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Resolved Being FORCED to take propane

One day out of the blue I see a man is dragging his big propane hose across my yard. I stopped him and told him I did not ask for more propane. I had over 3/4 of a tank and I have only a gas stove that I don't use much. He said he had to add propane or take my tank.
So I had to pay for propane I did not need or want.
When I called the manager to complain said it was a misundestanding.
The next year I was sent a bill for Tank Rental. I guess saying you're going to take someone's tank wasn't the right thing to do.
A couple of months ago here is a man yet again dragging his hose across my yard. Another forced tank fill up.
And to add insult to injury I got a bill last month a bill for tank rental.
I've written them and told them this is some racket they have going.
I told them I am about to turn them in to AARP since I live in an Over 55 Mobile Home Park and I am not the only one they've done this to. AARP loves ripping into companies who take advantage of us older folks.
I am also one step from turning them over to a local news station who also loves to get a hold of companies like Suburban.
I told them I will wait a reasonable amount of time for an explanation or I'm throwing them to the dogs.
If you have this type of problem and belong to AARP let them know.
If you have a local news station who will investigate, turn them in.
They need to be stopped and made to pay for ripping people off!

Resolved Tank Rental Fee

Just had my Propane tank removed without prior notice, the tank was full! I received a letter this year...

Resolved Pricegauging Unfair Practices

I built a new home in 2006 and had 1000 gal Suburban owned tank put in for heating. It was put in by my...

Resolved Pricing and customer service

Suburban overcharges for propane and I found out why - their customer rep told me they "(we) have higher overhead then other companies, so we have to charge more." What?!!!. They charged us $3.299 per gallon for propane on 1-12-09, $1.15 higher per gallon then other propane companies in our area. Suburban is non-negotiable on their price probably because of their “overhead”. I phoned them in October to set up a "call ahead before deliveries" and to put a gauge on the fuel tank, so we could be prepared to pay the BIG bill. Promises, promises. Needless to say, we are still waiting. Another customer service rep suggested we have the tank removed so we could use another propane company. She was surprised to learn Suburban has a $1500 tank removal fee. Today I paid the $1152.68 and since I was 16 days late they added a 1.5% late fee. So, Suburban actually charged me $3.365 per gallon for this last tank. They tell me the tank will be empty by March 15th, so here we go again. SMZ

  • Nm
    N M Apr 14, 2009

    I was told that removal fee for the tank is 124.95 plus 75 cent fee per gallon to pump out the propane. You are responsible for the excavation costs. I am going through the same thing with them right now trying to buy the tank. Have another propane company negotiate a deal with them on purchase of the tank. The only way they'd agree if you would make it pretty convincing that you'll indeed dig it up. I don't know what is the saize of your tank but I have calculated on mine that I would rather spend several thousand now and save up t0 800 per fill-up than put up with this agravation.

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Resolved Propane

Thanks for these posts, which I read with strong self-interest.

I have been having a terrible time with Suburban Propane in upstate New York (Columbia County). We have been getting deliveries even after we have stopped automatic delivery -- with no ticket or invoice left behind. We only recently discovered another 225 gallon delivery (while we were at the house even!) when we called to confirm a credit when they readjusted our price per gallon from the previous two deliveries. They had been charging us a dollar a gallon more before we called them on the prices.

We have been extremely suspicious of their records and their deliveries, as the usage is exorbitant and inconsistent with similar properties (over 1000 gallons in 10 weeks for a weekend house). Our gauge was showing full capacity when they decided to schedule the latest delivery of 225 gallons (out of 500) and it remained the same after they had purportedly fueled up.

When we called to complain about these erratic and inconsistent deliveries/records, we were met with lies, and eventually, attitude, and threats that our house would "freeze up in 3 days" if we stopped delivery. Their true intentions were revealed when they called up our real estate agent to "alarm" them about our cancelling service (which we had not done), and subsequently told me they had a long account with the owner they were interested in protecting. The previous renter had a similarly bad experience with them and actually used another provider.

