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Balloon payment

Was with the company for almost a year. They set me up with their payment plan of $100 per month which I paid...

Forced gas delivery/excessive min. chg

Suburban Propane came when no one was home, opened a closed gate, left 8.5 gal. in one of the two large tank...

price gouging; scamming

Important: If you have had problems with Suburban, file a complaint with your county District Attorney...



My husband is a former employee of these thieves. He has seen first hand the shady business practices these people use:

1. Inflated pricing on propane and home heating oil compared to local competitors

2. Filling propane tanks the day before the tank is scheduled to be picked up

3. "Guess-timating" the amount of propane left in the tank to determine the customers credit, rather than weighing the tank to determine the actual amount of propane -- or outright lying about the actual amount of propane in the tank

4. Putting off "no heat" service calls received in the morning until the end of the day so they can get their scheduled maintenance appointments done first (believe me, the service technicians hate this just as much as you do!)

5. Insisting the service techs complete jobs without proper parts - for example, not changing out parts or using improper parts during the maintenance and cleaning of oil burners (like nozzles, oil filters, and controls)

Doing an internet search on Suburban Propane complaints results in numerous cconsumer complaints (sites like this one) and news reports of shady practices.

And the company treats its lower-level employees in the same manner. Managers are raking in bonuses for promoting these practices while the service techs, drivers & secretaries are forced to cover up these unscrupulous practices. We used to think it was only the local offices where my husband worked that was doing these things; however, after reading so many consumer complaints on this and other sites and seeing news reports of the same, I realize this a company-wide scam.


  • St
    Stevie--b Jun 18, 2011

    My current propane charges in Miami, Florida at $5.499 per gallon by Suburban. This is way beyond the going rate.

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Price gouging

We recently bought a house that had a 500 gallon propane tank that was being rented from suburban propane...

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Price Gauging and Unethical Business Practices

Upon moving into our house in September 2009 and never having any experience in dealing with a propane...

Price. 5.959 Gallon

My last delivery for Suburban propane was $5.96 a gallon. It is my last. $878. for 147.6 gallon. 1 month...

Gauging prices

All of us Senior Citizens here at this Community of Senior Citizens have to receive our heat and hot water from Suburban Propane, who definitely overcharge us. I have a 2 room apartment and very small kitchen and bath, kitchen only 2 steps not even enough to put a table or chair into and I have been overcharged for heat and hot water since I moved into and the other Senior Citizens tell me the same thing that they recieve bills even higher than mine.

My last bill for not even a month was $206.00. I keep my heat on 60, how could I get a bill for heat and hot water and stove, which I hardly use and most of the time I am not even here and I put the thermostat on 45 degrees when I am gone. We are all cold here being afraid to use the heat, especially this was a colder winter, but still, I ask you how can we be charged so much money for just a small apartment. I have complained to them several times about this and they just keep on saying this was an especially cold winter and so on and so forth, I told them they are gauging us in price. The woman just ke[t on talking and saying they would check the meter and I told her she better check all the meters, because we are all being overcharged. No one ever came to check the meters. Help us if you can, it is horrible how Seniors get taken advantage of. I moved here because I couldn't afford where I was the rent had gone up too much for me and this place was supposed to be better and it advertises affordable Senior Living. I did apply for LHEAP and they said they were going to send a one time check to Suburban Porpane, and when I called them and told them to credit my bill for the amount of the check. They said that they never received one and when they do it would take 2 months to process it before it would be cashed. What do they think that we are stupid. Someone really needs to help us. I understand they are owned now by Agway? I am not sure about this, but we could all use your help here at Concord Pointe in Glen Mills, PA.
Thank you for your concern. Maggy347




In July of 2009, Suburban propane come and filled our tank after they were asked not to. They charged $6.99 per gallon. They said that they did not have our request not to fill so that there was not any thing they could do. So I got mad enough to tell them to come and get their tank. They come and got the tank however they only wanted to give me $27 for more propane then they delivered. I still had a bill for propane that they took back.

