Oklahoma Natural Gas Customer Service

ONE Gas, Inc.

P.O. Box 219296
Kansas City
United States - 64121-9296

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 664 5463(Customer Service) 3 0
+1 800 458 4251(Emergency Service Only) 1 0
Mon7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tue7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Oklahoma Natural Gas Complaints & Reviews

Oklahoma Natural Gas — company timeline for research of information

So I moved into a new home on 10/11/19, I was told that I would need to send in my ID, SSN card, lease agreement and contact information to prove that I was not the prior tenant who had an old bill at the address. Well I sent in the information over the weekend yet they still have not...

Utility Services  · Oct 15, 2019

Oklahoma Natural Gas — driver

Today around 8 o'clock pm, I was driving down the highway when the truck number "60425" almost hit me twice. I was in the ongoing ramp to the highway he was in the next lane over in the right. As I got ahead of him he tried to run me off the road. As he was trying to do that he flipped me...

Utility Services  · Sep 30, 2019

Oklahoma Natural Gas — gas

Called their emergency line because it looked like the shutoff of my meter was rusted stuck. I was going to have some work done in the coming days and wanted to make sure the valve was working in case I needed to have it shut off. They accused my of tampering with the meter, threatened me...

Utility Services  · Jul 23, 2019

Oklahoma Natural Gas — oklahoma natural gas

I am on the average monthly plan and I paid my bill for the month ... And the next day ONG comes and cuts my gas OFF ... THEN THEY TELL ME THAT I HAVE TO PAY 168$. TO BE RESTORE WITH MY SERVICE ... AND ALSO TOLD MY HUSBAND THAT THEY HAVE NOT TALK TO ANYONE. About them coming out to turn my...

Utility Services  · May 29, 2019

Oklahoma Natural Gas — ong driver of vehicle 71750 - tulsa oklahoma

On Tuesday May 6 at approximately 5:00 pm central time the drive of the truck number 71750 did not stop and was driving recklessly. I was driving south on 73rd E. Ave in Tulsa OK. The ONG driver was heading west on 4th and at the stop light at that intersection, I had the green light. He...

Utility Services  · May 07, 2019

Oklahoma Natural Gas — customer service

I had to change the number for them to call before they connect well they called the other one and when I called the first time about it they said I would have to wait five more days after waiting 3 even though it was their mess up kisha was they representative name she didn't listen or...

Tulsa Utility Services  · Oct 18, 2018

Oklahoma Natural Gas — poor customer service ever

I called ONG around 12:00 today 10/11/18. I explained to the first person I talked to that my pilot light to my furnace was out and was requesting ONG To please come out after 3:30 to light it. I further explained that is the time I get off work and I am a senior Citizen and I have a four...

Muskogee Other  · Oct 11, 2018

Oklahoma Natural Gas — shut off service to a current paid up account

Ong shut off gas to neighborhood because a backhoe cut a pipe. Ok That is fine. I have a house for sale. It's vacant. So the turds shut off the gas to house in late spring. I found out when the I got a contract on the house 2 months later when the EMP inspectors found the gas off. ONG AND...

Tulsa Utility Services  · Jul 03, 2018

Oklahoma Natural Gas — getting RIPPED OFF

When you pay online every month and then summer comes around and your not useing much gas, they return your online payment 2 weeks after they recieved it and it cleared the bank before they returned it. Then they say you didnt pay and cut off your service so they can charge you disconnect...

Oklahoma Natural Gas — billing and customer service

Oklahoma Natural Gas sucks. They don't process your payments and they lie to you on the phone. Refuse to take responsibility for anything. Cut off your service with no warning. Talk to their customer service people and they are total dicks and don't care about their customers at...

Oklahoma Natural Gas — Scam

I moved to Arkansas for six months and had a renter in my house for a couple of months. I am moving back to the same house and found out that the renter left a balance due with ONG of $79. ONG asked me to prove that I wasn't the same person moving back into the house that left the...

Oklahoma Natural Gas — customer service

On Wednesday the 25th of November, 2009 I was scheduled for ONG to turn on my gas service. We disconnect is during the summer months, because they charge $10 a month just to have the meter. The only thing we have that uses natural gas is the furnace. On Wednesday at ab0ut 10 AM I heard...

Oklahoma Natural Gas — ONG Rulthles-Corrupt

On 9-3-09 I noticed I did not have any hot water and when I went to my front door I found a ONG Cut-Off notice on the door know showing they disconnect my gas on 9-2-09. I had paid the previous month bill. I DID NOT receive any notices per the Corporation Commission Regs and no one even...

Oklahoma Natural Gas — Bad customer service

I came home on a Monday nignt from work to find my gas had been turned off for some unknown reason. I called ONG and the Rep said she could find no reason why it was off and would send someone out ASAP to turn it back on. While I was waiting for them to show up (took about an hour for...