This whole affair has left a bad taste in our mouths and we are now shopping around for a new propane provider. Even as we do so, we're nervous that we would simply switch from bad to worse, given their reputations.

If anyone has some positive experiences with particular propane companies in my area, I'd gladly take any recommendations.


  • Nm
    N M Apr 14, 2009

    Buy your own tank. And yes from personal experience Suburban is a bunch of lying rip-offs. You can put a lock on the tank and make sure that you are there when they are delivering.

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  • Ep
    epacsdnal Apr 21, 2009

    We also had a horrible experience with Suburban Propane. Suburban Propane put my family and my appliances at a huge risk. Suburban Propane had come to my home an supposably performed pressure tests, because I complained that there had to be something wronfg or a gas leak because we were only getting 15 days out of a tank of gas. My Propane bill for the month was coming to approx $3000.00. I then contacted Allen's Propane (awesome company)Highly Recomend. Allens performed numerous test's inside my home to find out suburban propane had the pressure settings so low that none of my appliances were rec ieving enough propane, therefore the propane just kept flowing. Suburban Propane are scammers... GET RID OF THEM... MY PROPANE BILL HAS NOT BEEN MORE THAN $470.00 and that is for 2 months of propane over the winter SINCE SWITCHING COMPANIES.

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  • Ma
    Mark Apr 23, 2009

    Suburban gave me a great intro price 2 years ago and got there 1000g tank on my property and burried. After initial fill, prices went way out of line. About a month ago I was quoted $3.71/g from suburban I complained as I have to every time. I got them down to $2.80 and bought enough to hold me over. I ended up purchasing the tank from Suburban($2975+ Tax) and found a local co-op. The coop prices make propane competitve with fuel oil despite thje fact that propane makes much less heat per galon. The co-op in my area of upstate NY is Galway co-op. Prices are based on usage and tied to wholesale price. If you do not have a co-op in your area you may want to start one.

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  • To
    tony odessa Oct 06, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have suburban out of walton ny.. I caught them telling me that they made a delivery to me ...but later appoligized that they made a delivery somewhere else...then they said they delivered on feb 4th...there was 14"s of snow and no way up my mountain they said they pushed threw the snow and got there! they tell me to plow when theres 2"s...then after arguing for 3 months now ...the guy said it didn't snow there...the day after superbowl????? 14"...

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Resolved Payment for unused Propane

I recently changed Propane suppliers from Suburban Propane to another company due to huge price differences. Suburban last charged me $4.09 per Gallon versus new company charging $2.45 per gallon. I was told by Suburban that I would be paid for the unused propane in tanks. The cost of propane I had been buying was between $3.79 - $4.09 a gallon. First I had to continually call then for over 2 months to get them to get their tanks picked up. Then today I contact then to see what they are reimbursing me for the 2 tanks, which were both full. I was informed I was receiving $571.00 for 200 gallons. Even if I had only paid $3.50 a gallon I should still be receiving $700.00!! So it appears they are buying it back at around $2.08 a Gallon. Isn't there any place to report these people? This is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Cs
    CSSS Feb 13, 2010

    We have had the same experience with Suburban, both in New York State and Florida. In fact in Florida we just terminated our service with a full tank (200#) and we ended up owing money. We paid between $4.88 and 6.82 per gallon for the gas and they charge $55.00 to come and read the tank. I don't like their math. Maybe that is why their profits are so high.

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Resolved overprice

Suburban purchased Agway and the prices have been rising ever since. I called December 14 for a current price...

Overall service and ethics

Their propane tank and services were already at our house when we moved in. We moved in in August of 07 and...