Prices and Service

My last propane delivery (2/12/10) was billed at $3.939 per gallon. Average costs of other companies is approximately $2.75 per gallon. Thus, for 200 gallons my charge was almost $240.00 above market price. The local Suburban Propane company told me that their price was competitive and offered no explanation for the difference other than that they believed competing companies were giving me "introductory prices". When I checked this out each company said that was not true. Also, the gauge on my tank does not work and Suburban has been unwilling or unable to fix it for 21 years. As with everyone else, I am a captive customer. Since Suburban "owns" my tank I cannot use another supplier and the cost of digging up and replacing my current tank is more than I can afford. As far as I can tell, there are no regulatory agencies and no recourse. Since I cannot buy at market price I fear that I can be charged whatever Suburban wishes.
Does anyone know a way out of this mess?

  • Er
    Erin Nagy Feb 23, 2010

    I have a similar situation in NY except that my tank is leased from Suburban but it's above ground. I checked the county average for Propane this afternoon and it was $2.93 -- we just got a fill up of 300 gallons this afternoon and I almost croaked when I saw the bill --- $5.57/gallon! When it was $4.79 right before Xmas, I called and complained -- they lowered it to $3.49 and I requested a check back which they complied with. However, like you, they cannot give an adequate answer as to why they are so much higher above competitors --- I got the whole song and dance about them being available 24/7/365 and having highly trained drivers and technicians === they also pulled that same crap w/ me stating that the other companies must be giving me wrong quotes -- but I know EXACTLY what to ask these other companies and I think the obvious option is to have them come take their tank and I will go with someone else altogether!

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  • Je
    Jennifer Kovacic Aug 11, 2010

    It does not matter if the tank is under ground, leave it there. Get another supplier to rent you their tank and have it above ground. The new supplier doesn't even have to know! But even if they do so what?
    Unhook the plumbing from the underground tank to the house and the new supplier can run another pipe to the house from the new tank.
    The problem might be where the hook up is, is it also underground? If it is then hire someone to do some digging. Get rid of Suburban they are super crooks.
    I had them and got rid of them, the woman kept telling me, oh yes $4.49 a gallon is a good price. Well it is not, now I get it for $1.85 a gallon, yes much better.

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Price Gauging

I've been considering talking to a lawyer and initiating a class-action suit against the company. The previous delivery, on 12/23/09, they charged 3.604/GAL. After my husband called, they lowered the price to 2.60/GAL. Yesterday, I spoke with someone in the office and I threatened to take legal action. I asked him why the price quoted me over the phone yesterday was 3.919/GAL when the average rate in central New York was 2.39/GAL. I questioned whether he thought his practices were legal. This company has been overcharging me for years now, and I am tired of feeling like they have me over a barrel.

  • Lr
    lrelyea Feb 12, 2010

    Let me know if you sue. We'd like to also. We're in NY as well and were just charged 4.46/gallon! They said they would only come down to 3.49/gallon. What crooks!

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  • Ns
    nsup Feb 19, 2010

    I just got my tank filled today and the price I got was $5.13 a gallon I will join the suit

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  • Sm
    S. Mcdonald Feb 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I started February 2009 to stop the fill ups so I could change companies. They came 2 months early with a fill up. My unrequested fill up last week was $5.11 a gallon.
    I will join the suit. Broadalbin, NY

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  • Mp
    MPLaRocco Mar 03, 2010

    I will join the suite as well. I just got my tank filled yesterday and the price was the highest it has ever been, $4.44/gal. I called Suburban to complain about the high price and they offered to lower it to $4.19, BIG DEAL! I called around and found that Main Care Energy's price is $2.67/gal based on the same useage, HOW CAN THE CROOKS AT SUBURBAN get away with this! I also learned that Main Care will come out and dig up Suburban's tank and relpace it with theirs, connect and pressure test the lines, all for $125. The only question is, will Suburban credit me for the propane in the tank, if they do then I'm dropping them! East Greenbush, NY

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  • Sl
    slacker2131 Feb 10, 2010

    Up here in Lake George NY they are charging us $5.62 and other local compettitors are charging $3.25!!!

