 2016
We were customers of Tru-Gas for 10+ years, Tru-Gas was AMAZING but sold to Suburban Propane a couple years ago. Suburban Propane has the worst customer service ever! When you call, they are rude - you feel like you are wasting their time for their services! When you need a fill, they ask...

Suburban Propane / Defective tank/no customer service

david goldstein on May 24, 2016
More than a month ago, the valve on a 125gallon propane tank I rent from suburban propane stopped working. I called suburban propane and informed them of the problem. They told me to run out the tank and they would switch it out when it was empty. When I got down to a few gallon from...

Suburban Propane / Everything, price, tank rentals, fees

Henley1 on Mar 28, 2016
They really are scammers. All you have to do is complain and they cut you a break till the next month and then they do it again. It gets old real quick. Most expensive propane around and paying rental on 2 small tanks (for stove only) that are over 25 years old, rusted and maintenance ha...

Suburban Propane / Propane Gas

Reviewer18962 on Jan 26, 2016
We had our propane gas tank filled by Suburban Propane today and they charged $4.70 per gallon. When the driver handed us the bill, even he said we needed to protest as the cost was too high. I made a quick call to a competitor, and their pricing was $2.54. When I called Suburban, they...

Suburban Propane / Current Propane Gas Prices

Reviewer86261 on Jan 10, 2016
We have a gas fireplace and fill it once a year. We called the local Suburban Propane to ask for size of our tank and pricing. We were quoted 4.63 a gallon. They said we had a small tank, we did the math and told them to put 50 gallons in. That Monday the bill was at the door and they...

Suburban Propane / Propane

Reviewer54625 on Oct 23, 2015
I thought I would post a story about my worst customer service experience ever and it involved Suburban Propane. I contacted them a month ago about possibly getting propane from them as I own my own tank. After getting the necessary paperwork taken care of they scheduled a technician to...

Suburban Propane / Billing and service

Reviewer11310 on Oct 22, 2015
I - stupidly - got on Suburban Propane's "budget plan". When I called the company I was told, based on prior consumption, my bill would be $150 a month. Okay, fine. That lasted about 2 months. Then... without using ANY propane at ALL (I only use it for heat in the winter) I got...

Suburban Propane/LP / Customer Service-Lying

Elizabeth Arihood on Feb 16, 2015
We have been a customer of Suburban Propane for roughly five years. Previous to being called Suburban Propane, they were known in our area as Tru-Gas. Our first major problem with them was about 3 years ago. We had been on a "keep fill" service for a couple of years. And then suddenly we...

Suburban Propane / customer service and price gouging

Kathleen Gore on Jan 25, 2015
I finally got my propane delivery after six days of no heat in January! I was told they could not make a delivery until they had another one in my area. Not only are they uncaring but their cost per gallon is double everyone else in the area. I am very unhappy with this company and plan to have my tank removed and go with another company.

Suburban Propane / Refuse to pick up tanks and reimburse us for propane already paid for

DBerkheimer on Jan 11, 2015
The company location at west market street in west York, Pa. was notified on 11/13/14 that we wanted to stop service and asked when they would come to remove their 3 - 100 Gal. tanks from our property. The tanks were just recently filled but none of the propane was used. Also we had paid...

Suburban Propane / Tank and Service

M. Brewer on Oct 23, 2014
October of 2013 I cancelled service with Suburban Propane due to poor service. I called and told them to come get their tank. It is now October of 2014 and the Suburban Propane tank is still in my back yard. I called many times to ask them to come get the tank and they always said they...

Suburban Propane / Unwarranted delivery

Diane Pardun-Rader on Apr 8, 2014
I am paying a bill the was not authorized for delivery, only after they company threaten to put me in collections. I cancelled there service 1 month prior to an unauthorized delivery. Due to there lack of poor business practices, I am forced to pay for a delivery that I did not order. My...

Suburban Propane / Propane leak

Kayla Orozco on Mar 20, 2014
I had propane delivered on 1 / 25 / 14. At this time we were empty so elden the employee for Suburban propane came and put 300. 6 gallons in. Then on 2 / 11 / 14 he came without me calling to have another delivery. And he put another 400. 1 gallons in. So within 17 days we had 700. 7...

Suburban Propane / Pyrofax / unreliable,negigent,overcharge

Fed up in Vermont on Feb 26, 2014
Do not get your propane from Suburban/Pyrofax in Vermont. They are sneaky and unreliable. They overcharge, jack prices up without notice, fill you up when you didn't ask and forget to come fill you up when you did ask them to. They wouldn't come out and disconnect my broken...

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