Purchased home in July '08. Was told 76 gallons of propane in the tank was included in this sale. Suburban filled this tank in August, 2008, 33 gallons. I was billed for the 76 gallons in the tank in August. I was then billed for the 33 gallons in September. The August bill was for 76 gallons. The September bill was for 33 gallons delivered in August. They included a late fee with this bill in September, even though I never saw a bill for the 33 gallons. I rec'd a 55 gallon delivery on September 20th as well. I spoke with costumer service several times to inquire why my bill was so high, after several phone calls; I was told the seller was refunded the money for the 76 gallons. I was encouraged to go on a budget by this rep. It was October 15th. I agreed, paid my 55 gallon bill of $199 and was told the budget would be $95/month. I rec'd another bill for $95, for September - October. I called customer service again, they told me this $95 bill was from 10/15 until 10/20 for the budget plan. They're billing cycle begins on the 20th every month, they refuse to prorate it and they refuse to credit my payment for the September 20th delivery toward the budget. This company is double dipping, charging me twice for the exact same propane. Use any other company for your propane needs. This company does not explain their billing policies, their customer service reps lie, and they refuse to correct their mistakes. It is unacceptable with the premium people are paying for petroleum products, the oil companies record profits thatthese companies would have to rip their customers off the way they ripped me off. I'm switching to electric, they lost my business and I hope they go bankrupt.

  • Re
    referee Jul 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Many Weights and Measures throughout United States have adopted NCWM/NIST handbook 44 which is a regulation accepted by regulatory officials for enforcement of consumer complaints. Under Section 3.32, sub paragraph UR.2.5. Ticket in Printing Device. – A ticket shall not be inserted into a device equipped with a ticket printer until immediately before a delivery is begun, and in no case shall a ticket be in the device when the vehicle is in motion while on a public street, highway, or thoroughfare.
    UR.2.6. Ticket Printer; Customer Ticket. – Vehicle-mounted metering systems shall be equipped with a ticket
    printer. The ticket printer shall be used for all sales; a copy of the ticket issued by the device shall be left with the customer at the time of delivery or as otherwise specified by the customer.

    I would expect they would show you copy of the invoice from the truck deliveries to validate the truth of the delivery, otherwise you may have a valid complaint.

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  • Ch
    Chris F. Feb 15, 2011

    Just got my (leased) tank filled today. $5.99.gallon! from Suburban Propane. According to what I read as national average(s), this is twice that price. They pulled this on me in October 2009. When I complained, they compromised by offering me 1 year @ $2.80/gallon. I agreed, and initially had some billing issues, but after a few calls to billing, they honored the agreement. I had called a competitor, who sold propane at that time for about $2.60. I was tempted to switch from Suburban to that competitor. Now, it’s back to $5.99 again. NOTE: I’m not shopping to save every last penny, ….I don’t mind if Suburban is a larger company with higher overhead, thus needs to charge a little more, but I’m not paying 100%+ more. You can bet I’ll be calling around again!

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  • To
    Tomatoe Aug 15, 2018

    Speeding at a little league game, Madison maine, Suburban propane service truck, white with a crane in the rear. Blahh what a idiot! Alot of children in the lot at this time. People have mentioned this to him before, He told us it has a big engine?

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  • Ja
    Jared Rolston Aug 28, 2018

    We are a commercial operation and use over 5000 gallons of propane a year. Suburban has been over charging us at over $4.00 a gallon. I checked and was told by another Suburban that $2, 29 was the price at that level. They told me they would fix things going forward but no credit for the overcharged billing.

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  • Je
    Jeff/fins Aug 29, 2018

    Bought business 2 years ago kept Suburban Propane because they were already there, never signed contract. Want to cancel and they won't let me use my propane I paid for!, they want to steal it and charge me a 1.00 per gallon restocking fee. I don't want to return it so why are they charging me?

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  • Be
    bented Nov 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tuesday, December 13, 2016 I have been a customer over 10 years and they want to charge me for them to pick up their property. I absolutely refused to pay them anything.They wanted over 80 dollars.I have been a good customer of theirs since 2002.

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