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  • Td
    TDRobinson Jul 13, 2010

    I live just outside of Saratoga Springs and have dealt with the criminal practices of Suburban Propane for 8 long years. This summer we finally got smart and hooked up to the natural gas line in our neighborhood. Now, I'm trying to get Suburban to dig up their tank and remove it, but they are going to take more money from us before we can be rid of them. Perhaps I will take them to small claims court for the cost of repairing my yard! I can't wait for this nightmare to end!!


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We just received our latest bill from SUBURBAN PROPANE. They charged us $7.0690 per gallon for our regular monthly delivery. When I called to complain, the clerk, with out batting an eyelash, reduced our price to 3.99 per gallon. When I asked about new service I was quoted at 2.5999 per gallon. This is the biggest rip off I have ever seen. New Yorkers beware of this huge corporation that preys on us!!!

  • Ri
    ridge Dec 23, 2009

    I live in Madison County, New York. I was just charged $3.63 a gallon for propane. I have two tanks and for some reason they fill one and then return later to fill the other. I called another distributor and got a price of $2.63. What is up with this company. They do this to me every Winter and when I call they reduce the price. I guess I have had it. Do not do business with these people. They are rip off artists.

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  • Ma
    matt darling Jan 17, 2010

    i had suburban 2 they do that so they can charge 175.00 for an off route delivery i swiched to mohawk 2.20 a gallon suburban ran over my septic line and didnt want to pay for it

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  • Ch
    chrisfromvt Feb 23, 2010

    The price gouging of this company has caused me and my family outrageous distress over the winter months. My Oil tank is filled once every month and a half for over $750 As I do not have the exact amount of the price per gallon on hand I have found that the local oil companies would have charged me more then $220.oo less for the same amount of fuel.

    I am a renter and thus can move, and have made the decision to due so after this summer before the next cold season. I am in a constant battle with disconnect notices and shut-off warning with them as I struggle to keep up with this mortgage payment of oil.

    They need to be stopped or regulated as the power company is not to shut the heat down in a family home in Vermont in the middle of winter. They are all thieves.

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  • Ld
    LDJ47 Jan 26, 2011

    It's not just happening in New York! I'm in northern California. I was just charged $4.37 per gallon by Suburban Propane in Red Bluff, CA. I checked the per gallon cost with every other provider in the area. Seems their prices range from $2.78 to $2.98! Suburban lowered the price to $3.99. Very big of them.

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Propane Prices

We just received our propane bill from Suburban Propan in the Albany NY suburbs on 1/20/2009. At $4.40 a gallon for 310 gallons the $1, 370 bill seemed a steep to me. I went back over my old bills and compared them with the historic prices from the New York Home Propane Monitoring System, at In the winter of 2008 they charged 11% over the average NY State Prices, in 2009 they charged 25% over and this winter they are charging 51% over!

The previous owners of our house say they purchased the tank from Agway, but have no proof and Agway is no longer in the Gas buisness. Suburban claims the tank belongs to them because I cannot find the paperwork. Does any of this make sense or is it simply that Suburban Propane is a greedy liar?

  • Er
    Erin Nagy Feb 23, 2010

    I'm down in Kingston and they will be getting ANOTHER earful from me tomorrow - just came home to a nice, fat $1760 bill ... $5.57/gallon! This is coming on the heals of a $1300 bill right before Christmas at a whopping $4.79/gallon. I too have checked the NYSERDA website, as well as other local competitors, and they are always DOUBLE and they cannot ever explain why! I lease the tank from them and I am figuring out a way to get out of it ... it's utterly ridiculous! Do you know if anyone has reported them to the BBB? Seems to be a number of comments about price gauging on here --- it's very unfortunate but happy I'm not the only one!

