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paid 750 rs

Plz plz don't join. This jobsolutionway company. They will charge money and after that they won't give u any money and even they won't give any response also... This is fake... Fake... Dattatreya is number one fraud.. Plz don't pay anything... They will provide you proofs like they are giving money but not even a single penny they give.. Plz don't trust this fraud websites.. Jobsolutionway.

online writing service

I used their service twice but chose two different writers for each assignment. My instructor gave me a F for both assignments. The first assignment is was too late to request a redo or refund. The second assignment I'm currently having to go back and forward with administration on gving me my money back since I'm within my 20 day warranty. No wonder my job have there website restricted. They beat people out of their money and services is horrible. I wouldn't recommend them to no one.

online writing service
online writing service


I've tried to pay for the rest of my order twice and it keeps telling me decline... I want to complete my payment, any explanation why my money won't go through?
I checked my bank and it was charged then immediately the money was given back for some reason.
I did the partial payment process maybe that might have something to do with it... I would love some fast help. Thanks in advance

both my papers that was not done (fraud)

I'm wandering where did my money go and why isn't anyone answering me about this situation I paid out of my card for two writers and one refunded back because she didn't understand the assignment then anther accepts BOTH my projects and disappears out of nowhere after taking my money that morning and I want my money back on my card how will this happen

both my papers that was not done (fraud)
both my papers that was not done (fraud)
both my papers that was not done (fraud)

they did not send my money to payoneer

I am a Kenyan citizen and I have been working on Studybay as a Freelancer. I made a withdrawal to my Payoneer account on December 12, 2018 but upto date the money has not been received. I contacted Payoneer customer care and they confirmed that they have never received money from Studybay into my account. Studybay keeps on insisting they send the money which is not true because I did not receive any email confirming that. They refuse to contact Payoneer to acertain their claims.


I'm complaining because I requested a refund on time. You told me that you made this refund, but I still didn't receive this refund on my bank account. I requested this refund because the writer didn't write what I told her to write. She was supposed to write a response proposal to a request of proposal, but she rewrote this request of proposal by slightly changing it.

I complaining about my bank card was used without my authorization

My name is Prentis Adams, on April 28 or 29, 2018 for$55.86 was posted May 01, 2018 to my bank card ending in...

two reports I paid for and only receive one

My email is [protected] I made 2 orders I was told to only hire her on one because she told me...


payment which went through twice

yesyerday was the first time that I used study bay and hired the writer. I proceed the payment process which...


fraud writer

Respected Sir/Mam,

I would like to notify you that there is a writer in your company from India, Jeyavishnu K. He is a huge fraud. He has spoiled a student's future letting the university know that the student is taking his help to get an assignment done. He took the money from the student as well. Now, the student failed and is asking for the refund but, there is no response from his end. His LinkedIn profile link is given below.

I have all the pieces of evidence against him. I shall share those if you want. I am attaching his picture as of now. It is my earnest request to you to take major actions against him so that none of the students can get hurt because of this fraud.

Yours truly,

Sreetam Saha

fraud writer

fraudulent writer

My name is Wilfred Kyeva Kyandi from Kenya. Someone by the name Brian Oanga sold a study bay wringing account to me costing Kenya shillings 4000.00 and i sent the amount of money to him.

Once he received the money he changed the password for the email logging that he had sold to me so that i could not access it anymore and again blocked my mobile number so that i could not reach him on phone.

The email is [protected] and I would propose you take disciplinary actions to him and deactivate his account because he has been doing that to many Kenyans.


Even though they claim they are against the plagiarism, I must say that it's just words.
Yesterday I got the papers and noticed it was rewritten. How? Because I have read all of the articles on my topic (finding a lot of information regarding it is a rare thing).
What I want to say is that if you are not sure you can handle this, you shouldn't take this job not to be blamed for stealing the information. Does anyone from your support check the papers before sending to customers? I guess not.
Unfortunately, the papers are poorly done, it's clearly seen, I can't accept them...

a writer who wrote my paper

Date of the incident is october 1, 2017 [protected] Nylasha Miller I hire a person to write my paper for me...

this is a scam and waste of money, not a legitimate business

StudyBay is not a legitimate writing service. They use unethical backend SEO tricks to divert people away from legitimate writing services to their ripoff site. Bad writing, not native English, plagiarism - that is what you can expect. Buyer Beware!!! You get what you pay for. If it's an amazingly cheap deal - you are going to get amazingly cheap service.


The website claims to be cheaper than others but that's not the case. A writer agreed to complete my assignment for $40. I ended up paying $64.83 in total when I hired her. I thought she had cheated me but she even sent me a screenshot showing that she'd get $32 after successfully completing the assignment. There is no transparency and there are many hidden charges. That was my first and my last time to hire a writer on the platform. There are also no guarantee that you will get exactly what you are looking for. It's like a gamble. Sometimes you get it and other times you don't. Keep off Studybay if you don't want to gamble with your grade and get swindled at the same time. The site purports to be an academic writing site but has so many typos. It's actually a Russian platform


