StudyBay Complaints & Reviews

StudyBay / Payment

Jul 20, 2019

I've tried to pay for the rest of my order twice and it keeps telling me decline... I want to complete my payment, any explanation why my money won't go through? I checked my bank and it was charged then immediately the money was given back for some reason. I did the partial payment proce...

StudyBay / both my papers that was not done (fraud)

Apr 28, 2019

I'm wandering where did my money go and why isn't anyone answering me about this situation I paid out of my card for two writers and one refunded back because she didn't understand the assignment then anther accepts BOTH my projects and disappears out of nowhere after taking my money that morning and I want my money back on my card how will this happen

StudyBay / they did not send my money to payoneer

Dec 19, 2018

I am a Kenyan citizen and I have been working on Studybay as a Freelancer. I made a withdrawal to my Payoneer account on December 12, 2018 but upto date the money has not been received. I contacted Payoneer customer care and they confirmed that they have never received money from Studybay...

StudyBay / refund

Oct 10, 2018

I'm complaining because I requested a refund on time. You told me that you made this refund, but I still didn't receive this refund on my bank account. I requested this refund because the writer didn't write what I told her to write. She was supposed to write a response proposal to a...

StudyBay / I complaining about my bank card was used without my authorization

May 10, 2018

My name is Prentis Adams, on April 28 or 29, 2018 for$55.86 was posted May 01, 2018 to my bank card ending in ****1052. Please investigate asap and refund me. My email is [email protected] mobile phone is. 4256339144 There other charges through from PayPal, but were cancelled by...

StudyBay / two reports I paid for and only receive one

May 08, 2018

My email is [email protected] I made 2 orders I was told to only hire her on one because she told me that's what I had to do and she would take care of both she didn't my user number 499071 my user name is linaaviles5 hopefully that can help my phone number is 718-678-2966 please help...

StudyBay / payment which went through twice

Apr 02, 2018

yesyerday was the first time that I used study bay and hired the writer. I proceed the payment process which was charged on my account but was on processing on studybay which didn't notified my writer to do the work and as I was in need of my assignment by today I cancelled that want and...

StudyBay / fraud writer

Mar 27, 2018

Respected Sir/Mam, I would like to notify you that there is a writer in your company from India, Jeyavishnu K. He is a huge fraud. He has spoiled a student's future letting the university know that the student is taking his help to get an assignment done. He took the money from the...

StudyBay / fraudulent writer

Mar 21, 2018

My name is Wilfred Kyeva Kyandi from Kenya. Someone by the name Brian Oanga sold a study bay wringing account to me costing Kenya shillings 4000.00 and i sent the amount of money to him. Once he received the money he changed the password for the email logging that he had sold to me so that...

StudyBay / plagiarism

Oct 19, 2017

Even though they claim they are against the plagiarism, I must say that it's just words. Yesterday I got the papers and noticed it was rewritten. How? Because I have read all of the articles on my topic (finding a lot of information regarding it is a rare thing). What I want to say is that if...

StudyBay / a writer who wrote my paper

Oct 01, 2017

Date of the incident is october 1, 2017 229-343-6657 Nylasha Miller I hire a person to write my paper for me the paper he return was very unorganized, messy, and incapable to read because he had a lot of misspelled words. I like to send my teacher my work before I submitted just to get her...

StudyBay / this is a scam and waste of money, not a legitimate business

Sep 07, 2017

StudyBay is not a legitimate writing service. They use unethical backend SEO tricks to divert people away from legitimate writing services to their ripoff site. Bad writing, not native English, plagiarism - that is what you can expect. Buyer Beware!!! You get what you pay for. If it's an amazingly cheap deal - you are going to get amazingly cheap service.

StudyBay / swindlers

Jun 27, 2017

The website claims to be cheaper than others but that's not the case. A writer agreed to complete my assignment for $40. I ended up paying $64.83 in total when I hired her. I thought she had cheated me but she even sent me a screenshot showing that she'd get $32 after successfully...

StudyBay / fees

May 21, 2017

Study Bay seems like a great system with low fees but once you get to the payment process they hit you not only they're for the writer but service fees and Tex fees. Study Bay does not pay their writers what they are worth but instead frack up on fees for their selves!! Just plan out...

StudyBay / essay writing

Dec 01, 2016

Hit a point of exasperation with my son not being able to find sources on JSTOR for a HS honors history assignment, broke down and submitted an order. The work the writer did seemed okay, but I received a document that was protected for editing, printed blurry in the wrong font size and...

StudyBay / liars!

Oct 27, 2016

StudyBay is the worst ever! I ordered a paper and was promised a high quality work, but what I received was way too far from what I was promised! Writer did nothing but plagiarized everything. I had to redo everything myself. I demanded my money back but they refused and even called me a...

StudyBay / bad writer

Apr 07, 2016

Hello. I am from China and I'm studying in USA. I have no problems with English and can communicate with people, but when it comes to writing different stuff like essays or research papers I have problems. We needed to write an essay and it was a very important one. I had few great idea... / I didn't get essay or money back

Feb 19, 2016

I have emailed the rep from I asked if they could write essay for me within 4 days. The rep told that it wasn’t a problem. I sent the theme and the payment in advance, but it was wrong. The rep hasn’t emailed me back or confirmed that the essay was ready. Please, be careful... / they haven't sent my paper before the deadline

Feb 11, 2016

I used the services of and I liked that their prices weren’t high. I relied on these guys and sent my money for the paper, which I didn’t get in result. The customer services said that it hasn’t been finished and they would return it soon. I waited and all deadlines passed, but...