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Price of Propane

I've had a Suburban Propane Tank in my backyard for about 2 year. If their service was as great as the...

Forced gas delivery

I moved into my new place about 9 months ago and was on a meter with suburban propane at the recommendation of my landlord.

After getting a bill for over $400 my first month, I found out they were charging about double what other companies were charging.

After some negotiation, we reduced the bill and agreed that the meter will be removed and I would call if I needed more gas in the future. This was agreed upon with their general manager. It was clear that I would pay for what was in the tank already and that no more deliveries would be made unless I called to ask for it.

Their billing system was screwed up and created a duplicate account and they kept sending threatening letters about not paying, when I pay for everything in full. They kept sending automatic threatening letters to shut down my tank, when they do not own the tank and the payment was made in full. I finally had them fix this and there was no apology or sorry or anything.

A few months went by and everything seemed ok.

Well, today, their truck shows up and they fill the tank without my permission and just gave me a bill for it.

I never called to ask for the gas and the driver lied and make up excuses and basically bullied me and told me how it was in my best interest as the gas prices are going up and used his route log as an excuse for what he did. From their other behavior, I would have to question everything the driver said and I believe it was all a lie and cheat people.

This seems to be another one of their misleading tactics and they are filling my tank without my permission, then expecting me to pay for it and if I don't, they will threaten to shut off a tank they do not own.

From what I read about them from other people, this type of dishonest tactics seem to be "normal business" for them.

I am not sure what I can do. Can I call the police if they shut of a tank they do not own?

I am sorry I ever did any business with them and I would warn others about even opening an account with them.

  • Za
    Zack B Feb 03, 2010

    If I were you, I would add a padlock to your tank to keep them from filling it.

    I am currently having some issues with Suburban and I suspect them of meter padding when filling my tanks. I am currently gathering evidence before any accusations are made.

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Failure to provide service

Suburban Propane charged a tank rental fee for propane tanks, which was not in the contract. When I complained they reduced the fee by half. I paid it for fear they would take the tanks out, leaving me with no heat.

When I sold the property, I notified them to take a reading on the volume of propane in the tanks and make arrangements to retrieve them. They failed to do this and the new owner used 40-50 gals of my propane before Suburban removed the tanks. This was after repeated phone calls to Suburban to take care of the matter.

When they finally removed the tanks, not only was 40-50 gals used up, Suburban Propane had the audacity to charge me a $60.00 closing fee, in addition to what I had lost to the new owner.

I would not use this company for any reason in the future and urge anyone else to avoid them.

Tank fee & pickup fee

After years of two deliveries a year by Suburban Propane they have place a $60 a year rental fee for the tank...

Being FORCED to take propane

One day out of the blue I see a man is dragging his big propane hose across my yard. I stopped him and told him I did not ask for more propane. I had over 3/4 of a tank and I have only a gas stove that I don't use much. He said he had to add propane or take my tank.
So I had to pay for propane I did not need or want.
When I called the manager to complain said it was a misundestanding.
The next year I was sent a bill for Tank Rental. I guess saying you're going to take someone's tank wasn't the right thing to do.
A couple of months ago here is a man yet again dragging his hose across my yard. Another forced tank fill up.
And to add insult to injury I got a bill last month a bill for tank rental.
I've written them and told them this is some racket they have going.
I told them I am about to turn them in to AARP since I live in an Over 55 Mobile Home Park and I am not the only one they've done this to. AARP loves ripping into companies who take advantage of us older folks.
I am also one step from turning them over to a local news station who also loves to get a hold of companies like Suburban.
I told them I will wait a reasonable amount of time for an explanation or I'm throwing them to the dogs.
If you have this type of problem and belong to AARP let them know.
If you have a local news station who will investigate, turn them in.
They need to be stopped and made to pay for ripping people off!

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