Study Bay seems like a great system with low fees but once you get to the payment process they hit you not only they're for the writer but service fees and Tex fees. Study Bay does not pay their writers what they are worth but instead frack up on fees for their selves!! Just plan out greedy!! I rather find a writer on my own and not deal with Study Bay! 😡

essay writing

Hit a point of exasperation with my son not being able to find sources on JSTOR for a HS honors history assignment, broke down and submitted an order. The work the writer did seemed okay, but I received a document that was protected for editing, printed blurry in the wrong font size and blew off the page on either side. Tech support blamed it on me even after I explained that I'd printed hundreds of pages using Word and the same printer, both before and after trying to print the essay. They didn't care, they had already received payment. I scanned and sent a page of the essay to show what I had received. Tech support told me to clear my browser cache. That was it for tech support. They denied my refund saying the document was formatted correctly. If it was formatted correctly, it would have printed correctly.
Their software also converts your request to an estimated number of words. I requested 3 full pages, received 2-1/2 based on their estimated word count for 3 pages. They don't explain this when you order. Also made it clear in order that writer must have access to JSTOR. First thing writer tells me after being hired is that she doesn't have access. I got the feeling that writers bid quickly to get a job whether they're qualified or not.
Shame on me for not looking into reviews first b/c most are not favorable. Very bad experience with a very shady company. Hard to figure out where they're located - perhaps Canada? They've blocked my access to their web site.


StudyBay is the worst ever! I ordered a paper and was promised a high quality work, but what I received was way too far from what I was promised! Writer did nothing but plagiarized everything. I had to redo everything myself. I demanded my money back but they refused and even called me a liar and said that everything was written by a professional writer. Yes, of course! I just entered one sentence in the search bar and found the source where from the information was taken! Liars!

bad writer

Hello. I am from China and I'm studying in USA. I have no problems with English and can communicate with people, but when it comes to writing different stuff like essays or research papers I have problems. We needed to write an essay and it was a very important one. I had few great ideas but I knew that there will be a lot of mistakes and it was unacceptable, so I joined StudyBay and hired a person. Person completed my essay and it looked fine to me, I did not notice any mistakes. But when I gave it to my professor he was shocked and told that even I with my poor English skills would have written it better. I received poor mark because StudyBay provided me bad service and unprofessional writer.

  • Gu
    Guera1998 Feb 10, 2017

    I double as a lawyer and professional writer with a vast experience in academic writing. I want to give an honest review about Studybay. Having worked on other platforms such as Uvocorp, I can authoritatively say that Studybay ranks lower for many reasons. The platform admits anyone who applies to become a writer regardless their qualifications and experience. There are no tests or verifiacation of academic qualifications. This exposes clients to getting low-quality papers. Other platforms like Uvocorp will require proof of academic qualifications. The aspiring writers are also expected to pass proficiency tests of high standards. It's pretty hard for most writers to successfuly apply to become writers in such platforms. That's why most writers prefer sites like Studybay where there are less requirements to become a writer. Studybay has both good and bad writers. That is why it has mixed reviews. There are customers who have had good experience with the platform and others who have had a bad experience. It depends on the writer that you get to choose. I would advise that you select a writer who has completed many orders, has high ratings and has few negative reviews. If someone already has 10 negative reviews kindly keep off. You may be his 11th negative review. I understand there are some clients who are not genuine and will readily reject papers hoping to get everything for free. The good thing with Studybay is that it's cheaper compared to other platforms. The minimum cost per page is $6. Some writers will readily offer to charge as low as $4 per page according to your agreement. However, remember that cheap can be expensive. So don't be swayed to choose a writer because of the cheap offer forgetting their overal ratings. But if you genuinely have a low budget you can always negotiate with the writer you think can offer exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to post your job when you have ample time to select a good writer. Selecting writers in hurry can be disastrous because the experience you have with writers on Studybay largely depends on your choice. When you are posting a job, I advise that you don't select the exact number of pages that you want. For instance, if you select 4 pages, the minimum bid that the system can accept is $30 (the writer gets $24 after successfully completing the paper). Failing to select the exact number of pages but indicating them in the description will allow you to see the writers who are cheap and those who are expensive. Remember a bidding process in platforms like Studybay is a sometimes like a race for best-and-lowest offer. There are many good writers who are willing to complete your paper at your budget.
    If you choose to have your paper completed on Studybay, be sure to be diligent enough when you are choosing writers. Go through the profiles of those who have placed their bids. Check their overal ratings and reviews to see the experiences of other clients before you. Check their portfolio to ascertain the quality of their previous papers. Choosing a bad writer will not only give you a low-quality paper but also make you lose your hard-earned money. All refund requests are reviewed by the admin. The process takes long and can be frustrating considering the platform doesn't have customer support around the clock. The customer support is only available on weekdays between 10 AM to 8 PM EST. The refund may only be partial. You can avoid all this by getting the experienced and trusted writers to complete your assignment.
    I hope this review will be helpful to you. As I said before, I have a vast experience in article and academic writing. As a researcher, I write on a wide range of topics. I always deliver the best. Feel free to contact me at xtianmontero10 @ Thanks

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I didn't get essay or money back

I have emailed the rep from I asked if they could write essay for me within 4 days. The rep told that it wasn’t a problem. I sent the theme and the payment in advance, but it was wrong. The rep hasn’t emailed me back or confirmed that the essay was ready. Please, be careful with them and try not to pay in advance, because you won’t see your essay or money.